Saturday, 31 December 2011

☆Happy New Year☆

Good Evening Lovelis ♥

I just want to wish all of you a happy and great New Year! ♥
Let's make 2012 better than 2011, no matter what's gonna happen.
Enjoy this year, do what you're planning to do and be brave enough to change things you can't get along with.
my outfit for this evening ♥
The chinese say that you should wear red at New Year's Eve because it brings luck but I can tell you by experiencce that it isn't true. It isn't even true that it brings luck if you celebrate with your beloved, sad but true.

Nevertheless, enjoy your evening! ♥

Take care and best wishes for next year for you

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Good Morning Lovelies ♥ 

Learning for university doesn't work at all, I'll definately fail. Bad feeling (u.u)"
I should be encouraged by all the beautiful presents I got for Christmas but sadly I'm not. Nevertheless I wanted to show you some of them.
some of the presents I got this year ♥
A lot of people thought about my 'Bambi Love' and bought me stuff with this cutie (^_^) 
My brother bought me among other things this one - just because of the 'Tribute To Bambi' logo of course. (^.^) 'Die Schwarze Dose' (The Black Tin) is kind of a charity energy drink working together with the Bambi-Award but to be honest I've never heard of it before. Nevertheless I think the energy drink will come into use during my exam weeks! The awesome black glass coming with three tins of energy drink is super stylish - I already fall for it. lol

isn't it cute to die for? (*.*)
Actually I love self-made presents more than bought ones - honestly. But this year I only made few presents on my own due to my lack of time and the right materials. 
There are few presents I got every year though; at least one book, perfume and a calendar. It's kind of a tradtion, as I'm always to stingy to by perfume on my own and I'll never have enough books (^.^) But calendars I'll have two this year. Maybe I'll remember every birthday in 2012 because of that...? I don't think so to be honest (^//^)""

I got the new cookbook I asked my mum for and I prepared a recipe from it today. It was really tasty but I accomodated the ingredients a bit, as I hadn't enough tofu - I used white bread instead. Tomorrow I'm going to cook another one but I haven't decided yet which one. Maybe one I need and oven for...? (^^)

It is late here in Germany, I should be sleeping for hours now but I wasn't tired enough to leave my laptop. Now I'll do and wish you a pleasant night and sweet dreams

Monday, 26 December 2011

☆Merry Christmas☆

Merry Christmas Lovelies♥

This time for real! (^o^)
I hope all of you had a relaxing, wonderful time with your family, closest friends and relatives!
I for one enjoyed this year like no other year before.♥
We ate raclette on Christmas Eve because I just love it ♥
Of course I ate it without cheese and stuff, but I guarantee
you it's tasty though!

As I was reading through the blogs I am following and which I know, it was nice to read that a lot of people share my opinion concerning christmas & christmas eve. A long time I thought that the majority of people just think about it as a burden because you have to give people presents.
It's more important to be with your family and show them that you care about them. ♥

I'm at home for three days now, I read three books and started the fourth one, Ju-chan visited me and I learned a bit. Today's the last day to relax for me because my final exams of the year starting 2nd January with Japanese and I'm hella afraid of failing...
And a certain part inside me do think I'm failing.
wasn't this a cute package? ♥

For now I wish you a bit more time with your families to relax cuties!
Take care of you ♥

Monday, 19 December 2011

☆christmas cookies☆

Merry Christmas Lovelies ♥
I know that Christmas Eve's not arrived yet, but as it snowed some lonely snowflakes today I'm kind of ready for Christmas! (^o^) Due to that I decided to post one of the entries I really thought about a long time, because I wanted to do it right. Hopefully I'll do it! ♥
 I started baking vegan some months before I turend to veganism completely what's kind of funny I think, but due to that I've been aquired my baking skills for a couple of years now and if you believe my friends, I'm quite good at baking (^.^) Not that surprisingly as I'm practising everything I like to do come hell or high water. lol
Sadly I couldn't really enjoy baking before christmas this year as the ofen in my flat's too fucked up to even think about using it (-.-) I  had to bake all my christmas cookies during my two home-stays in december what wasn't really enough time but I managed getting through with everything ( like always....)
 I didn't manage to prepare my favourite cookies though. They're called 'Spitzbuben' and consist of two layers dough with strawberry jam in between ♥ In my opinion the most delicious cookies ever! (*.*)

Before I became vegan I baked christmas cookies only once - due to that I'm not into this non-vegan cookies baking and cannot say if it's really more difficult than preparing them with eggs and butter I'm sorry. In my opinion (and according to my mom who always observed my desperate tries to make them look cute and acurate) it is more difficult because the dough is drier and breaks easily. 
Nevertheless there are a few things that simplify it!
 First of all; the recipe. 
This year I finally managed to create a simply but tasty one! (^.^)v
 ♦ Light cookie dough ♦
225g flour
180g  margarine
70g sugar
1 vanille pod
3 Tables ground almonds
1,5 teas soy flour
 Cream the margarine together with the sugar and the marrow of the vanille pod. Mix the soyflour with some water to make it viscous. Add this mixture to the creamed margarine-sugar-whatever and stir it. Put the flour and the ground almonds bit by bit to the other ingredients and stir it untill you get a smoothy dough.
Put it into the fridge for at least one hour.
After that, outdo them like you're used and put them into the ofen at 200°C for about 10 minutes.

When outdoing your cookies, don't use flour to roll pastry but powdered sugar - it doesn't make the dough break as easily as flour does.

It's better if you don't use just the cookie cutter, but a knife and a spatula, too so that the soft cookies don't break.
Furthermore it's sometimes better, to not roll the pastry too thin, because the cookies could be hard after baking them. 
Last but not least; it's better to get the cookies a few minutes earlier out - they're going to dry out on their own but you won't ever get them soft again!

The possibilities to decorate the cookies are nearly uncountable and I think, you can imagine a lot of variations, don't you? (^.~) I for one tend to go for the 'Pikachu-version' in the last picture ♥

That's it for today - finally (^_^)
Wish you a pleasant night and sweet dreams♥


☆the most hated question☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Once again I have to apologize if there will be any mistakes in this entry but I haven't really slept last night and studied japanese instead (kind of my favourite occupation these days).

One of the question I kinda hate most is the question about my favourite food. A lot of people seem to think I couldn't eat anything except raw carrots and green apples because I live vegan. Of course that's wrong but they make me feel almost guilty about my favourite food; salad!
Honestly, I love salad!
Some people may now think of me as a diet-addicted stupid little girl, others may feel confirmed that vegans only eat three or four kind of food.
Both wrong.
I love salad because I think it's really  changeable and tasty. You can add it to your fried vegetables, too for example. The picture above is my favourite salad; green salad with beetroot and grains. (*.*) I absolutely fall for this mixture! Tomatos go with this good as well, but today I didn't have some....

Actually I've never thought about salad being different in its preparation untill a friend of mine told me, that she loves my dressing. I have to admit that I'm fussy with dressings for salad as I eat salad nearly every day and try a lot of different types of it (^^) I was really pleased though.

Take care ♥

Sunday, 18 December 2011

☆It only takes a girl☆

Good Evening Lovelis ♥

This is just a short update about a topic, I stumbled over on twitter a few minutes ago and really appreciate it!
take 5 minute of your lifetime and watch this video, I'm sure a lot of people had never thought of this issue before and due to that it's even more important.
The girl who made the video opened a blogspot also:

Great work! :3

☆Christmas Dining☆

Hello Lovelies ♥

Me was a diligent Bambi today and I finished lots of work I collected during the last weeks this morning. So I decided to make a little pause and tell you some more things happend this week in my life!

On thursday there was our 'christmas dining' from university with all students of the IBM East Asia! It was really nice and funny, I enjoyed myself a lot.
My outfit for the dining.
Sorry for the lack of light, but three of four of my 
bulbs broke last week and I couldn't buy news.

There was a huge buffet with 'All-you-can-eat', but I chosed the menu because I knew that I wouldn't eat for 17€ - that's more than I would eat in a whole week I guess. But as I am an evil girl, I asked one of the guys to bring me some sushi from the buffet ♥ I absolutely fall for sushi with vegetables (*_*) One of my favourite food ever.
That's what I ordered!
Glass noodles with vegetables ♥

My food was quite delicious, too. Although I only ate... I don't know half of the dish because it was too much. I'm not used to such huge 'restaurant servings'. lol
desert ♥
They were filled with sweet red beans.

Me was the first one leaving I guess, because I haven't slept the night - due to the concert- and the day, too -due to university- so I was really tired as you can imagine. But I wasn't as dead as I had expected it to be to be honest. Nevertheless I overslept on friday (^///^)

Random picture

But now I have to study loads of things (;_;)
I prepared everything for japanese class I guess, but there are so many others still missing... Although I already read through most of the stuff while travelling last week,  but that comes in another entry ♥

Take care of you ♥

Thursday, 15 December 2011

☆Love to Lovex☆

Hello Lovelies ♥

Right ahead I have to say, that I haven't slept the last night due to the concert and may make some more mistakes than usual - sorry for that but I'll try my best! ☆

Yesterday I finally went to Munich to see Lovex live in concert ♥ Although they've visited Germany a couple of times before, I never had the chance to go to a concert unfortunately.... Due to that I was really excited (^_^)
I admit that I skipped one of my courses at university for this concert - but in regard of all the endless school lessons I missed  for my music passion, this isn't that bad as it was the first time (^.^) Fortunately everything went well although I got a really strict timetable, and I could met Katja in Stuttgart.
As we were too late we missed the opening act - but as I'm not that fond of opening acts (evil me!) I appreciated it. lol

The concert itself was just amazing! ♥
I love this band for some years now and I cannot describe how lucky I am that it was possible to see them. They played all the songs I've wanted to hear and awwwwww
I'm still kind of speechless and hyperactive so that I cannot put my thoughts into words I'm sorry but I'm freaking happyyyyyy~~~~~~
We had kind of bad  luck with a couple of things - for example I haven't got autographs from everyone because the securities were bitchy....
But I got a picutre with this amazing man! (♥_♥)
I AM a fangirlie when it comes to Lovex's vocalist I admit it, but it's worth it, honestly (^______^)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Good evening Lovelies ♥

I already posted this entry this morning, as I was at university but I didn't like it so I changed it now (^_^)v
Last saturday some friends and me went to Heidelberg. Although I'm living about 20 minutes by train away from Heidelberg for three months now, I hadn't been there before and was very excited! We walked through the beautiful and not that crowded christmas market and looked through the Altstadt a bit.
The funny thing was, that one of our japanese friends was our leader, because I knew how we got everywhere we wanted to. lol Yaya-Chan and me hadn't had any clue where to go, but he was a quite reliable leader though.
 As we were walking through Heidelberg I've wanted to take so many pictures, we would had waited at every single street I guess and I decided to postpone the 'picture taking tour' to next week, wenn Yaya-Chan and me are going to Heidelberg again ♥
Seems like this bridge is really famous for... I don't know, our leader didn't now that. He just mentioned that a lot of japanese people know it. I for one haven't ever heard of it before, I don't know the name or anything else, too. But if you walk all over it, it brings you luck so it's said! ♥
Well, we didn't walk because it was too cold. lol
Tomorrow I'll go to Munich with a friend to visit a concert of my favourite band from Finland! ♥♥♥♥ I'm so looking forward to it, because the last concert I went to was... in september I guess, that's a really long period with 'no concerts' for me ((^_^)""
I wish you a pleasant night! ☆

Take care guys!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

☆Sex on the Beach☆

Good Morning Lovelis  ♥

The guy from the service is supposed to come today to repair my washing machine and I'm waiting right now. Surely, I could learn but do you know this uncomfortable feeling when someone's standing behind you while you're texting with your best friend and he's probably reading every word you're writing? It's a feeling like that if I start to learn and know that I'll be disturbed.
I can't concentrate at all and so I decided to make a small update here (^_^)
Although I stopped drinking alcohol in a way some weeks ago, I still appreciate good cocktails ♥ In Ludwigshafen there's a small... I don't know how to call it, bar? bistro? Whatever, and they're making really delicious cocktails! We went there on monday after university and it was quite amusing.
My favourite cocktail is >Sex on the Beach< Definately.
Nevertheless I'll have drunk every single cocktail on the menu, I'm sure. lol
At the moment I already tried about.. the half? Due to that it won't take a long time untill I reached this goal. I can nearly ensure that I'm through the menu after my exams in january at the latest.
As long as I survive them ....

Cherry is moving!
I had to change a few things in his cage as I cleaned it the last time and right after he sat back in the cage he moved from the place where is nest was settled to the little  house you see in the picutre above. Unfortunately he had to take all his papers and stuff with him...
And for two days or more I just saw huge paper pages wandering through the cage... It took him three nights to get everything inside the house, but the last one was too big I think? Or the house ist just full with half of a newspaper and mouse sitting inside (^^)
I'm still waiting for a order to arrive... I ordered some things for the cage and new food. He's such a horrible eater! If he wasn't a pet he would starve to dead. Honestly. 
And next week we're visiting the veterinary! Wish us luck that everything's going fine and I could search for company for him after my exams... (>_<)

Take Care  ♥