Saturday, 31 March 2012

☆The Way Things Are☆

Welcome, Lovelies ♥

First of all I have to apologize; I know I was kinda silent recently and although I didn't like this status either, I couldn't snatch up to write something. (._.)" I prepared some entries for later, but I was just too busy with myself to post them.
I don't want to write loads of entries and stuff about my private life, just that much; the past few weeks were quite challenging for me, culminating in kind of mentally breakdown two weeks ago. Due to this I had to say good bye to my two mice, because nobody was sure, if I could take the responsibillity for them any more. Things are still not really settled, but that's all I want to mention at this point.


A bit more about what I did the last weeks, so that this entry is a bit more than whining and wailing. lol
I got this maybe a bit funny quirk that I have to prepare some food, if I don't feel that good with the world around me and although I'm still abandoning sweets I baked last weekend as I was at my parent's. (^_^) Wasn't that difficult to be honest, I didn't feel like eating, just wanted to 'creat' something, you know?
This time I tried a new self-created recipe and you can see below what I used:
Easy Lemon Cookies
♠ 100 gr margarine
♠120 gr sugar
♠60 gr soy flour
♠ some water
♠ 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
♠ 240 gr flour
♠ 1 organic lemon
Batter the margarine and the sugar & mix the soy flour with water, it's better if it has a more liquid consistency. Rub the citron and put the grated lemon rind in the bowl, too. Than squeeze the lemon and add the juice also. Now mix the flour with the baking powder and stir it all together.
Make little blobs (XD) on a baking plate and put it into the oven for about 25 min at 180°C but be aware that ovens differ - maybe your cookies need a bit more time or less. Check them every few minutes (^.^)
 They're looking a lil bit pale, in real they were delicious tanned (^.~)

 The other cookies I prepared aren't made from my own recipe, I just 'adjusted' it for my personal likes, like always. The original recipe is from 'Vegan Wondercakes' written by Kim Wonderland and all credits go to her! (^_^) I freaking adore her baking and decorating skills, check her out she's overtalented imho.
♠125 gr margarine
♠1 vanille pod
♠ 190 gr sugar
♠ 300 gr flour
♠ 100 gr soy flour
♠ some water
♠ 1 tsp baking powder
♠ 200 gr macadamia nuts
♠ chocolate chips (I used the ones from Dr.Oetker)

Same procedere as above; batter the margarine with the sugar, add the marrow of the vanille pod and a water-soy flour - mixture. Stir everything and add the flour & the baking powder, too. Than crash the nuts as they're too big if you use them on the whole and gently fold them with the chocolate chips in the dough.
Put some little blobs again on a baking plate and let them 12 min at 190° in the oven.
That's it (^_^)
Actually pretty simple, isn't it? But these cookies are so freaking delicious.... ♥

Well, next post will be about university and stuff, the other about my gets and nails... and some more, so stay tuned lovelies and take care!♥

Sunday, 18 March 2012

☆Megaromania Bochum☆

How Are You, Lovelies? ♥

As I told you, university's already started for me and nearly ate all my time, I'm sorry.

Nevertheless I take the time for writing a bit about the Megaromania concert yesterday in Bochum which I attended with some friends. (^_^) First we weren't sure how it would be and if it was a good idea to go there but I really think it was worth the trouble ♥ (and the people of course...)

First of all my outfit. Nothing special to be honest but I didn't feel well and all in all I was kinda 'whatever' yesterday. lol
 A little close up from the accessories, which weren't that special, too but I'm still falling for the SexPot Revenge Chain (♥_♥) 
And you get an idea of my actual nails. (I am honestly said too lazy to take a proper picture of them and I know, that in a few days I'm getting used to them and change the design again, I bet!)

Our trip to Bochum was kind of special though. lol We had a lot of fun and maybe some people we met, had that, too. Like this guy at the gas station who was like: "wtf are these three prostitutes doing here???!?!" We're going to a concert, what are you thinking? :D

We arrived in time in Bochum and waited patiently with the others, always aware of people we may know but don't want to talk with. Well, I think you know this kind of situations, don't you? (^^) The entry and everything went surprisingly smoothly and we searched for a place on the 'gallery' if you can call it that way.
 I know, it looks like being really boring due to less people etc.pp but to be honest I was amazed how great the band handled the few people :3 Furthermore the audience was just great, shouting, banging, whatever ♥ Of course it was a little bit difficult as the club could actually carry about... 500 people? At least I think something in this magnitude as the last concert I attended at this club was about 400 - 500 people and it was crowded like hell ( but amazing though).
Nevertheless I enjoyed myself ♥
However, I for one had enjoyed myself even more, if I had been completely healthy but shit happens and the concert was great though.

The f'cking only thing I would had changed was....

Misery (you stupid (§/%=§(/$%=!!!!) spit water on me that felt like 10l AT LEAST and I was nearly wet standing there and just thinking: 'I will hate you forever for that'. Well but I was kinda reconciled as he was standing right in front of me because... he was smaller than me! (^o^) It's not that I'm that big, actually I'm a dwarf (but a cute one) but as I wore highheels I could had spit him on the head (^.^)v (what I haven't done of course, I was more like; oh  my fucking gosh are you cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute guy ♥♥♥♥♥♥)

The way back home wasn't that great and as I was feeling even more miserable than before the concert I fell asleep a couple of times and it took us hours to finally come home again. But I am really happy that we went there and I really hope, my lovelies enjoyed it just like me (^_^)

And now I have to put on make-up and walk to the city.
Please take care, cuties ♥

Monday, 12 March 2012

☆DIY Cute little box☆

How Are You Lovelies? ♥

On saturday I felt like using my hands a lil bit and I crafted cute little boxes which are really easy to do.
That's all you need:
a scissor
a box ( I used one from old shoes) 
nice wrapping  paper
I used this one; light pink with small white dots ♥ Isn't it lovely? (^o^)
Cut the wrapping paper so that there's enough paper to cover each side and snap it at the edges. Then put some glue on the bottom  of the box, but be careful with the glue; don't use too much because the paper gets wavy with glue easily.
Turn the box that it stands on the bottom again and chose a side - it doesn't matter which one. Snap the paper along the side and cut a little slit like in the picture above. Make sure that it's not even but angular, because it should look like this afterwards:
(if you don't cut this slit there's too much paper or it's diffitult to snap the paper)
Fix it with the tape.
Take the side above the one you've already done, and do the same.
Take another side and fold the paper like I'm doing in the pictures and snap it over the edge. Then fix it with tape again.
Repeat it with the last side and you finished the first part! (^_^)

Do the same with the lid but make sure that you cut the paper for the lid as exact as possible, as overhanging paper is a bit more difficult to handle as it may be with the bottom.

I made my first box for the sweets I baked later on saturday and took with me to university today ( Yes I've already university again (;^;) sad but true) for my friends.
And the second one I crafted today is for letters and stuff from Honey ♥ It's already half-full so maybe I have to prepare another one soon. (^_^)

Friday, 9 March 2012

☆101 Reasons to Smile #7 - Your Favourite Song☆

A little warning for everybody who doesn't know my taste of music; attention!
music that seems to be too heavy for little girls like me. lol

VanessA is a japanese band that disbanded back in 2010 unfortunately but remains as one of the three most important bands for me ♥
I'm still so in love with their music that it actually makes me cry to listen to it, knowing they won't ever be together. Neither as afreaking awesome band nor as the stupid friends they had been.

☆little interruption☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Just a quick look into my daily life. (^.^)
Right the moment as I started preparing another update, this is what happened.
Chucky came and occupied me.
She always comes to me and wants to cuddle, even if I'm totally busy she finds a way to make me stop working (^^)"

Isn't she cute? ♥

I tried to upload a little video but it didn't work, don't know why... sorry (.-.)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

☆P2 Brilliant Shine Eye Cream☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥
Yesterday I promised to show you the new eyeshadow I bought a couple of days ago (^-^)
The product is named Brilliant Shine Eye Cream (obviously I lied as I called it eyeshadow? lol) and it's from P2. I bought No. 010 Pink Passion.
With the pictures above I tried to show the lovely sparkle effect that cought my eyes immediately.
On my fingertip it's a bright and sparkling color as you can see - I tried it this way at the shop and was totally amazed! 
But as I put on the make - up it didn't work at all. I'm not sure if it's because of the product or because of the new brush I tried, but I wasn't satisfied with the result at all.
It's not as brilliant and shining as I thought it would turn out (.-.) Not that the color is really ugly or something like that, but it's not like I expected it and that kinda frustrates me! Tomorrow I'll try it with another brush or method or whatever and we'll see if it's better or not.
Hopefully it will, I love this color in the package (;^;)

Wish you all a pleasant night and sweet dreams ♥

☆101 Reasons to Smile #6 - New Hair☆


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

☆101 Reasons to Smile #5 - concerts☆

Lovex ♥

☆dm haul☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

I planned to shop a few things today but as I had some problems with my mouse and needed to go to the vet I only managed to go dm (and forgot half of the things I need)
Balea - Zuckerschnut Deo
Balea Trend it up - protecting spray
P2 mascara
P2 Crackling 040 white Revolution
P2 Color Victim 630 Passion
nail sticker
essence - eyeshadow brush
P2 has some great new stuff and I've wanted to try it as I do love this brand (^_^) Especially the crackling nailpolish in white caught my attention.
But as you can see, it's not that beautiful with the other color. lol Actually I thought it would look like a  fly agaric but I was totally wrong unfortunately.
Tomorrow I'll change it again I think, but now I am too lazy, this day was a lil bit too exhausting (.-.)

I also bought one of the new eyeshadows in pink, which I'm going to show you tomorrow ♥ Haven't tried it yet but on my fingers it looked pretty awesome. lol

Wish you all a pleasant night ♥

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

☆40 days without...☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

I finally managed to update a few posts I've prepared recently (^_^) If everything will work like I've planned it, I can post some new stuff tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. As far as I'll have enough time, actually I should do some work for university... dnw (;^;)

But this time I want to talk about '40 days without'.
I don't know how widespread this tradition is in other countries or even in other parts of Germany, as it goes back to a religious custom. Due to that a lot people refuse to try it. That's a pity in my opinion as there are various reasons one should at least try it once in a lifetime.

With the end of Ash Wednesday (and my beloved carnival time....) it starts, and it ends at Good Friday. That are 40 days within you're not doing / eating / saying / whatever things you're maybe a bit too used to. I for one quit sweets untill Good Friday.
all these beautiful and delicious cookies are tabu (;^;)
But the last years I quit numerous things like meat ( as I was 13 - afterwards I went for being vegetarian lol), shopping, TV, etc. and I know a lot of people doing so, too. For me it's not about this religious aspect but to show myself that I am not as addicted as it may seems.
As I ate a lot of chocolate and stuff during my exams I thought it would be pretty hard but at the moment it's still... easy. lol
and no mochi for little Bambi
The people these days are too used to daily luxury in my opinion and for that reason I think it's important to ... learn to cherish daily things again. 
I for one will be totally happy when I can eat my own cakes again. (^o^)

Do you quit some of your little sins for 40 days?

☆101 Reasons to Smile #4 - Sushi☆

Honestly, I just adore sushi (*___________________________*)
pictures speaking for themselves ♥

☆Challenge 2012 #2 A Secret Kept☆

How are You, Lovelies? ♥

Haven't posted a decent entry recently, have I?
I am sorry for this pause and lack of proper updates but real life kept me busy as the word is.  Due to some personal reasons I wasn't able to post this review in february as the rules actually say but well... at least I had finished it within a month. To be honest it just took me one train ride. lol

A Secret Kept
written by: Tatiana de Rosnay
first published: France 2009
translated by: ?
>> 'A Scret Kept' plumbs the depths of complex family relationships and the power of past secret to change everything in the present. << (blurb)
This book deals with one main character named Antoine, who invites his little sister Mélanie for her 40th birthday to a little island where they used to go to with their mother, who died as they were small children. He wants to go there, because his whole life seems to be in ruins; his wife has left him for another man, his children are strangers to him and his job doesn't fullfill him any more. On their way home, Mélanie wants to tell him something she reminded on the island, but before she can say it, she losts control over the car.
While Mélanie is slowly recovering, Antoine starts to think about the things that went wrong in his life and why. One day, she finally remembers everything and once again Antoines life seems to be in ruins from the ground up, doesn't it?

If I had to score this book on a scale from 1 to 5 stars, I would give it... 2. There are some points I really liked, like the development of the secondary characters. Especially Antoine's children who're changing a lot. Another thing I appreciated was the positive atmosphere this book creates.
But all in all it wasn't something really special.

I already bought the book for march but I haven't started reading yet as I'll wait untill university starts again (12th march (;^;))

☆101 Reasons to Smile #3 - My mice☆

Well... I'm cheating - the mouse above is Apple, the one who isn't living with me any more, but at the moment it's a bit difficult to take a picture of Cherry and Peach, because it's their first day together (^^)" But I'll fetch the two later I promise ♥
And to be honest - I love this picture (^_^)

☆new Name☆

Well... Good Morning Lovelies ♥

 I decided to change the name of my blog from 'バンビの世界 ' which means 'Bambi's World' to 'Zuckerwelten' = 'Sugar Worlds' (^_^)
Yet I'm not sure how long this name will last but for this moment I'm satisfied with it. Maybe this fits my blog a lot better than the old name, as this was just for the beginning.
The reason for changing it is pretty easy. I'm feeling certain that hardly anybody who's reading this blog knows japanese. Furthermore I changed my opinion concerning this blog's theme.

Now you see what's happening if I don't go to bed at midnight and force myself to sleep but stay awake instead and watching PVs. I am not tired at all but I'll try to catch a few hours of sleep as I have some plans for tomorrow.

I hope you're sleeping well, cuties ♥

Sunday, 4 March 2012

☆Six & Nails☆

 really like the cute package ♥

P2 Last Forever - 140 flirt with me! NEW
 Cam made the picture a bit blurry but I really like the color.
I love the new trend colors and I'm happy I got a nailpolish
in this shade (^_^)v
But the stickers weren't that great as my nails were too long 
for them and I couldn't apply all of them.