Tuesday, 4 June 2013

☆*゚Asian Kung Fu Generation - Cologne゜゚*☆

Hello Cuties ~!

Due to the rhine bursting its banks, university was canceled yesterday and today, as the building our faculty is located in, is next to the rhine - whereever I go these days, I'm taking the water mass with me.
Therefore ( and due to other lucky circumstances lol) the crew and me, spontaneously decided (after discussing the matter for hours while munching delicious sushi in our favourite restaurant)  to drive to cologne for the ASIAN KUNG FU GENERATION concert. For all the anime lovers out there, who never heard of that band - they wrote openings for Bleach and Naruto among others. As you may've already guessed; it's a japanese band and one of the most popular rock bands there!
favourite skirt, I just can't help myself...
As it was pretty hot inside the club, I took the sweatshirt off later, what made me feel kind of naked.