Tuesday, 12 February 2013

☆Live ✞oday - Die ✞omorrow ✯ Lord of the Lost Frankfurt☆

Hi Lovelies (๑• . •๑)

I came back to my parent's and was busy with some shit that's kinda fucking up my application for the scholarship and all was meeeeh but I decided that everything's gonna be fine from tomorrow on! Yooosh :D

As I wrote in my last entry we went to the Lord of the Lost-concert in Frankfurt. I have to admit that I'm not that into this gothic / rock / whatever thing and I furthermore can't really explain why I do love this band (lol) but I freaking adore them. One of the only german bands I'm listening to for some years now, hadn't seen them live thought because of reasons.
So first time for me, Y. got to know the band only because of me and was kind enough to accompany me - and hopefully didn't regret it.
First of all my outfit: We forget to check the weather forecast and of course - I chosed the absolutely wrong outfit, couldn't had been more wrong! It was freaking cold, snow & ice rain and a heavy storm. Oh well, I survived though.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

☆"50 Shades of grey" or "Adventurous Frankfurt"☆

Hi Lovelies (๑• . •๑)
I already warned you, be prepared for a long and picture-heavy entry!

On sunday Y. & me went to Frankfurt,primarily to go to the Lord of the Lost concert (about which I'm writing next time) but we decided to extend our stay there and go shopping the day after. If you have ever been to Frankfurt you might know what I mean by saying it's a "grey" city - the source of the kinda ridiculous title.
Subway Wrap - Veggie Delight (vegan)
M. told us some day sago that the wraps at subways were much better than the sandwiches and we decided to give a try before we left. They're okay I think, but nothing special - but neither are their sandwichs.
View out of our luxurious hotel room. Nice isn't it?
On our way to the hotel we talked about dodging the fare and I said something like: "I'm never buying a ticket and I never got caught" in a kinda loud voice accidentally. Suddenly a man next to us stood up, showing us an ID-card and asked for our tickets. THANK GOD we bought them at the main station, haha! The guy seemed to be really pissed and checked my ticket twice but oh well it was okay! Still laughing about it.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

☆And the night is dark...☆

Hey Lovelies (๑• . •๑)

I'm leaving for Frankfurt tomorrow and I haven't packed a single thing due to being super busy with watching doramas and shopping and sleeping. Oops.

Just wanted to show you one of the outfits I wore for partying last week:
clothes: NewYorker
Accessories: BijouBrigite
I really love this hairstyle. It was the first time that I tried it, after reading about it on this blog (german only sorry) and it's still not perfect but I'm quite satisfied for the first try and no mirror for the back of my head.
Well, kinda short entry today but next one's going to be super long I think and I didn't want to mix them.