Sunday, 19 August 2012

☆Long Live All Time Low [17.08.12 Stuttgart]pic heavy☆

Good Morning Lovelies ~♥ 

As I've already told you in my last entry, I went to the All Time Low - concert in Stuttgart on friday and to cut it short for the present they were awesome! ~♥
But in sequence, starting with the outfit, which was my biggest problem as it was one of these 'everything looks like bullshit'-day and I couldn't decide  for something. Don't know what was wrong lol
I ended up wearing this:
I was told previously that I would be totally overdressed no matter what I'm wearing so it actually didn't matter. Nevertheless this was the only outfit I felt comfortable enough with.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

☆再见 ☆

Good Evening Lovelies ~♥

Due to my subject of studies being something international all of us have to do a year abroad - wether we want or not. lol For me, it's going to be next year, but some of my friends already left the country or will within the next days, so we had to attend at least one farewell party!
Last saturday was the only one I visited and it was kinda sad. I'm really bad at handling farewells so...I early left the party to be not that emotional.
Outfit  contained my favourite skirt (of course!) because Yaya owns a similar dress to this skirt and we created something like a twin outfit. No picture of us both though because I didn't felt like taking pictures.
I could wear this skirt everyday ~♥
Funniest thing about this evening was maybe me being late because I overslept _completely_. We had planned to meet at the train station at 7 pm. - me woke up at 6.50 p.m. LOL 
The party took place at a local cocktail & tapas bar with a really chilled atmosphere and some decent cocktails. Well, one of mine wasn't that delicious and some others, too but all in all it was okay. Maybe that's because I didn't chose one with alcohol and non alcoholic cocktails always running in danger of being too sweet, don't they?
Strawberry Daiquiri (only one this evening with alcohol)
My nameplate
One of the other guest I hadn't known before asked me, if my name's really Bambi -of course it's not. lol I'm not even sure if it's allowed to name your child like that in Germany but I love my nickname.
Tacos without cheese - just because of me ~♥
delicous but spicy like hell!
I just don't look like myself in this picture lol I was kinda fascinated as I first looked at it on my computer - no idea why maybe because of my tired face expression.

Titel says 'Goodbye' in chinese btw. The friend who's leaving stays in China for a year. Horrible thought, isn't it? China's so... big and impressive, kinda intimidating. At least for me!

What about you, are you good in such 'farewell things'? Or do you have the same problem I have, being too emotional and stuff?

 Keep Shinning cuties ~♥

P.S.:  Guess who I'm going to see tomorrow?~♥
All Time Low
woop woop I'm already so excited! I've been waiting for this concert for months already. Tomorrow these guys are -hopefully- rocking Stuttgart with us ~♥ 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

☆Perfect Days☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

We are having beautiful weather in Germany recently and it is said to stay that a little longer! Although I'm not really fond of the heat and the sun, I really enjoyed some sunny days with a couple of friends.

First of all I went for a picknick with some of the girls ~♥ That was the first day full of bright sunshine so nothing hold us inside.
greedy girls are greedy and me was too slowly with the picture!
highly recommend this! It's really tasty - strawberry vanilla flavor!
On to the outfit. Not really special though due to my lack of summer clothes. I'm so in the need of a nice summer dress but I haven't made up my mind about a certain one yet. Most of them are too...flowerish for me maybe. lol 

☆50 Shades of grey☆

Hello my dearest lovelies ~♥ 
With weather being that nice to me, I'm reading a lot outside in the sun and about one special book I want to share my thoughts with you...
Probably all of you have already heard about this book and some may've read it, too. I just finished it after hours of moaning that it's likely the most boring porno ever written. lol
I'm not that into erotic books and buying this one was rather accidentally than purposly. However I was too proud to let me stop reading this due to its dull story.
read most of it on the train
What do I have to say about it? Hum, that's kind of difficult as there's not that much to say. Someone told me this story was meant to be a fanfiktion for Twilight - maybe that's why Christian Grey's described as out of the world beautiful lol The only thing missing was the "sparkle issue"!
I have to admit that I'm reading loads of fanfiktion and even some original stories by former fanfiktion writer and I've read maybe a thousand better written fanfiktion, not to mention other books! This story is so freaking tedious - even the uncountable sex scenes are deadly boring, the storyline won't go for an oscar, too and let alone the stupid characters...
It's like a sweet, little dream, dreamed of a 12-year old girl not knowing anything of this world - especially SM. Just look an tumblr what most people write about this book. Every sentence I've read yet was true.

I wasted hours of my life with this book but it was my own fault haha. 

Not recommending this at all.

Going to upload an entry about my recent days with a few outfits later ~♥

Take care & keep shinning cuties!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

☆Happiness is a choice☆

Good Morning Lovelies ~♥

Well, as I promised I'll try to get back on track with my outfits! Yesterday I tried one with a skirt I  found in my closet. My aunt had bought it for me years ago when we were going to Hungary together but actually it never fit me because I had been too fat   we took the wrong size.
Surprisingly it's even a bit too loose now...
How did I survive without a full-length mirror? I can't imagine living without one these days lol
This hat saved my life while I was staying at Yaya's. I get sunburnd easily and I don't like sunshine but of course I didn't take a hat with me, so I had to buy a new one. I chosed this pretty white one ~♥
I love it (*_*) It's big, white and so comfortable. Not to mention it goes so well with summer outfits ~♥

Sorry for the chaos in the background, but I was right in the middle of packing. Will be leaving today again. Last chance to see Yaya before her flight to Tokyo ♥

Thanks for reading & take care Cuties ~♥

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

☆Ace & Anli Pollicino Munich☆

Welcome Lovelies ♥

I hope all of you're doing fine!

Two weeks ago Yaya, a friend of her Nana and me drove to Munich to see Ace & Anli Pollicino. We started the day chilled and slowly and it even got slower as we drove right into a huuuuuge traffic jam 50 km before Munich which accompanied us till we reached the city. (~.~) We weren't in a hurry but it was too damn hot in the car as the sun was shinning. Me don't like heat meeh (>_<)
Although we lost hours in the traffic jam we had some hours left to wait.
Actually I like chilling on front of the hall before concerts. Why? Because one's always meeting people. Could be that they're neither smart nor nice but at least interesting! Haha :P
This time I met some girls I got to  know two years ago in Munich at the Anli Pollicino concert back then, which was pretty funny as we haven't talked a while.
Someone I haven't seen for ages, too recognized me immediately. I felt kinda akward to be honest as I always imagine myself changing a lot. Seems like that's not true at all lol

Seems like I had some problems with smiling this day! xD
Waiting was relaxed this time but as they opened the door people went absolutely crazy. I have no idea what they were thinking as we all know, it's not going faster if you push all the people in front of you. At least some people know this.

Concert itself totally worth the trouble I had ♥
I already knew that Anli Pollicino were fun to watch, but Ace were really cool, too! (^_^)
Ace started the evening and while they were playing, we were standing on the right side, 2nd row in front of Rookie. (Because I wanted to see him so badly. NO REGRETS :D) such a cutie ~♥ He fell of the stage and suddenly he stood directly in front of us. I don't know who was more surprised lol
During the 80 minutes he didn't stop a single time smiling. Honestly, he was shinning like a little sun it was adorable. The only negative thing about standing that close to him was the fact that he wasn't really careful with this &/== violin. Didn't count how many times he hit us. lol
Anli Pollicino were sooooo much fun! As it was getting hotter and the people coming closer, we left the 2nd row after 4 songs. Due to some... hygienic aspects we hardly survived these 4 songs tbh. Showers are such a nice invention, don't you think?
Yaya and me bought something to drink as she was afraid of me fainting (at least that's what I'm thinking she thought lol) and stood at the back. Therefore I recognized that hardly anybody was standing still in the hall. All the people were dancing and partying  while Anli Pollicino were playing and that kinda impressed me because some people told me before the concert, they had came only for Ace.
I'm still in love with the feeling during this concert.
There are times I keep asking myself why I'm still attending concerts like this, where people are meand and bitchy sometimes but this concert showed me a reason ~♥

Both bands had a signing session afterwards and for that we waited. I don't know if that's true someone told me, that Ace were expected to sign merchandise only and Anli Pollicino the entrance ticket. Doesn't matter though. I bought a photo set from Ace and got a picture of Rookie from the other photoset lol Actually I've wanted to buy the black photoset because I like the theme more, but I asked something about another picture and therefore the lady gave it to me (^.^) Yey~♥

maybe one of the only signatures ones can read

Well... I've got a kinda basic problem in my entire life; I'm shy. And it's the worst when I'm expecting myself to speak japanese, so I didn't say anything at all except the normal blablah, although I actually planned to say something. But one of the girls working at the concert kept reminding us that we had to hurry etc. pp and she made me so nervous that I completely freaked out. lol No offending, but girl, I still hate you for this although I know you just did your job. lol

After the signing session we stayed a little longer in front of the concert hall because I didn't want to go home already. It's kinda hard to explain, but I was fucked up the whole day and I know, that Yaya really tried to cheer me up and it worked just fine during the concert, but as it ended I neeeded some time to come back to reality.
pink rockstar love forever and ever ♥♥♥
I'm really thankful that both of them went with me to Munich, as I know they only bought tickets because I've wanted to go there ~♥ And I'm glad that I didn't cancel everything because I felt like...shit. It was a great day and I really enjoyed myself!
Guardian Angel ~♥
I was able to smile later :3
No outfit pic this time because I forgot it, I'm sorry. Outfit wasn't special though, I wore the white shirt I bought some days ago and black shorts. Outfit above was the one I changed into because I was cold after the concert.

While writing this entry it came to my mind that I really have to put more effort in my styling again. lol I'm not used to a unstyled me and actually I don't want to!
That's it for now :3

Take Care & Keep Shinning Beautifuls ~♥

Monday, 6 August 2012

☆I'm here to stay☆

Hello Lovelies~♥

Long time not seen, hu?
To be honest I had been thinking about deleting this blog for quite a while. Some time ago I deleted my facebook and my twitter account, too due to personal reasons and I didn't want something connect me with some things so...I thought giving up blogging here could help me.
But this was never meant to be a personal blog and it never was so... deleting it would be kinda hypocritical as well as explaining everything so...

I'm here to stay~


I had tons of plans for this summer as I wanted it to be super duper perfect and everything, but as we all know life gives a shit about plans. lol Untill two weeks ago I hadn't even felt like summer, it was cold and rainy but suddenly summer came (^_^)

I stayed a few days at Yaya's and went back to my parents where I haven't done anything useful yet. Most of the times I went without make-up and proper outfit because actually I didn't want to go anywhere except my bed.
Nevertheless I pledge improvement. lol

To end this random entry a not so beautiful picture of me. lol Next ones will be better I promise (^.~)
half styled me :o
Take Care Cuties and Keep Shinning~♥