Tuesday, 1 October 2013

☆*゚Crawling back to the blogger atmosphere☆*゚

Hello to everyone who has found back here!
Has been a long time, right? I'm really sorry for this delay, I actually planned to update here soon after I arrived in Japan but unfortunately blogger wouldn't let me log in, because I tried to log in from an unknown place. Blogger's trying to be funny! I just tried the very minute and it worked, I have no idea what's different now but probably my patience paid of, who knows. Unfortunately I do not know, if I'll be able to access later again, therefore I decided to post a quick update just to let you know, that I'm alive as well as desperately trying to update!
Cupcakes at my farewell party with my friends
 I do have another blog, that is probably more 'formal' than this one, with a lot of other information about my university, my studies and everything, which I want to keep out of this blog a bit. First of all, I'm not sure how interesting that is for my readers, second I thought it might be easier, to keep the more private stuff seperated from the other things. On that account there might be some more private entries here in the future, I hope you don't mind :)
If you're interested in my other blog, just tell me and I'll give you the adreess, don't be shy!

Being in Japan, being here at my university, going to class everyday, study all day long, meeting new or even the same people day by day is still so new, so strange for me, that I can't say, I have already settled down even a bit.
Before really being here, I wasn't sure any more, why I'm even studying japanese. Since I'm here I got this feeling, I felt for so many years, back, and I'm glad I truly can say; I love Japan again. I avoided even thinking about the Why? for a long time, because I was afraid, that the answer would be: "I don't know."
cute donut in Shibuya
Japan is huge, Japan is loud, it's fast, strange, dangerous - short, it's intimidating. But on the same time, it's awesome, nice & and friendly, open-minded, stylish and cheering.
Nonetheless I'm overwhelmed by everything here. I had so many problems the first weeks here in Akita that I can't even name all of them. It's getting better slowly but surely, nevertheless I do feel lonely here because I miss so much that gave me security. I need to learn to handle things completely on my own, without my friends in the background who helped me every time I needed them, and that's hard for me. - and probably the best thing I gotta learn here.
dancing girls in Kakunodate
I often do feel lost here,especially when I want to talk with a friend, and nobody's online, on the same time, I laugh a lot - the two sides of the same coin, like it's always in life, right?

This entry is just about my general feelings about being here at the moment. I'm sure they're going to change during my stay here, for example the loneliness and this 'being overwhelmed'-feeling.
Before coming to my university, I had stayed some days in Tokyo with my friends and I'm going to write about that later I guess, that's probably most interesting at the moment, right?
To start off with, I love Tokyo. I really do love this city and I hate at the same time. There are people, staying in Tokyo for four weeks, claiming after it, that they 'love Japan'. At bottom, that's not true at all, because Tokyo does not represent Japan, it would be kinda frightening, if entire Japan would be represented by this city. Probably others of you, who had already been there and to other places as well, do understand what I am talking about here.
There are people, staying in Tokyo for five days, being already annoyed and bored by it. (To all the people, crying now; I understand them partly.)

There are even people, being in Tokyo for one day and fleeing it again.
I think, Tokyo really polarizes, even within myself I'm never sure, wether I love it or hate it.

And that's the reason, why I always want to go there again.These schizophrenic thoughts can only be put to silence here ♥
I do not want to claim, that I've been to every single city in Japan and know everything about that country, actually my knowledge about it is pretty limited I think, but that's based on my experience, some people might think in a different way.

But I do think, that's a long entry to enter the blogger atmosphere again, right? I'll leave you with this, and hope to be back soon with other entries!
Please take care everyone ~♥

Is there anything special, you want me to write about in Japan? 

Monday, 12 August 2013

☆*゚Paper cranes are made for deepest wishes☆*゚

A late hello to you Cuties!

Today I went on my last "Goodbye journey" before leaving to Tokyo, to see someone special off in Stuttgart, and on my way there I met beautiful Loan on the train! My home area is like a little village - whenever I drive to Stuttgart it's always possible to meet friends there and I'm of course always happy to see them (^_^) Especially today as I didn't think of meeting her before I leave - happy me!
Schloßpark - Stuttgart
As you can see on the picture, the weather today was just perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the pleasant temperatures.
Unfortunately it seems like the Matcha Frappuchino  isn't sold any more at the german Starbucks stores? Does anybody know is it really sold any more? That would be so sad, I really liked it!

Mango Passionfruit Frappuchino
Do you know how to fold paper cranes? I didn't know it and I'm still not able to fold them although Ken really tried to teach me. When it comes to craft things I'm unebelievable clumsy, I can't even cut an even line ( you should be able to do so in Kindergarten...) 
perfect paper crane♥
In Japan it's said, if you fold 1,000 paper cranes one of your deepest wishes comes true. I found it really difficult to fold them, but for him it was so easy, that he even folded smaller, baby cranes. lol So cute ♥ Would you have a special wish for folding 1,000 paper cranes? The most famous story with these paper cranes, is the story of Sadoko Sasaki, a schoolgirl who lived in Hiroshima as the US army dropped the atomic bomb. Probably as a result of the radiation she was diagnosed with leukaemia. She folded more than 1,000 paper cranes for getting healthy again but she died after more than one year in hospital. Since then paper cranes are a symbol for peace and in Hiroshima there's a statue from Sadoko, also as a symbol for peace. 
Paper crane family
In less than 3 days I'm off to Tokyo and oh my gosh it's so thrilling and annoying at the same time I can tell you!So many things to think of but at least I'm finished with packing my clothes and I think I have collected everything important. The less important things... well I'll look after that tomorrow.

Have you ever been abroad for a year or even longer? How did you feel? 

Good Night now! ☆


Saturday, 10 August 2013

☆*゚Living someone else's dream゜゚*☆

Happy Summer Cuties!

Finally the long awaited summer arrived in Germany - and I'm dying. I'm allergic to the sun, to sweating and to the heat. And yes, that's possible, so you can imagine that summer's not necessarily my favourite season...
I've been silent for a long time and I'm sorry for it! Life and its pitfalls you know... Actually there was another entry I had prepared, explaining what happened and what I did, but in the end that's nothing that's interesting to you I think.

I keep concentrating on the future though because...

I never really announced it officially I think, but in a few days I'm leaving for Tokyo, Japan!!!

I'm already SO EXCITED and really looking forward to the time there! 

That's not all though. After staying in Tokyo for some time, I'll drive to the north of Japan, where I'm going to stay one year and attend classes at a japanese university. Yep yep, one year studying abroad in Japan. Sounds awesome, huh? I know! And it's so thrilling although the preparations nearly brought me to the brink of the abyss becaue it got pretty complicated at some point.
Nevertheless everything's fine and the only thing I still have to finish before leaving, is finnishing packing.

 As you see, still a lot to do... lol

I hope you're going to accompany me during this year! (^_^)

Have a great summer!!!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

☆*゚Asian Kung Fu Generation - Cologne゜゚*☆

Hello Cuties ~!

Due to the rhine bursting its banks, university was canceled yesterday and today, as the building our faculty is located in, is next to the rhine - whereever I go these days, I'm taking the water mass with me.
Therefore ( and due to other lucky circumstances lol) the crew and me, spontaneously decided (after discussing the matter for hours while munching delicious sushi in our favourite restaurant)  to drive to cologne for the ASIAN KUNG FU GENERATION concert. For all the anime lovers out there, who never heard of that band - they wrote openings for Bleach and Naruto among others. As you may've already guessed; it's a japanese band and one of the most popular rock bands there!
favourite skirt, I just can't help myself...
As it was pretty hot inside the club, I took the sweatshirt off later, what made me feel kind of naked.

Friday, 31 May 2013


How are you, Lovelies?
 ただいま (tadaima) is japanese for 'I'm home'.

I finally finished the first projects for this semester and although the next ones are just around the corner, I feel kinda satisfied and relieved - at least for the very moment. At the end of this group-work & presentation marathon, I've not been only exhausted like hell and stressed like the proverbial duracell rabbit, but also hella confused about even daily things, like languages etc. I've acutally never ever been that "brain dead" and hopefully never will be again!
To relax a bit before the final weeks for my last semester in Germany, I'm visiting my parents at the moment.
Unfortunately I brought the rainy weather with me....
As a reward for the hard work during the past weeks, I finally bought a skirt, I was watching at H&M for some time now and which I actually didn't want to buy, because of the color - black is not really the best summer color, is it?
actually it's not that wearing out, like it looks on the pic lol
As I'm a little on the short side (thank you captain obvious...) wearing high-waist shorts and especially skirts helps me to stretch my silhouette and make me look a bit taller. If you noticed - actually you're not wearing this skirt high-waist but it's the only way I can wear maxi-skirts without having a train or stepping on the skirt and stumble, although I'm madly in love with them! I was so happy that it fit! (;^;)
Favourite accessoire atm :3
What about you? Do you like / own maxi-dresses? 
As it's really cold, windy and rainy outside, both of my cuddly cats decided, that it's better to curl up in a corner and sleep. The purring sounds through two whole rooms lol
Chucky didn't even wake up, as I cuddled her and carried her around. It was more like: "Cuddle me, but don't expect me to react." lol My cuddly, loveable, plushy baby ♥ She's always so happy, when I return home, that she doesn't lose sight of me even for a single moment <3
Knuddel was awake but not really motivated to move either. Good for me, because she didn't escaped when I caught her for an intense cuddle-attack hehe... Had been a long time ♥

Hopefully you can enjoy the rainy days with a good cup of tea and some spare time! Have a great time <3

Saturday, 25 May 2013

☆*゚The Catholic Girl ゜゚*☆

Hi hi there! (:

Strange title I know but that was exactly what my mom called me, as she saw me in this outfit. lol To be honest it was my intention, to try a bit a 'school uniform'-style, although this skirt is way too short for being plain ;)

It's maybe not that visible, but I tried a different hairstyle which I liked a lot. Unlike normally I didn't straightened my hair and it was pretty puffy! 
Caramel Macchiat Flavour ♥
As I had been ill the last days, I'm pretty happy to feel finally better today - hopefully your day was good, too!

Bye, bye ~

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

☆*゚ Just the girly things゜゚*☆

Long time no see, Cuties! 
How you're doing out there?
I prepared about a hundred posts in the past weeks, but I've never had the motivation to finish them and post them here so... maybe they're up to come, but maybe I'm going to delete them after all.

The reason for my continuing absence is simple; my life.
I'm pretty busy with university, jobs and friends at the moment, and although I'm always on the road I feel like nothing really happens and therefore nothing's really worth writing about. But maybe that feeling changes, when I'll have written some posts and I'm back on track with writing about happenings and stuff :)

As my my buddy Kanako wanted to go to Ikea, Yaya and me took her there last week.
Opinions about Ikea are pretty divided, but I for one love it, whereas Yaya hats it, and rushed through the whole building, prohibing half of the decoration section for Kanako and me. lol
I bought this pillow and the "under-bed box", which is just perfect to store my winter clothes, untill I'll bring them back to my parent's!
Later that day, Yaya and me spontaneously went to a party to which a friend of her invited us last minute. First we weren't really sure if we should go, as I for one didn't know anyone, and she knew only her friend, but in the end we were greatly happy that we went there as it was awesome.
There are actually pictures from the party, too, but I'm pretty sure, that some people don't want them to be on the internet and therefore I won't post them here, although I REALLY love them, haha♥ 
We spent an awesome evening together and I'm really thankful for it!

So only a pic of me (with a dirty mirror oops) that you won't forget how I look! lol

I have to hand in three group projects within the next days, therefore will be ab it busy but I try to update as soon as possible! ♥

Take Care

Saturday, 30 March 2013

☆Waiting for spring☆

Welcome Lovelies ♡

I'm really craving for spring and although I should feel great as I managed to send my applications for scholarships in in time and I'm already registered at my university in Japan, this long winter makes me sick. 

I tried to fight for a bit of spring colors with this fluffy pastel pink sweater I bought at Taijl Weijl last week.

It's a size L and therefore that big. 
I like this trend, wearing big sweaters with mini-skirts and hotpants. Actually this cold weather is perfect for that, so I shouldn't complain.

Nice Easter holidays to all of you! ♡

Friday, 15 March 2013

☆Life Update / Nails / Hair☆

Hi Lovelies!

So I haven't been that active recently, because first of all I was ill for more than 3 weeks, staying at my parents and played the beautiful dying swan and as I finally felt not like breaking down the very minute, I hurt my ankle because I fell over was attacked by tram tracks and Y. had to carry me to the hospital at 10p.m. Dangerous World Out There!
bandage bambi-style
 Finally after waiting impatiently for felt years, my new mobilephone arrived and slowly I'm customizing it for my  purposes. Of course I immediately created an instagram account, so if you want to follow me: Shinxa
Feel free to follow (^_^)v (Yes I didn't own a mobilephone untill now. Retro, isn't it?)
The name was actually a spelling mistake but in the end I liked it, so I kept it.

Some time ago I went to the hairdresser, too!
eh....picture makes whateverit wants...?
Well, I kept saying that I want my hair to grow as long as I had it some years ago (which would be over the breast), but I just couldn't stand this non-existing, horrible looking hairstyle any longer so I cut them short again. And what should I say? I like it.  It's shorter than I had it before but I like the volume on the backside of my hair and of course, the fresh color!

Recently I'm a bit more into nailarts again. Last time I made a "Anna-Sui" inspired set, but unfortunately the quality of the nailpolish was crap and therefore it hadn't lasted long enough to take a proper picture (think you know it, you're always too lazy to search for the right light, etc.pp and suddenly half of the nailpolish is splittered ne?).
P2 Summer Attack 050 Green Palm Tree
Today I went to dm and bought one of the Summer LE edition nailpolishes of P2. As I already own so many red and pink nailpolishes, I chosed the green one and went for some french nails. I love french nails with glitter, it's always kind of casual but glamorous at the same time, don't you think?
Can't say much on the quality yet, but I love the result! As I wanted a lighter tone I made only one layer and it turned out pretty good! 
In real it's a bit more glittery
Just to add some cuteness to the entry ♥

As march started I took a short look back on 2013 and how far my resolutions have came untill now. Out of the 10 solutions I had stated on my blog I kind of succeeded with 5. Unfortunately I'm still not good at saving money and I haven't read a lot yet. On the other side eating habits and exercising went pretty well so far.
What about your resolutions? Do you sometimes look back to check your achievements?

Monday, 4 March 2013

☆Hello My Clone! - TMH4NS Munich☆

Hi Lovelies!

Although I was ill the week before (and the week after) I felt good enough to attend the "The Micro Head 4N's" concert in Munich on 26th, february. The day after the concert was Y.s birthday and due to that we decided to stay the night in Munich to have enough time and opportunities to celebrate appropriate. 
N. and Y. already arrived some time before me in Munich and first thing to do was checking in the hotel. The actual plan was to get dressed and go out for diner before the concert starts but because we were too lazy and couldn't get ready in time and postponed the diner to after the concert. Bad mistake I was hungry during the whole concert. lol
Healthy healthy food as always!
Actually our hotel was a 3 stars hotel but unfortunately there was no big mirror to take pictures, I'm sorry. I wore the same outfit at K.s farewell party some weeks ago but couldn't take a proper picture there either. lol But it's a simple outfit with my favourite skirt and the skull shirt from GinaTricot :)
invisible skirt: H&M / Shirt: Gina Tricot / Jewelry: Gina Tricot
We arrived at exactly 7 p.m. at the venue, slowly went inside and got a really nice place on the right side of the hall on a small podium whence we had a great view to the stage (: 
They started at 8 p.m. with 'Hello My Clone' what actually was maybe based on the popularity of the song but as I really like it, I think it would have made more fun if they had played it later during the concert, as the audience would had been more "in the concert" and therefore more cheering, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, good starter!
I don't know how they continued because I suck at remembering songs, but the concert was totally fun! I went to two D'espairsRay concerts and therefore already knew that Tsukasa & Zero are entertaining on stage (Zero is something like a typhoon on stage! He's twirling, jumping & smiling that you just can't dodge yourself!), but I really liked Ricky, Kazuya & Shun, too! It was easy for the audience to make party and enjoy the concert.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

☆New Layout☆

Hi Lovelies! (๑• . •๑)

Hopefully all of you are fine and didn't get sick recently although the weather kept being cold and icy! I've been ill for more than two weeks now but slowly feeling better and finally can post a few entries I started to prepare some time ago.
But first something you may have already recognized:

I got a new layout! о(ж>▽<)y ☆ 

I hope you weren't too shocked because of the pink power, haha.

As I'm totally retarded with computer stuff a friend of mine kindly made it for me, although he's in China right now and should be studying for his HSK (;^_^A So... thank you so much! ♥ (It wasn't that easy for him as I kept changing things and made it even more difficult in the end. As always. lol)

There are still some things that aren't exactly how I want them to be, but I was too dizzy to make it better, as the one day I thought the color was okay, the next day it looked completely amiss. Won't be big changes though. 

How do you like it? :) 


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

☆Live ✞oday - Die ✞omorrow ✯ Lord of the Lost Frankfurt☆

Hi Lovelies (๑• . •๑)

I came back to my parent's and was busy with some shit that's kinda fucking up my application for the scholarship and all was meeeeh but I decided that everything's gonna be fine from tomorrow on! Yooosh :D

As I wrote in my last entry we went to the Lord of the Lost-concert in Frankfurt. I have to admit that I'm not that into this gothic / rock / whatever thing and I furthermore can't really explain why I do love this band (lol) but I freaking adore them. One of the only german bands I'm listening to for some years now, hadn't seen them live thought because of reasons.
So first time for me, Y. got to know the band only because of me and was kind enough to accompany me - and hopefully didn't regret it.
First of all my outfit: We forget to check the weather forecast and of course - I chosed the absolutely wrong outfit, couldn't had been more wrong! It was freaking cold, snow & ice rain and a heavy storm. Oh well, I survived though.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

☆"50 Shades of grey" or "Adventurous Frankfurt"☆

Hi Lovelies (๑• . •๑)
I already warned you, be prepared for a long and picture-heavy entry!

On sunday Y. & me went to Frankfurt,primarily to go to the Lord of the Lost concert (about which I'm writing next time) but we decided to extend our stay there and go shopping the day after. If you have ever been to Frankfurt you might know what I mean by saying it's a "grey" city - the source of the kinda ridiculous title.
Subway Wrap - Veggie Delight (vegan)
M. told us some day sago that the wraps at subways were much better than the sandwiches and we decided to give a try before we left. They're okay I think, but nothing special - but neither are their sandwichs.
View out of our luxurious hotel room. Nice isn't it?
On our way to the hotel we talked about dodging the fare and I said something like: "I'm never buying a ticket and I never got caught" in a kinda loud voice accidentally. Suddenly a man next to us stood up, showing us an ID-card and asked for our tickets. THANK GOD we bought them at the main station, haha! The guy seemed to be really pissed and checked my ticket twice but oh well it was okay! Still laughing about it.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

☆And the night is dark...☆

Hey Lovelies (๑• . •๑)

I'm leaving for Frankfurt tomorrow and I haven't packed a single thing due to being super busy with watching doramas and shopping and sleeping. Oops.

Just wanted to show you one of the outfits I wore for partying last week:
clothes: NewYorker
Accessories: BijouBrigite
I really love this hairstyle. It was the first time that I tried it, after reading about it on this blog (german only sorry) and it's still not perfect but I'm quite satisfied for the first try and no mirror for the back of my head.
Well, kinda short entry today but next one's going to be super long I think and I didn't want to mix them.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

☆New in's for january☆

Hi Lovelies (๑• . •๑)
My tests are finally over and therefore seems like I've finished my 3rd semester!! And as the good student that I just am, I'm bouncing from party to party to celebrate my reclaimed freedom. As I'm actually getting ready for going out, only a short entry today about my gets in january!
H&M 9.95
 The picture actually doesn't do the print justice as it's really vibrant and colorful in real.
H&M 12.95
Love the color and as I tried it on in the store I thought it looks great. Now I'm thinking about selling it again though because it kinda doesn't fit right. Well, maybe I haven't found the right outfit with it yet.
H&M Sale 7,-
Favourite piece of this bargain as the color is beautiful, the fashion is exactly what I had been looking for for some time now and I love how the skirt bows with each movement. Bought the wrong size though and therefore it's kinda short(as always....). lol Stupid me.
headband H&M 4,95,-
These headbands always remind me of the statue of liberty. So... I'm a statue of freedom, too now!
Necklace: Bijou Brigitte Sale 4,-, Rings: Bijou Brigitte Sale 2.-
Just recognized that you can't see the rings very well unfortunately... They're cute little bows and I saw them some months ago already but didn't buy them because of whatever. Now they were priced down and I finally couldn't resist any more.
H&M Sale 7,-
Well that's kinda my favourite, too and the only thing I actually really needed because both of my normal handbags broke at the beginning of the year. Perfect size, love the pattern and I like playing with the studs. lol Child at heart!

Did you make some good buys, too recently? 


Friday, 18 January 2013

☆To store all the beautiful memories [...of you]☆

Good Evening Lovelies (๑• . •๑)
At the moment I'm right in the middle of my exams so I just wanted to show you something before it's buried in oblivion.

I'm pretty sure most of you've already read about the resolution, keeping good memories of 2013 written on small papers in a box for re-reading them at the end of the year, haven't you?
As I really like the idea, I chosed to try it, too!
But I thought a plain box would be boring so, that's what I did:
bonbonglass - NanuNana, 0.95€ //dotted band - Müller 2.95€/2m // sweet notepads - present
This kind of glass is exactly what I like and it fits the interior of my flat just perfectly. In addition it wasn't expensive at all and looks really nice.
I bought this band for another DIY-project, which I probably show you, too and the notepads were a present for... my birthday last year and they're from Japan I think, but I saw something similiar some time ago at Claire's for example. I thought this whole storing would look a lot nicer with cute notepads - and hey, it's pink and it's leo pattern! ♥

Made a little ribbon...
...and store the positive memories!
As you can see, I already wrote some things down. I hope so did you! :)

Due to the stress I had to cut my nails short and as I actually hate short nails and feel uncomfortable with them, I bought a new nailpolish to feel better. lol
Catrice 600 - After Eight
My camera falsified the color though. As you may already guessed from the name,it's more greenish with lovely green sparkling! (80% of my nailpolish colors varies from dark red to dark pink and everything in between, so I had to change that. lol)

And now I'm gonna continue writing on my paper. All of you who are writing exams too these days: Good Luck!