Saturday, 30 March 2013

☆Waiting for spring☆

Welcome Lovelies ♡

I'm really craving for spring and although I should feel great as I managed to send my applications for scholarships in in time and I'm already registered at my university in Japan, this long winter makes me sick. 

I tried to fight for a bit of spring colors with this fluffy pastel pink sweater I bought at Taijl Weijl last week.

It's a size L and therefore that big. 
I like this trend, wearing big sweaters with mini-skirts and hotpants. Actually this cold weather is perfect for that, so I shouldn't complain.

Nice Easter holidays to all of you! ♡

Friday, 15 March 2013

☆Life Update / Nails / Hair☆

Hi Lovelies!

So I haven't been that active recently, because first of all I was ill for more than 3 weeks, staying at my parents and played the beautiful dying swan and as I finally felt not like breaking down the very minute, I hurt my ankle because I fell over was attacked by tram tracks and Y. had to carry me to the hospital at 10p.m. Dangerous World Out There!
bandage bambi-style
 Finally after waiting impatiently for felt years, my new mobilephone arrived and slowly I'm customizing it for my  purposes. Of course I immediately created an instagram account, so if you want to follow me: Shinxa
Feel free to follow (^_^)v (Yes I didn't own a mobilephone untill now. Retro, isn't it?)
The name was actually a spelling mistake but in the end I liked it, so I kept it.

Some time ago I went to the hairdresser, too!
eh....picture makes whateverit wants...?
Well, I kept saying that I want my hair to grow as long as I had it some years ago (which would be over the breast), but I just couldn't stand this non-existing, horrible looking hairstyle any longer so I cut them short again. And what should I say? I like it.  It's shorter than I had it before but I like the volume on the backside of my hair and of course, the fresh color!

Recently I'm a bit more into nailarts again. Last time I made a "Anna-Sui" inspired set, but unfortunately the quality of the nailpolish was crap and therefore it hadn't lasted long enough to take a proper picture (think you know it, you're always too lazy to search for the right light, etc.pp and suddenly half of the nailpolish is splittered ne?).
P2 Summer Attack 050 Green Palm Tree
Today I went to dm and bought one of the Summer LE edition nailpolishes of P2. As I already own so many red and pink nailpolishes, I chosed the green one and went for some french nails. I love french nails with glitter, it's always kind of casual but glamorous at the same time, don't you think?
Can't say much on the quality yet, but I love the result! As I wanted a lighter tone I made only one layer and it turned out pretty good! 
In real it's a bit more glittery
Just to add some cuteness to the entry ♥

As march started I took a short look back on 2013 and how far my resolutions have came untill now. Out of the 10 solutions I had stated on my blog I kind of succeeded with 5. Unfortunately I'm still not good at saving money and I haven't read a lot yet. On the other side eating habits and exercising went pretty well so far.
What about your resolutions? Do you sometimes look back to check your achievements?

Monday, 4 March 2013

☆Hello My Clone! - TMH4NS Munich☆

Hi Lovelies!

Although I was ill the week before (and the week after) I felt good enough to attend the "The Micro Head 4N's" concert in Munich on 26th, february. The day after the concert was Y.s birthday and due to that we decided to stay the night in Munich to have enough time and opportunities to celebrate appropriate. 
N. and Y. already arrived some time before me in Munich and first thing to do was checking in the hotel. The actual plan was to get dressed and go out for diner before the concert starts but because we were too lazy and couldn't get ready in time and postponed the diner to after the concert. Bad mistake I was hungry during the whole concert. lol
Healthy healthy food as always!
Actually our hotel was a 3 stars hotel but unfortunately there was no big mirror to take pictures, I'm sorry. I wore the same outfit at K.s farewell party some weeks ago but couldn't take a proper picture there either. lol But it's a simple outfit with my favourite skirt and the skull shirt from GinaTricot :)
invisible skirt: H&M / Shirt: Gina Tricot / Jewelry: Gina Tricot
We arrived at exactly 7 p.m. at the venue, slowly went inside and got a really nice place on the right side of the hall on a small podium whence we had a great view to the stage (: 
They started at 8 p.m. with 'Hello My Clone' what actually was maybe based on the popularity of the song but as I really like it, I think it would have made more fun if they had played it later during the concert, as the audience would had been more "in the concert" and therefore more cheering, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, good starter!
I don't know how they continued because I suck at remembering songs, but the concert was totally fun! I went to two D'espairsRay concerts and therefore already knew that Tsukasa & Zero are entertaining on stage (Zero is something like a typhoon on stage! He's twirling, jumping & smiling that you just can't dodge yourself!), but I really liked Ricky, Kazuya & Shun, too! It was easy for the audience to make party and enjoy the concert.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

☆New Layout☆

Hi Lovelies! (๑• . •๑)

Hopefully all of you are fine and didn't get sick recently although the weather kept being cold and icy! I've been ill for more than two weeks now but slowly feeling better and finally can post a few entries I started to prepare some time ago.
But first something you may have already recognized:

I got a new layout! о(ж>▽<)y ☆ 

I hope you weren't too shocked because of the pink power, haha.

As I'm totally retarded with computer stuff a friend of mine kindly made it for me, although he's in China right now and should be studying for his HSK (;^_^A So... thank you so much! ♥ (It wasn't that easy for him as I kept changing things and made it even more difficult in the end. As always. lol)

There are still some things that aren't exactly how I want them to be, but I was too dizzy to make it better, as the one day I thought the color was okay, the next day it looked completely amiss. Won't be big changes though. 

How do you like it? :)