Friday, 25 November 2011

☆fleeing the reality☆

Hello Lovelies ♥

Seems like I haven't seen the sun for ages now ! All the time it's dark and cloudy outside, how you could be optimistic with such bad weather conditions? I'm freezing all day although I turned the heater on the highest level (;-;)
I would love to stay in universitiy the whole day because there it's warm! lol

Actually I had planned to visit H&M next week because I want to buy some things, like a cardigan and maybe this adorbale skirt Ju-Chan told me some days ago, but I decided to wait untill everything with Cherry's finnished. At the moment I'm not sure about how much money I have to spend for the veterinary and stuff, but we'll see. (^-^) 
Cherry is the black  Apple the brown one (^.^) Aren't they cute? Well, this time they got along with each other quite well, some days later they were fighting mercilessly and I had to seperate them although my heart was crying. At the moment Cherry's living alone with me, untill I find another mouse to live with him - don't know how long it takes from now on.

Do you know these times, when nothing satisfies you? When you would like to change everything, even your own face?
I hate it. Because it seems like a couple of people I'm talking to everyday and who're really close to me, feel the same way and if everybody around you is mourning like you do, everything gets even worse.

But as against other people I developped some plans to change the situation because it's driving me nuts! This evening I'll go ice-skating! (^o^) Except christmas this is definately the best thing in winter! Honestly, I love it, although I'm not good at it, it's fun though. I can't wait ♥ 
And maybe people you're not used to know are a better distraction?
We'll see.

I'll order the tickets for my next concert in December now! Another thing I'm really looking forward to (^_^)♥ There's no better distraction and motivation than going to concerts in my opinion and that there are some more date released is the best thing ever!

Take care guys ♥

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

☆Vegan Life☆

Hello Lovelies ♥
I got a couple of pictures here I plan to show you, but as I went to 'Penny' for an hour another idea plopped up in my head and here we go (^_^)

In the first entry I wrote that I've been living vegan for about four years now and for people who get to know a vegan the first time, it's always quite hard to imagine how I live, what I eat, etc. As I changed my diet to the vegan one, my mom was totally freaking out - although she already had thought that I would change. But after four years she has to admit (finally!!) that I really have a clue about diet and all this stuff, not only because of my biology A-levels (^.^)
One of the basic ideas about this blog was actually show some people that there are a couple of vegan boys and girls out there, who're as cool and smart as anybody else - without being kind of crazy. Due to that my intention is, to post some vegan food and stuff here and there - and of course because it's a huge part of my daily life althought I'm not affected by this 'lifestyle' every day.

Actually I don't know why some of my friends keep asking me what I'm buying to eat because... it's quite simple isn't it? Due to that constant question, I decided to show you today what I bought for the next two weeks without noticing that I perpetuate a stereotype with this picture.
It only show fruites and vegetables, doesn't it? (^^)
That's because you should please always bear in mind when looking at my food pictures, that I'm not only vegan but on a diet to lose weight too, due to that I rarely eat carbohydrates but a lot of protein.  And of course it shows the fresh food I buy regularly only, because rice, couscous (♥) and noodles I'm taking from home as my parents always buy too much. lol
To keep it short; there is much more foodstuff vegans 'can' eat than I show you.

And now I have to hurry for university ♥
Keep smiling my beloved !!!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

☆Sayin' GoodBye☆

Good Evening ♥
Well... 'Good Night' would have been a better greeting, haven't it? But in my mind it's still evening I'm neither tired nor exhausted although the day was pretty tough.

Yesterday I arrived save at my parent's. The first time ever, I didn't come home alone;
I had to take one of my mice with me - so Apple drove back home and has a new home now. Hopefully he's better there than with me ♥ I will miss him, as he was the more trusting one and I already locked him in my heart but some decisions have to be made - not for your own confidence but for someone's benefit.
Next week I have a lot of things to do for his former friend - Cherry - who's waiting in my flat for my return.  (^-^) I still don't know what's in store for me, but I'm quite sure it's gonna be exciting! And even if it's unexpected hard to finish, there are a couple of people ready to help me ♥ thx to those cuties!

I still have a few pictures showing both mice, Apple & Cherry, which I want to show you as I think they're pretty cute. Especially although the pics are made by me and I'm not really into 'animal photography' (^.^)" At the moment I'm too lazy to sign them, though I'm sorry. Gonna post them tomorrow, I promise!
Ate diner from McDonalds today.
For all the readers crying 'Oh my gosh, she's vegan and ates fast food (O.O)' - Yes, sometimes I do eat there. 
Why? Because there are always times you're acting unreasonable just because a leopard can't change its spots. When I'm feeling sad and disappointed I eat fast food - a looooooooot. I'm always even more disappointed afterwards but who cares? lol What's a diet if you have french fries? (^^)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

☆Horror nights ☆

Good Evening ♥
The last night was horrible for me, due to so many circumstances I can't even explain right in german and as they're really unrelevant for this blog, I'll leave them out. But just to mention; I cried a lot and slept about 3 hours in total -> without my [ironie] absolutely unbeaten [/ironie] make-up skills I wouldn't have left the house for sure.
I worship the deviser of make-up as much as my inward urge that drove me crazy untill I was as good as I'm now in putting make-up on  ♥

Well outfit is a bit random as the last time, too but this time I chosed this huge scarf becaus I always wear it when I just want to hide from the world. I do love it due to that I got in grey shades and brown shades too (^_^)

Although I didn't feel like cooking or even eating, I forced myself to do so because I had so much food left from the weekend.... it ended up  as fried rice with paprika.
Not really my favourite food, but it was okay though. Maybe I'm going to cook something tasty when I'm at home again (^.^) I hope everything goes like I plan they.... that would make my week!

See you guys ♥

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

☆The 'Free Day'-Curse☆

Good Evening ♥
As I was having a free day today I've planned to take my camera and walk through the city a bit to look for some cool places but as bad news gaped this morning, I had to cancel my plans. I try to realize the picture walk this week though (^-^)
However I haven't done anything today  though I would have had enough time to finish a lot of things I'm currently working on. That's kind of the curse every free day has, ccould it be?
Well, actually I did the housework and packed the things for the weekend,but that's not enough for a whole day. Maybe I'm reading the stuff for university exceptionally in the evening and not tomorrow morning.... maybe x)
Yesterday I renewed my nailpolish and as I have to take care of my nails recently because they're breaking easily and are really short, I decided against the svarovski-stuff.  Can't wait 'till my nails are long again ♥ I don't like them that short because it always looks like I wouldn't care enough for them in my opinion and that's what I hate. My nails are quite important for me...
Two or three days ago as I looked through my nailpolish I realized that I just own 5 shades that aren't pink, red or purple. lol  Two shades of blue, a yellow one, which I've never used, my favourite black one and a light green tone, all the others are at least kind of reddish. The next time I got enough money I'm searching for another kind of color. Maybe a brown shade because it's autumn. ♥

My mom told me yesterday while we were phoning that I'm the only one in our family eating at least a bit healthy. lol Probably all people knowing me start laughing now but she's right in a way, as I don't eat much, nearly nothing someone would say, but everything I eat's healthy though. A lot of salad, fruits, etc. Not necessarily because I'm on diet but because I like it.
I even like it more than my mice!
Just today they frustrated me a lot due to not eating what I offer them! They don't like fruits, no apples, no paprika, no grapes - nothing!  Although they're named after fruits (u.u)" I still have to be patient, have I? (^.^)

Wish you a pleasant night and sweet dreams  ♥

Monday, 14 November 2011

☆Act of Desperation☆

Good Evening ♥
As I opened my wardrobe this morning at 6.00 o'clock I nearly got a shock because I couldn't find any trousers to wear for today - and it was -2°C outside. Due to that I kind of 'had' to wear a skirt - what I actually do prefer to long trousers - and I hardly found any tights to combine. Seems like today's outfit is something like a 'act of desperation'.
Apart from that I'm always saying I have nothing to wear (what's honestly true of course!) to make things worse my washing machine broke the second time three weeks ago. That means that I couldn't do my laundry on my own in my flat but have to ask the caretaker for permission to do it in the cellar room and pay for it - of course. Because I'm avoiding the cellar rooms when it's dark and I'm coming home as late as 7 p.m. I couldn't do my laundry for three weeks now.... (u.u)"
If everything goes well the machine will be repaired this week. Nevertheless I'll take a lot of laundry with me to my parents on friday and do it there because it's easier for me I think. And after the weekend I'll have enough clothes to create some outfits again. (^_^)

This weekend some friends of mine visited me in my new flat for the first time and we made a 'housewarming party'! (^o^) It was really fun to see them all again and I enjoyed the time we had together a lot. I so would appreciate seeing them more often, but due to my horrible timetable it's impossible for me to visit them as often as I had done it the last years.
Although I miss them it's okay as meeting now with so many things to talk about is even more fun, I think.
That's the last part of the food I had prepared; flummery (chocolate and vanilla mixed together in the small cups), crackers with self-made dips (salsa and curry) and cookies you can't see on the picture because some of my friends had already eaten them. lol
I really love cooking and I'm happy that everything tasted that good. Hopefully I'll see my girls again before christmas! ♥

When visiting my parents this weekend I'll start with my christmas bakery!!!!! (*_*) ♥ I fall for Christmas time and I can't resist baking and making presents although each year I promise to give it up because it's too stressfull. I'll always stick to this 'giving - attitude' maybe.
Probably I can show you pictures on sunday! (^_^)

Thanks for reading Dears,
I wish you a pleasant night and sweet dreams ♥

Sunday, 13 November 2011

☆Welcome to my Wonderland☆

Good Evening Dear Blogspot-Readers ♥

After three years of kinda 'blogspot - abstinence' I returned as a new Bambiprincess and hopefully this time my motivation for blogging lasts longer than the last time! 
First of all I should introduce myself to those who just stumbled over this blog without knowing the person behind 'Bambiprinzessin', shouldn't I?
Well, let's start with the basic information; I'm a 20 year old student living in one of the most ugliest towns existing in Germany - Ludwigshafen am Rhein, which is only a short hop away from Mannheim. Some weeks ago I moved out from home, living now on my own in a cute, pink flat with my two mice, Apple & Cherry, and actually should study a lot. Though I don't do as my lack of motivation just disappears when it comes to shopping...You all know these little, blonde girls, laughing like children and looking as cute as baby kitten because of whatever, don't you? I am one of them although I changed my haircolor some time from light blonde to reddish-brown I'm still 'cute little Bambi' for everyone. 
I absolutely fall for music & fashion
Some people hate me for being like I am, as I'm making them inadvertently feel guilty, like one of them told me years ago, because I started living vegan four years ago and show them since then how easy it is to live without animal products.

Although I don't have as much spare time as I would appreciate it though I adore my studies, I try to update as frequently as possible! 
Thank you for reading and I hope you like my blog in the future! (^_^)♥