Monday, 30 January 2012

☆forever let out the frustration☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Earlier this evening I tried to upload a little video of my mouse but it seems that it was too big. Or blogger was just bitchin' me ♥
Went to dm after the appointment and bought the basic stuff I need here.
It's some time ago, that I went to dm the last time and some things have changed I recognized today.
I had never seen the vegan flower on stuff like....brushes but it seems like dm changed the declaration of its products what I really appreciate! Merci beaucoup dm ♥
I do know that all the products I use in my daily life are vegan - I checked them via various internet forums where people publish their mails asking wether certain products are vegan or not -> product inquiry. Incredible for a lot of people is that all the stuff I'm putting onto my face is really vegan (^.~) It is.
The eyeshadow I bought today. Please don't ask me why I chosed this color.... maybe I should have taken... the green one or the blue one ( I already own the pink one) but now, I chosed brown. Well ,really not my day today.

Out of frustration I tried it right today. I think most of you know the basics of using eyeshadow and due to that you can imagine that the numbers are telling the order. It's MY personal order to use them, but I know from a lot of tutorials that some people taking another one.
Felt like the first time for ages that I wore lashes ♥ Since I got my new glasses I can't wear them any more but for today it was okay - I went without glasses.

Sorry for the 'eye make-up spam' recently but that's kind of the only thing I can write because I just can't snatch up for taking some pictures or at least work on my review for >>Tokyo Hostess<<. I'm sorry maybe my motivation comes  back to me tomorrow ♥

Sleep well Cuties ♥


Good Morning Lovelies ♥

Actually I'm not really a long sleeper but at the moment it's too early for me (.-.) Go away with this stupid "The early bird gets the worm" - I hate worms!
In about an hour I have an appointment for my new job starting next week and all my motivation concerning work is gone somehwere I don't know. It's nothing special just a lil job to earn some money as I have some plans to realize this year ♥

Hopefully I have to write something nice after returning home later.

Before leaving Ludwigshafen I went to Heidelberg with Chris because there's no Starbucks where I'm living. Incredible, isn't it? (;__;) Well, as we had finished our exams I bought my reward for... surviving them? lol
On that account we went to Douglas ♥ Actually I'm a bit afraid of this shop because... I do love perfume but everytime I walk into one of the shops it's like the shop assistants thinking about me as a thief or something like that. lol I'm feeling really uncomfortable there.
Even if I buy something! xD
I bought this one ♥
It's freaking adorable, I love it! As I was learning this was kind of my motivation because I said I would buy one of the Anna Sui perfumes when I've finished and it turned out to be this one as I love it the most (^_^)
Anna Sui - Secret Wish
I tried to take a picture of the flacon itselfs because there's a cute fairy on it, but I didn't succeed.
We stopped at the local Asian supermarket, too because I had to buy this. One is for me ( the green one) and the purple one is for my beloved as she's writing her exams in a few days ♥ I don't know if she likes them but they're purple, I think that's enough (^^)
The green ones aren't that tasty (._.)" Actually I like green tea flavour but that's a lil bit too much - something nearly every japanese sweet is TOO MUCH from anything. I like most of them though (^_^)"

But now I have to hurry and put on some make-up - Don't want to scare my future employer.

Take care cuties ♥

☆Jar of Hearts☆

Sunday, 29 January 2012

☆Queen of the Night☆

Good Morning Lovelies ♥

Finally all my exams are over °(^o^)° On wednesday I finished everything with the business law one and yesterday I got the results for math & statistics - I don't know how but I managed to get a 4.0 that means I don't have to repeat it (^.~)

Of course I spend the last days with partying hard. lol And I have to ask for forgiveness as I actually said I could post some pictures of my flat. Due to party a lil bit too hard I couldn't finish it before I left for my parent's, I'm sorry (._.)
However I'm planning to visit IKEA before I'm leaving for Ludwigshafen again and I'm pretty sure that I change some things after (^-^)

Since I got this shirt I've wanted to post it! ♥ Freakin adorable.
It's one of the bandshirts of >Lovex< and >Queen of the Night< is written on it (^_^) I've seen the shirt before I went to the concert and I so hoped to be able to buy it. Sometimes you're really lucky in life, aren't you?
I have to admit, that I own dozens of bandshirts but rarely wear them. (.//.)" Actually I could sell them or something but there are so many memories connected with them... even if I don't like the bands any more and don't wear them.
Bandshirts are really unwearable most of the time imho if you're a girl and quite small.
This time I chosed some blue shades also they're not really fitting my eyecolor but that's quite difficult as my eyecolor's changing. Most of the time it's like; right the moment I chosed a color fitting to the eyecolor, it changes. lol
Not that much its just a change between grey, a really light blue or green but it's enough to confuse me with the the decision of the eyeshadow colors. (^^)
I have to go shopping on monday first of all because I've left all my cosmetic products in Lu. Please don't ask me why, seems like I've been drunk since wednesday... otherwise I can't explain why I forgot my hair straightener, too. And all the keys I need here, some things for my mouse, etc.
I just thought of all the useless things... (-.-) stupid me.
But well (^_^) It's not that bad to go shopping. lol

Please take care and have a nice sunday! ♥

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Good Morning Lovelies ♥

I hope all of you are sleeping well - at least the ones living in Germany like me. It is half past one in the morning I slept about three hours last night but I'm not sleepy at all - damn you insomnia (.-.) I learned last night, this night.. because I have nothing else to do. I feel guilty if I don't do something useful. lol

As I showed you an outfit and make-up in my last post,  this one is about my nails. I varnish my nails regularly since I'm 10 - I started with black and as I can remember it was horrible. (^o^) I really like doing my nails and trying new colors, new styles and new methods but I can't say that my level's improving. It depends on my mood I think.

Hadn't had any clue what I wanted to put on the nails and this was the result. lol Could have been ways better if I had thought about it properly (^^)"
Nevetheless here you can see how the nailpolish from Kiko I bought last week turned out. Actually I was telling you I bought it because I wanted to have a 'casual' one, but this one isn't casual at all. The first time I applied it, it looke as cheap as one of these nailpolishes you got from littel girl magazines. I was really really disappointed. But in combination with the black and the little silver stones it's... okay I think but this won't be a favourite of mine.
That's how I did them earlier this day. It turned out better as I thought it would (^_^) Ju-Chan suggested me the colors as I was clueless -again.

I plan to do got the mall on friday maybe to buy new blinblings for my nails ♥ And maybe a new shade of nailpolish as I have to go to Kiko due to buy lashes. Seems like a good plan! (^.^)

I try to sleep now too cuties.
Take Care & Goodbye ♥

Monday, 23 January 2012

☆girly stuff [Outfit & Make-Up]☆

Hello Lovelies ♥

I felt like dolling up a bit this morning! (=^_^=) As I cut my bangs today I finally felt comfortable enough to upload a picture. I've never cut my frings so much shorter but it went surprisingly good. lol
 It is kind of my favourite outfite these days ♥ I love the material of this blouse as it's cool and silky (I'm sure everyone recognized that I bought it at H&M don't you? (^^)) and of course this pattern is freaking adorable! The trousers are my newest haul and although they're from the business section they're sooooo comfy ♥

I lost the fight with my hair if you're wondering about this one messy curl sticking out so cheeky. Seems like I have to practise a lot with my hair as I'm not used to this messy length - but I want to wait untill they're at least 10 cm longer before I cut them again to my beloved short hair again ♥

Although I've planned to try new colors for my eye make-up I'm always staying with these shades I don't know why... Next time I'm trying blue, I promise (>_<)!

I'm rushing to my studies! Have a nice day & take care! ♥

☆music tip☆

 The Tower - by Vienna Teng
The one who survives by making the lives
Of others worthwhile
She's coming apart
Right before my eyes
The one who depends on the services she renders
To those who come knocking
She's seeing too clearly what she can't be
What understanding defies

She says I need not to need
Or else a love with intuition
Someone who reaches out to my weakness
And won't let go
I need not to need
I've always been the tower
But now I feel like I'm the flower trying to bloom in snow

She turns up the light
Anticipating night falling tenderly around her
Watches the dusk
The words won't come
She carries the act so convincingly
The fact is sometimes she believes it
She can be happy with the way things are
Be happy with the things she's done

And yet I need not to need
Or else a love with intuition
Someone who reaches out to my weakness
And won't let go
I need not to need
I've always been the tower
But now I feel like I'm the flower trying to bloom in snow

Reach out, hold back
Where is safety
Reach out and hold back
Where is the one who can change me
Where is the one
The one

Reach out, hold back
Where is safety
Reach out and hold back
Where is the one who can save me
Where is the one
The one

I need not to need
Or else a love with intuition
Someone who reaches out to my weakness
And won't let go
I need not to need
I've always been the tower
But now I feel like I'm the flower trying to bloom in snow

I feel like I'm the flower trying to bloom in snow
The danger and the power
The friend and the foe

Sunday, 22 January 2012

☆challenge 2012 #01☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Anyone else convinced that I'm taking this business law exam coming up on wednesday far too little serious? well....whatever! (^_^)

Recently I stumbled over a blog where a girl presented a challenge she's participating in and which sounded so  nice to me, that I couldn't forget it although I don't have a clue any more where I saw it. Unfortunately! If someone knows about this challenge and who brought the idea up - just tell me that I could attribute it to the right owner! (^.^)

The challenge rules seemed to be quite easy:
-read an english book per month
-write a review
-if you don't finish the book within one month, you  have to read another book as 'penalty'

Well of course it's easy if you read a lot - what I'm definately doing and because of that I try to read an english book per month, too and post the review here!  Needless to say that I already finished one (^.~)

Please look after mother
written by: Kyung-Sook Shin
first published: Korea 2008
translated into english by:Chi-Young Kim
I told you when I bought the book, didn't I? But to be honest I don't remember, one day last week maybe. Well unimportant for the moment, here we go with the review! (^o^)
>>So-Nyo is a wife and mother to five grown-up children. She is the one constant - and often unacknowledged- presence in all of their lives, supporting them no matter what the cost. Then one day, travelling into Seoul by train, So-Nyo vanishes [...] << (blurb)
The author swichtes between 5 point of views during the entire book ; each chapter is written in another narrative perspective whereas the first one was the most confusing one for me, as it's directly written to an ominous 'you', which is the eldest daughter Cho-Minh I found out after reading half of the chapter. In the second chapter there is an omniscient narrator focusin on the eldest son, Hyong-chol, in the third chapter there's again this strange point of view directly writing to a certain 'you'again, this time it is the father whose name seems to be unimportant. For the storyline the fourth chapter is the most important one because this time it's a first person narrator - the mother herself. After this only an epilogue with an omniscient narrator focusing on the eldest daughter again follows.
While the whole family tries to find their mother it is revealed word by word, how less they know about her feelings & dreams. Their mother was seriously ill but nobody did something because they thought she would be strong enough on  her own - as well as the children in the town almost forget about their parents in their daily lives because they have so many things to do. Each of the protagonists has its own story, they're not really sad or depressing, but they're chasting you while reading. And all the things they did or say to their mother weren't really bad or meant offense - they occured due to a a daily life with distances in their relationship. Something that could happen to anyone of us easily, too.
Actually the theme is quite sad - a mother vanishes and her children and husband find out that they don't know her at all - but the sensitive writing style and loving character of the mom shine through the whole story. Although she could be mad at her family for so many reasons, she's still caring and even asks for forgiveness for mistakes she made in the past.

Of course I won't tell you how the story ends - wouldn't be funny for you any more, would it?- but be prepared to become a bit thoughtful or even nostalgic when you finished it. I recommend it though because I think it's important to make your mind up about the relationship to your parents ♥

! Finally finished this entry! LOL I just can't admit how long it took me to write these simple sentences, my english became so bad recently - I'M SORRY (Q_Q) 
Please Take Care ♥

Saturday, 21 January 2012

☆childish childhood dreams coming true!☆

Good Evening Lovelies!
I hope all of you had a nice week? ♥
I'm sure you all know these memories of your early childhood when you had seen something and deeply wished to get it? 
I'm dead certain I got the most childish one ever. lol
It must have been in my very early years of being  a humn being, I think I was about 6 years old, as I watched one of these american whatever comedies and saw this huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge mountain of PANCAKES with maple syrup! (^^)
At the moment I'm thinking earnestly if it's the american or the canadian people are used to eat it? Canadians I think, as I go for the maple syrup as an evidence....
Well, it doesn't matter as I decided to try it today too!

Pancakes and me got a long lasting relationship though.
In Germany there are pancakes too! And in France, too! But they're slightly different from the ones I wanted to make and I'm talking about. Germany pancakes ( I searched for a translation but I'm taking this one because I think it's the best fitting one) are bigger but thinner as these ones. In my family we were used to eat them filled with spinach & creme fraîche baked. Sounds funny? I assure you it is one of the most delicious dishes I've ever tried in my whole life - the ones in Japan count IN! ♥ 
I would die for this dish! (*_*)
My Mom knows this adiction and she often prepared the dish for me when I had a hard time ♥ Thank you Mom still love you for that! 
As I turned vegan some years ago, this was -of course?- one of the first dishes I tried to preprae (it was one of the first dishes I tried to make at all, when I was 10 years old - the kitchen was a disaster!) and I utterly failed. I think I never failed that hard in preparing a dish than this time. lol Yes, I tried it another time too but I never succeded. My Mom knows me and she was sure I would skip my 'vegan attitude' when it comes to pancakes. No Chance. I didn't give up veganism and I haven't eaten pancakes .... till today I admit but well you got the idea, don't you?

There is this adorable new cookbook from a kind of famous germany vegan 'cook' (as far as I understood him right he's just a free time cook, none of these 'studied' fat guys): Attila Hildmann. I knew him before but I had never really cared about him, he was vegan he was well-known nothing more. To the point I stumbled over his newest cookbook and put it onto my 'Christmas Wish List' ♥ 
I already tried some of his recipes on my own but have to admit, that I'm none of these 'straight to the point' - cookbook people and pimped them as I was pleased x) Nevertheless they're really well thought out and quite easy to prepare even if you're not used to cook! (^_^)
Highly recommend this! ♥

I used the recipe for the 'Sweet Pancakes':
*150g flour
*300ml soy milk
*2 teaspoons baking powder
And actually he adds some bananas but I was too lazy to buy bananas and skipped it. I added some sugar instead.

I have to admit that I absolutely don't have any clue what the hell I did wrong the last times I tried pancakes but this time it just worked out fantastic! (^o^) They were so delicious and all of my facebook people were kind of jealous! ha! ( I was so proud of my little mountain that I had to post it on facebook - attention whore whuhu). 
Although my 'childhood dream' were pancakes with maple syrup I ate apple puree with them ♥ 

Do you have such 'childish childhood dreams', too? Do you plan to fulfill them some time?

Please take care Lovelies!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

☆New Year Letters☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥ 

Today I got over the Asian Studies Exam and for me it went pretty well, although I know that I made a lot of mistakes, what doesn't matter at all because I just have to pass it - nothing less nothing more ♥  But enough from university!
As I have one or two days off now I've planned to see about the final deco details for my flat finally! Unfortunately at the very moment I walked into the deco-shop all my energy left and I felt like running back into my flat, cuddling into my blanket and sleeping for hours. lol
I didn't do it, because I had to buy some food, which I did and after that I looked for a new handbag (haven't found a pretty one yet and I urgently need one.... help anyone? (.-.)). Nevertheless I bought the little pink stones you see above for an arrangement in my bathroom ♥ it turned out exactly the way I've planned it and I was quite happy. I'll post a picture of it, when I'm done with the whole room - I hope I manage it before I leave for my parents next week. (^-^)

Furthermore I bought this book today! Started reading it on my way home a bit and the first 30 pages are easy to read and written in a nice writing style. So far  nothing special or sophisticated though.
I finally started with my 'New Year Letters', too. Although I'm too late I know, this year's gonna be the first one I really send them to their recipients. At least at the moment it seems like I'll send them, I haven't written all yet. 
What these 'New Year Letters' are?
They're short or long letters I've written to recall the past year with a certain person and give a view what I wish this person for the next year - with or without me. The longest so far is definately for honey but the last year was... pretty turbulent and the feeling that everything's becoming 'good' again isn't that old yet.
I hope for 2012 , honestly.

That's all for today ♥ I'm going to finish the last few letters now. 
I wish you all a great evening Dears.
Take care & Goodbye ♥

Friday, 13 January 2012


My daily learning routine just started with; coffe, fruits (tons of it (*-*)), water and my faithfull laptop! This time I need it because I have to learn about... 600 PowerPoint pages? (^^) But I don't mind, I learned two books with 600 pages by heart for the business studies exam yesterday. lol
Just reconized the page I opened on my laptop; China Daily.
How I love to learn things about China - really important with my main subject Japan, isn't it? (^.~) Well, actually I should refresh my chinese a bit. I think I'll go through my lectures again when finished the exams (^-^)

Ahhhh, the reason why I'm blogging again is that I just can't concentrate on this stupid asian stuff - I'm waiting for my brother to visit me ♥ He just called me and said he's going to be here in about an hour but I wanna see him nau! lol
Waiting the whole day already :(
Two more weeks to go untill I finally see my family again ♥ Well, actually three weeks I think as I have to stay a bit longer here due to my mouse but that's another story.

I alreay drunk about 750g coffe during my exam time.
and it's not over yet.
I guess I'll reach the 1kg border at the end of this month (^.^) coffee-addicted! But I do need litres of it while learning untill 5 am. lol I am one of these crazy ambitious students yes.
But now I'm really starting with this subject!

Take care Sweethearts ♥

☆Silver Gold☆

Hello Lovelies ♥ 

I haven't updated for quite an amount of time, have I? Sorry for that, I hadn't mentioned that I'm writing final exams for my first term at university. The last few weeks were very tough indeed something like 'eye opening' for me, as I realized that I hadn't overcome my panic attacks before exams at all. It's frustrating me as I worked really hard on it before my final exams at school and now nothing's left from all this intense work. (-.-)

Nevertheless most of the exams went quite good fortunately ♥
First one was Japanese the written exams and right after it the oral one, I'm pretty sure that I pass both of them. lol I would probably jump out of a window if I wouldn't (^-^) Or my former japanese teacher would come and kill me. She would have the right to do it x)
Next one was math and statistics.... I'm sure I passed maths but unfortunately I'm also pretty sure that I failed at statistics and that means I have to repeat both exams. (-.-) But it's okay as math was surprisingly quite easy for me (^_^)
Yesterday we wrote the three economic related subjects; business studies, logistics and human resources management. Business studies and human resources management went both pretty good but I failed at logistics for sure - no way I passed this exam. lol 

Next week the exam in asian studies awaits me and the week after the one in business law.  Both are kind of 'makeable' I think (^.^) 

 I bought the gold nailpolish as I was at my parent's at Christmas and this was the first time I wore it. I absolutely fell for this shade and I searched for it such a long time! Really Happy I have it now, it's beautiful! I only used layer and it turned out that intense ♥
There's a quite interesting silver shade, too but I refused to buy it because I already got a silver nailpolish although I tend to be the 'silver type' not the gold one.
If I have the choice between silver jewelry and gold, I would choose silver for sure as I like it more. But recently I'm into gold, I don't know why. Years ago a friend gave me an eyeshadow as a present for christmas in a beautifull gold shade which I never tried untill New Year's Eve and this was kind of triggering I think. lol 
This eyeshadow is pure love I can't describe it ♥
Unfortunately I don't have a proper picture of it, but it will follow when I finished my exams of course. 
I went to Kiko as a reward yesterday! ♥
I fell for this shop honestly, I would love to buy every single eyeshadow and nailpolish and lashes and whatever they got just because I love the interior. lol 
As I fall for this eyeshadow I told you above I searched for a nice gold shade but the only eyeshado in gold they had wasn't as intense as I want it to be. Maybe I'll buy it when I found a brighter one to combine it with.

Instead I bought this. 
In this package the eyeshadow doesn't look as nice as I tried it in the store, but I think it's really good to combine with my favourite rose tone (^.^) And of course, it als fits the gold perfectly (^.-)
I've planned to wear it yesterday evening when my friends decided to go out to celebrate a bit, but as I was feeling a bit ill I stayed at home and haven't tried it on my eyes yet. (Just recognized that the signing is out of line. lol sorry) But I can't wait to do it, maybe I'll try it later when I'll go to the city and buy these beautiful lashes I refused to buy yesterday because I thought it would be kind of bad as I can't wear them while I'm learning for the exams BUT this  night I changed my opinion. Life's to short to wait, isn't it ? (^_^)
I was too lazy to remove my old nailpolish and try this one but I think I'll do it in the evening while reading through asian studies ♥ I bough this one because I think it's quite a good colour to wear 'everyday' when you want to look a bit casual and not that 'overdressed' :3 Maybe there are a few occations when you don't want to occur the moment you appear. (^.^)
And now I try to study at least a bit. (^-^)
Have a great time lovelies & take care ♥