Sunday, 30 September 2012

☆Happy Welcoming☆

Good Evening Lovelies (๑• . •๑)

Past week was stressfull but also so much fun. Even if I drank way too much, was too busy to work out and ate terrible - no regrets lol 
Due to having pre-courses before actual university courses start, our first semester students already had to attend some events - organized by the university & the student council and actually at least the last wanted them to have fun. They kinda missunderstood our intentions badly. One of them asked me for example if we had planned to kill them. What?! Not really boy. lol And I do think, that nobody died because of 5 vodka shots. Honestly(^.-)

Last sunny hours
On monday they attended the official welcome ceremony and a city tour which was optional. As we already knew this city we were prepared with alcohol, which we thought would last for days. We were terribly wrong, it wasn't enough to find something nice in this city! Well, next time we know better.
On tuesday first courses started and our faculty welcomed them with a breakfast.
And on thursday the best part: the  ralley through the city. One of them told me, that he already thought that the most innocent looking one ( = me ) would have one of these difficult stations. It wasn't difficult! We prepared pantomime and 'Who am I?' for them. Of course to make things a lil bit more interesting, faults were 'punished' with shots. I wouldn't have killed anybody! I drank way more than anyone of them, and I was just fine. lol 
waiting for a new group to pester. harhar :D
But being surrounded by drunk people is freaking annoying, even if some of them are close friends, don't you think? I can't stand this, even if I'm slightly drunk, too.
As friday was free, we went out for dinner thursday evening with all students and some of them went clubbing afterwards I think, but I went home and talked with Chris for hours~♥ 

pullover: GinaTricot // jeans: NY // jewellry: random
Official new favourite piece ~♥ I love this pullover and you'll see it a lot this autumn I think. The color is actual kinda dark ruby - adorable.
I wore this outfit for the evening because I've needed something comfy but classy though~
Looks like my legs were even shorter than they are. lol

What is your favourite piece of clothes for autumn? 

Keep Shinning ~♥

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

☆[belated] Berlin Tag & Nacht #4'nd last☆

Good Morning Lovelies (๑• . •๑)

University-life nearly got me fully back again and I completely forgot about this post, I'm so sorry m(_ _)m Please don't be mad with me, there were so many things to do and I was running out of time... But I admit I'm a bad bad blogger and give my best to update more!

Nevertheless, onto the post now.
As I've already wrote in one of the previous entries, we went to some tourist spots, the Brandenburger Tor for example.

Beautiful location
 It's always a nice spot for taking pictures and staring at people.

L. & me

Maybe I should have warned you, that I'm looking totally retarded in nearly every picture someone takes of me so... I'm sorry. Actually I should start running everytime someone whips a camera out....

Saturday, 15 September 2012

☆Berlin Tag und Nacht #3 Quantize Fashion Show[pic. heavy]☆

Hi Cuties ~♥ 
I'm really trying to catch up my plan with the entries and therefore you have to read so much these days, I'm sorry~ I'm pretty sure times are coming when I won't write so many entries.
Coming to the actual reason for my trip to Berlin; the Quantize Fashion Show
Due to J. being friends with one of the organizer we got to know this event and the opportunity to attend it - thanks again Julie, it was great ~♥
Quantize is a japanese brand, based by two really cute japanese women and located in Fukuoka, kind of the fahsion hotspot in Japan? I didn't know about that but as they told me that most of the japanese brands are actual coming from there I think it's right. Furthermore there are a lot of other companies located, which are resident in the beauty industry like hairdressers, make-up schools etc.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

☆Berlin Tag und Nacht #2☆

Hello Cuties ~♥ 
In the last entry I haven't  really explained the title, have I? Sorry for that! "Berlin Tag und Nacht" means "Berlin Day & Night" and there's a daily TV-show at german television and sometimes I'm watching it. So I thought the title might fit.Well the best in this show are definately the countless pictures and scenes from Berlin, nor the actors nor the story.  

Furthermore I haven't really told you yet, why I went to Berlin, I totally forgot it shame on me.
Due to J.'s connection we got the chance to attend a fasion event in Berlin, organized by a japanese fashion council with some really cute guests and designers. First time for me and I enjoyed it. One of the next entries is about this event, probably the next one.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

☆Berlin Tag und Nacht #1☆

Good Evening Lovelies ~♥

I had a lot of things going on the past days so I'm even more behind my actual plan for posting but well let's start, hu?
The posts about berlin will be split up in three or maybe four parts due to too many pictures & today I'm going to start with the first part, dumping random pictures here! 
No, I have a plan for sure. lol Starting with the beginning of  ourse ~♥

As I arrived in Berlin, L. & me have to wait for J. whose train was delayed ( like always ), so we decided to stop at a near shop and chill a bit.
Whatever cupcake & Caramell Cappuchino :3
As J. finally arrived, we went to our hostel, checked in and went shopping. Because we already planned a date for the evening we had to hurry - nontheless we were too late. lol But how could you hurry while shopping? That's pretty impossible, isn't it? At least if you're in Berlin ~♥
Posing pros~
We went to kind of a beach bar at the spree that was actually quite nice. Only thing I didn't like was the fact that some people obviously smoked weed, what I really really dislike. At a certain point of your life, you should stop with such things imho.
spree at night
As this bar was located directly at the spree I've really wondered how many people already fell into the river drunk. Nobody could answer the question and I guess there's a high dark figure. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

☆The japanese art☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

How are you? Recently a lot of people got ill, so I hope all of you are well (^-^) 
I've been ill for over a week now, too but I'm recovering slowly, drinking lots of water & eating even more fruits than usual.  Good excuse for doing not much!

So~ what happened recently? I hadn't told you, but I went to Berlin for a couple of days and gonna tell you everything about it later. ( I don't know if you ever been to this city yet, but I really love it! It's a really vibrant and special citiy. Well at least for me) 

This post is kinda dedicated to me beloved ~♥ She stayed in Japan for some weeks and I asked her to bring me some things which she did of course - lovely as she is (: ♥
(I'll get some other things from Tokyo later, too but as I haven't received them yet I can't show them to you so...gonna do this when I got them maybe.) 
I didn't ask for specific magazines but she knew that I'm reading Jelly, so she bought me the newest release and a egg & popteen magazine. To be honest I haven't really read them yet as I was too busy with other things,  I just browse the Jelly a bit and it's ... Jelly. lol Out of all the japanese styling & fashion magazines I like it the most due to being not too heavy in make-up and stuff.
 Egg & Popteen are the september release each. I'm currently planning to do a new post with kinda 'inspirational' content when I'll finished reading them so stay tuned if you're interested in japanese fashion~
ダウト are my last remaining favourite japanese band and shortly ago they released their mini-album 'High Collar' which I asked Yaya to buy for me (always too lazy to order stuff online~). Furthermore she brought me '愛する人' a single from ダウト and a really really old CD from イロクイ。(old love always remains~)  as presents ♥  Already listened to all of them over and over again and everything's as beautiful as I expected it to be!  So happy <3
As university starts again in about a month I asked for a cute pen, facilitating the start and that's what she came back with. Isn't it just CUTE?? (*o*) It's glittery and pink! Nothing more to ask for! lol 
The rose cloth in the middle is a present from Kyoto and it is hand-made! She also asked the shop assistant if they're keeping some with bambi in stock but unfortunately they don't. I don't mind, little cute rabbits are just fine, too! 
Not sure if you're familiar with decoden? It's about decoration every surface, device, etc. with cute little things like ribbons, bonbons, cupcakes and glittery jewelry - I for one absolutely fall for it! ♥ On that account I ordered some of the things you hardly find in Germany, like this big fluffy pink ribbon you can see on the image above in the left corner. I'm planning to renew my iPod case and I'm pretty sure it's going to look so cute with all these things.

Little fangirly input:
Yaya had a knack for picking the right CD and I got the one with Hikaru! Precious being beautiful ~♥

Thank you for thinking of me darling! xx
That's it for now~♥
Stay healthy & keep shinning!