Wednesday, 29 February 2012

☆Haul & Layout change☆

You may have recognized that I changed the layout (^-^) I am never satisfied with anything I've made and this isn't an exception so maybe I'll change other things, too.
Actually I've wanted to have it more white but I just fall for dots as you can see on the picture below. lol
I ordered this CecilMcBee mirrow last week and it had arrived while I was in Austria so that the first thing I could do at home was opening a package (^.^)v
Nothing to say left, I just adore this pattern. ♥

My earphones  broke right before the long train drive home again (-.-) music in mono just freaking sucks, especially when you're bored as hell as you finished the book you took with you earlier than expected... Story of my Life. lol
You can't see the color really well in this picture, but it is a really light pink, exactly the tone my whole flat is decorated in (^_^)
I fell for this color as much as fell for dots. ♥

Furthermore I bought a present for a friend and something I'll show you tomorrow.

Take care guys, 
Lots of Love~ ♥

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

☆taking a break☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Due to some personal matters I fleed Germany for a few days and visit a friend in Austria but I think that's a bit too private for this blog so I skip this personal blabla stuff and go on with my normal blogging attitude.

To be honest, sometimes it's the best to leave all the problems behind and watch a new scenery with kind and caring people. That's nothing to do with running away I think, it's rather a step back to set your priorities new.

I had a great time and I enjoyed the 'on the road' - feeling a lot.

Say whatever you want, I am a traveller. lol

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

☆101Reasons to smile #1 - Friends ☆

☆The worst german disease☆

Good Morning Lovelies ♥

Actually I thought that I shouldn't post about this issue but I changed my opinion today - I don't know why to be honest...
It's about... carnival.

I freaking hate carnival and I can't say how happy I am that it ends tomorrow F_I_N_A_L_L_Y! In Germany the city were most of the carnival activies take place is Cologne I think and that's one of the reasons I would rather die than move there! For me it's only about... looking stupid and getting drunk and that's simply not worth my time.
Nevertheless each year my friends force me to go with them to a carnival party at least one time and this year wasn't an exception. To make things even worse I just had about 20 minutes to get ready (O_O) I don't know if there's anyone who could look great with such a short styling time - I'm looking horrible in my opinion. lol
Actually you should wear a costume when going to a carnival party, shouldn't you? But I hate drunk people wearing silly costumes and decided against searching for one. Well I hate all drunk people in general as I am not a big fan of alcohol.
Of course I love clubbing and stuff and amusingly I'm quite good with alcohol although I am small and a woman but I just don't like it and I hate stupid acting people.
Unfortunately I wasn't spared out by this kind of people this time.
A guy asked my if I want to drink something with him - I said 'no' because I don't drink with strangers and it was late, I was already searching for my coat acutally but he didn't accept my answer. He just took me and carried me throug the whole hall to the bar!!!
If there is one thing I really hate more than alcohol in connection with drunk people it is when strangers touch me! I may be small, a woman, cute, blonde WHATEVER but never touch me honestly!!! Just because you COULD carry me it doesn't give you the right to DO it!!!!

The girl at the bar knew me, one of the securities was a good friend of mine and my brother was around, too, they rescued me nevertheless I am still annoyed.

All in all I had a great time though. Maybe because the friend I mentioned above wasn't drunk due to his job as security and we talked the whole evening ♥ I kinda miss him (.-.)

 Keep Smiling Cuties~

Monday, 20 February 2012

☆Keep Smiling!☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

My plans for posting are a bit out of order today but I was totally busy with pictures!

I have something to say though.

A long time ago a lot of people gave me kinda of hard time, to be honest my whole school life was a mixture between crying and fighting, but I got over it. Nevertheless sometimes I am still shy about trying out new things  because I'm afraid of what people may say.
There are few people I totally admire for being brave enough to do whatever they want and they're great idols for me ♥

If this whole f'cking story of my life told me one single thing, than it is that you shouldn't care about what people say. But as I already wrote, that's pretty hard sometimes. And it's even worse if you already have a hard time due to other things.
Anyhow, there is one thing you shouldn't let someone steal you.
Your Smile.
Never give up smiling, a smile is the strongest weapon ever.

So many things may go wrong, but I try to smile at least.
Please don't let anybody make you feel bad darlings. Nothing warrants that.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

☆Pimp My Shirt☆

Good Morning Lovelies ♥

I'm not doing that much recently and if I do something, it's not worth blogging about I think. I'm planning a few things but I'll post them later (^_^)
The shirt I used for this post is one that I got from my last internship. I worked at 'Scania' and as the guys were obviously satisfied with my work, they gave me kind of tons of presents as I left them. lol One was this shirt and as I actually liked wearing this sign due to my connection to the company I decided to 'pimp' it a bit. Otherwise I wouldn't wear it at all and that would be pretty sad I think.
unmotivated picture ftw lol
I didn't change a lot as I'm hella untalented when it comes to things I have to do with my hands (except playing an instrument) and most of the time I give those things a wide berth. lol 
But recently I thought a lot about some ... yeah kind of problems I had in the past and believe it or not, this is one way to overcome them.
even more unmotivated picture LOL
As I didn't expect much I'm kind of satisfied with the result.

Take care

Thursday, 16 February 2012

☆The All-Time Favourite☆

Good Morning Lovelies ♥

Some days ago I received a eagerly anticipated package by post!

It is from a japanese Visual Kei Brand called >Algonquins< and although I'm not that into VK any more I still freaking adore this brand!
There is no other brand that shows the wide range of VK-styles better than >Algonquins< - even if you're more cute than visual or whatever, there are so many adorable things you can use for your outfit. This moment I really miss the shop in Tokyo. lol

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

☆Lunch Time☆

Pasta with tofu - tomato sauce


Cannelloni with vegetables


Filled kohlrabi with rice


Embarassingly I was too hungry to take a picture... (.////.)
I totally forgot it, sorry. xD

Dessert of the week:
soy joghurt with chocolate pieces ♥

☆101 Reasons to Smile #The Beginning☆

Dear World Out There ♥

This entry describes a project I've been thinking about for about two months now I guess but due to university and exams I postponed the start to somewhere in 2012 which is - obviously - now, 7th february. Welcome everybody (^.^)

2011, especially the last months of it, were kind of destructive for my own attitude and way of living I had grown into. On numerous occations I literally saw my old 'myself' standing next to me and just shaking its head because my actions and reactions were not what I used to do. I had put so much effort in my positive way to see things, which got totally lost since summer and I hated me for that - what wasn't a solution at all.
While everything around my got shattered by the storm of changes everyone has to go through, I remembered this sentence:
"If life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have one hundred and one reason to smile"
I have absolutely no idea who said it, where I heard it or if I hurt a copyright, but that's the essence of how life goes in my opinion; you always have to rise one more time that you fall.

As I know that it's not easy to smile whatever happens and remember all the good things in life, I decided to collect things that make me smile. I hope I'll reach 101 or even more, not only for the people stumbling over my blog but also for myself as there are times I need this kind of encouragement, too!

From today I'll search for beautiful, cute or just encouraging things that give me a good feeling and I hope I can even catch them in a picture for you (=^.^=)

Take care Cuties, and stay tuned what I already found for you!

☆Nail Experiment☆

Hello Lovelies! ♥

As the title already says this was just an experiment. These false nails were on sale as I went to dm last week and I couldn't resist trying them as I friend of mine told me, that they should be quite good for going out at night, etc.
I bought these:
I didn't  chose them because they're so so pretty but rather because they were on sale as I said before. Nevertheless I was a bit excited about them. lol
My mom entitled me 'a little girl' but hey you have to be happy about small things in life! (^_^)

These nails are really easy to apply;
1. Search for the one that fits your own nail the best
2. Detach it from the package
3. Apply it on your nail
Due to being pre-glued they're holding quite well.
That's how they looked like.
Just one thing you have to look after, what I didn't do (^^)"
♦ Check if you chosed the RIGHT one for the hand (left or right) because just half of the surface glues. If you mess up the ones for the right and left hand, it looks like the picture above, the design is also messed up and they're not holding perfectly.

In my honest opinion they looked like crap on my fingers because they were much too big for my small nails, I see a huge compliance with the mouth of a duck, you too? (^^)  Furthermore I couldn't apply them right due to the big size, you can see it as I wasn't able to put them right to the cuticle. If your nails are big enough - delete this item.
In addition I think these nails look cheap. May be caused by the design but I have to admit that I love my own nails a lot more than these ones.

However I see an advantage if you want to go clubbing and time's running out fast -as always- you can just apply them within 5minutes and have eye-catching nails!

// I don't know if you can use them more than once, but I littered them after I peeled them off this morning.//

Monday, 6 February 2012

☆Recent Haul☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

I know that I am horrible (;_;)
Once again I bought make-up although I said that I had bought everything I need. But as my make-up I left at my parent's is the tone I use during summer it was wayyy too dark for now - I looked like a bad painted doll. Due to that I bought it in a lighter shade and now I am happy again (^_^) Especially as I took the blue eye-shadow palette, too. I am really satisfied with the colors! They suit me a lot better than the brown ones (^_^)

As opposite to this, these lashes from essence are shitty as hell. Actually I don't like this branch that much because I prefer others, but I used the normal lashes once and I think they're pretty okay for beginners as they're not that 'eye-catching' and have a reasonable price. I think they're quite uncomfortable to wear though (^^)
But these lashes aren't worth ANY money!!!!! I destroyed one of them as I took them out of the package because this little flower was fixed with such a strong glue, that it didn't get of the package. (-.-) I succeed in detaching the second one but it was so wavy that I couldn't apply it right.
=> never ever again

But the brush from ebeline for powder is really good! I used the black (non-vegan) one because it was a present but I will changed to this one immediately - it is a looooot better honestly!
I said I don't like essence yes, but this nail polish catched my eye because it is pink with glitter (*-*) I'm a girly what do you expect? (^^) And I wanted to try this 'magic brush' blabla - We'll see tomorrow how my eye make-up will turn out with it.
And last but not least the most important one; my new handbag! ♥ It isn't exactly what I was looking for but nevertheless I love it because it's classy and goes really well with all three of my coats. And of course you need warm legs - due to that I bought some over-knees. (^_^)

Take care cuties ♥

☆Lovely love packages

Hello Lovelies ♥

Aren't these packages just cute? (*-*)
I love them! ♥
You can buy them at every post post branch in Germany, but be careful; they're a special offer for Valentine's Day, due to that they're available only a limited time!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I couldn't resist filming Chucky while she was dreaming. (^-^) But as I started filming, she was already half awake, I think I woke her up by taking pictures of her, which is quite surprising as she's deaf. Good thing about being deaf is, that's not disturbed by my music and sometimes sits on the piano while I'm playing. But I would prefer her hearing (._.)" Poor little cutie ♥
She's just soooooo good to cuddle (*_*) She's fluffy and lovely and ♥♥♥

☆killing time☆

Hello Lovelies ♥

Tried a new design today! (^_^)
People who know me a bit better than others may see from whom I've stolen the idea for this one. She's called Re:NO and one of the most popular Kera models in Japan. I adore her style, her taste of clothes and her girlfriend. LOL joke. But she's really cool and as I fall again for her some weeks ago I'm prone to try out more visual styles at the moment. Something I haven't done for... a couple of years.
She's freaking gorgeous! (*-*)

Another reason for this one is the sad fact that I just own this color of 'good' nailpolish at the moment. All my other shades are in my own flat 300kilometres away from where I am now (;_;)