Sunday, 15 July 2012

☆University Summer Party [pic.heavy]☆

Welcome Lovelies ♥

Some posts ago I wrote something about a summer party at our university and I'm finally motivated enough to write a bit about it~♥
This party's every year planned & performed by the new student council group and I don't know if I already told you but I was voted to participate, too. (^o^) Actually I'm pretty happy about it as I do love working with other people like this, organizing stuff and so on, but we had some difficulties recently and well... We still have to learn a lot!
But here we go with the party!~♥

Fortunately we had a lot of help from the old group and all in all it was a nice & funny day!
First of all we had to prepare the parking lot at our university with tables & benches to sit and the other stuff for the cook & tombola. It took us some time but we were ready in time. I have to admit that it was disordered sometime and even chaotic like hell but okay :'D We survived!
The old & the new student council's chairmen
Both our chairmen hold a short speech to start. (I had to censor A.'s face as I know he don't want to see pictures of him online although he hopefully don't know this blog. lol) They introduce the programme and everything.
The cook's place

The tombola [half of this stuff was stored in my flat x]
We had a little programme that started with a band, that was formed by students. I was kinda surprised how much I liked them, they also played some songs I like listening to. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of them, although in real there were about 3 different bands (with kinda the same people lol) as I was filming. The friend of mine who took pictures hasn't sent them yet I'm sorry. Here you can guess what it looked like:
After the first bands a japanese dance group entered the stage and for this I'm really sorry; I don't even have a proper video because it wasn't personally me who was filming but a girl I asked for it. I was busy with other stuff and couldn't see it myself, too. Sad! They seemed to be pretty good. I talked to some of them later and they were really happy about their performance! And I think that's the most important ~♥
L.'s talking with the dancing group
 Next was a little game between students & lecturers that I didn't see, too. ( I didn't see anything, don't wonder) So I can't even say how it was, the only thing I knew is that our chinese economics teacher and a student won both. The prize was a so-called Piñata; that's a papier-mâché figure filled with sweets and you have to shatter it to get the sweets. I don't know where it actually comes from, but I guess from mexico? Or some spanish-speaking country, I really dunno.
cutes figure ever ♥
L. and me being sad because of I-don't-know-tbh lol
The last important act was the japanese band from one of our japanese teachers! I was able to see a little of their performance, but unfortunately not the whole as I had to do whatever. They're were really great!~♥ I do love japanese as a language for being this beautiful and it's even better when it's sung. She's got a great voice, too and I would love to listen to more of their songs. (*~*)
singer's my japanese teacher next semestre. xD

My friends and I took a short time-out and drunk some strawberry sparkling wine that I got as a present~ I knew before that I would survive only with a lot of alcohol but well...story went on a bit different fromt what I thought. Nevertheless I drunk too much alcohol and eat too less (nothing), the incredible hot weather did the rest to crash my body completely. oops.
Me & M. (don't kow why he looks like killing you immediately)
Yaya-Chama & me ~♥ we looked sooo tired because of the hot weather...
outfit pic
Okay, outfit pic sucks but I don't have any others of me as I took all the pictures this day. Not only for me but for a project at university, too. I hope I can realize it within the first week of the new semester. I wore my favourite skirt and a simple black shirt with a big belt :3

M.'s cutest cupcakes ♥ I didn't taste them as they weren't vegan but I'm sure they were delicious!
A lot of people told me afterwards, that they liked the party and everything was pretty fine but to be honest I couldn't say yes or no because I hardly saw anything from the programme or talked with new students as I was busy the whole day with all the things you have to do as organizer of such an event. I'm happy if it really was that good, but if not I can't change it, I gave my best ~♥
The time I could spend with my friends was fun as always!

And to end this entry a really really big ♥ME LOVES YOU ♥ to all of my friends who supported me through this day and were concerend about me in the evening. I'm sorry for making you worry ♥ You mean the world to me, you know?

That's it for now little cuties~
I hope you liked the little glance behind the scenes of my university life (^.~)
Take care & Keep Shinning! ~♥


Times are looking grim these days
Holding on to everything
It's hard to draw the line 

And I, I'm hiding in this empty space
Tortured by my memories
Of what I left behind

 Korn feat.Skrillex - Get Up

Thursday, 12 July 2012

☆Retail Therapy! ☆

Hello Lovelies (^-^)/°

I decided to go a bit shopping this morning because I couldn't find the time the last days.
For next weekend I needed a outfit and because I had no idea what I want to wear I used this as an excuse for looking for some new stuff. lol As always ♥ This time I was kinda lucky as I directly found something!
Actually I was looking for a dress but... see what I bought:
looks really big, doesn't it? It's a XS/S though...
So in love ♥
kinda like it more from behind though lol
I already know what I'm going to wear with it (^_^) Surprisingly, I felt quite good as I came home, that happens rarely when I go shopping. lol I don't like spending money to be honest.
No High-Heels - only 9cm x)
Actually I was searching for white shoes that fit my white, fluffy skirt and I did find some today, nevertheless I bought these. Don't ask why no particular reason I think. They're quite comfy as far as I can tell by now. I hope I can wear them with the outfit running through my mind (^_^)

Change of subject;
I'm looking for a particular grey nailpolish since a few weeks but I'm not really successfull. Every time I think: 'Wow, that's it for sure!' but while having it on all my nails I'm like: "Naaa...not really'. That's frustrating!
330 Absolutely Chinchilly / two layers
First of all; I don't like Catrice Nailpolish. The quality just sucks (-.-) Due to that I own only two of them and I was disappointed by both. Greeeat. This one was a bit too brownish on my nails.
381 / one layer
Don't think anyone can moan about Kiko's quality, right? Quality's just great and the colors are really brilliant but this wasn't the shade I'm searching for, too. It's a bit too dark.
I will never ever find it (._.)"
Or I'm too demanding. lol

And now I have to pack because I wanna drive home again today. But actually I'm too lazy for a 3hours train drive...(^^)"

Take Care & Keep Shinning Beautifuls! 

Monday, 9 July 2012

☆Little Time-Out☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Unlike I said earlier this day, this post isn't about partying - but I'm still preparing this one. Please be patient ♥
Today I went to Ulm together with my brother, because he had some business to do and I just can't relax for more than two days without doing anything - and to be honest my lack of motivation to do something useful is horrible. Although my exam are over there are still some things to finish for me but I can't pull myself together yet.

that's the most unflattering position for the dome. lol

I just realized today that although I'm living about an hour away from the dome I've never gone inside! Didn't do it today, too but someday I definately will!
While lookin at the picture now, it seems like it's a building out of kinda computer game, isn't it? lol I think they're renovating or something...

Went to ikea and bought icecube forms and a form for easy making ice-cream. My brother laughed at me because of it, but I have to admit that most of the time I'm too stingy for buying vegan ice-cream, but I've always some joghurt in my freezer so... that's pretty self-explanatory isn't it?
Already tried the cinnamon rolls (from Ikea) and the cookies (from a local store) and they're both soo delicious ♥ It's kinda hard to find delicious vegan cookies, the more I'm happy now.
As I have some spare time now, hopefully I get around to read a bit more. There's still this task to read at least 100 books in 2012 and I'm not even half done although it's already july! Seems like I have to hurry, hu? (^^)

In conclusion a funny sign I saw in the city today:
It says: calories = measure to weaken the human self-confidence.
It's kinda true, isn't it? Not for everybody but for a lot of people out there...

That's it for now.
Please take care Beauties and keep shinning!

☆Freakin' Junction☆

Good Morning Lovelies ♥
As you may've already guessed, I'm back at my parent's ♥
Weather was just beautiful as I've arrived on saturday afternoon and I enjoy being here a lot!
Not only because of my family but also due to the silence and green and everything. It's kinda luxurious here.
My brother's my hero ♥
He planted soooo many vegetables everywhere it's wonderful! I can't really that what's growing there because all I can see are green, big leaves and I'm pretty sure I will be surprised at the end of summer. I love fruits and vegetables and nothing better than harvest them on your own and eat it right away. hihi (^_^) This summer our garden is going to be my paradise; loads of stuff to eat, nothing to do & tanning. Yey me ♥
And maybe this time I'll succeed in losing weight here and not gaining thousands of pounds because I just can't stop eating all this delicious food. lol I have to, honestly I feel like a big, fat hamster or something like that. haha.
Just to give myself a good feeling; that's what lies behind me. Officially everything's stored in my head for like forever, but we all know that the more you learn the more you forget, don't we? So...I'm just happy exam time's over!

Next time a bit about the 'After - Exam - Partying' lap 1 or something like that. Next lap starts on wednesday with the others students having their last exam forever.  uuuh, kinda jealous.

So long~ take care & keep shinning girls! ♥