Monday, 31 December 2012

☆The Final - 2012 in a nutshell☆

Good Morning Lovelies (๑• . •๑)

 New Year's Eve has finally arrived - wistfully awaited by the ones, hated by the others.
What about you? Are you excited for 2013?
The majority of blog entries I've read so far hold the opinion that 2012 was a really bad year, therefore they're mostly happy that it's ending today.

I'm not sure about that. I for one struggled a lot through the year but I do have to admit that it came to a great end after all so... all feelings were featured. lol 
I fell over this review written by Sarah today and I grabbed it (& translated and adjusted it a bit for my purpose) - cheeky as I am.

Your dominating feeling towards 2013?
As I'm not that into the year-changing thing I don't have any special feelings. I'm kinda excited for the things to come but I'm also afraid of some changes round the corner.
I dyed my hair pink in april
What do you expect from 2013?
I hope really have the time of my life in Japan. Not sure about this yet. lol 2013 will be great for sure! 
What did you do in 2012 for the first time?
Haha, a lot of things tbh but maybe  most important; I started learning finnish. And doing pilates & zumba (love♥)
What did you do in 2012 again after a long time?
I practiced the piano more seriously again.  
What didn't you do sadly?
went to the TheRasmus concert in may
I skipped a lot of concerts because I hadn't had time, money or wasn't in the right mood and I think that's a real pity! Furthermore I've wanted to meet my friends a bit more often than I did. I didn't read a lot of books, too although it was my plan to read 100. lol I finished about 40 ^^" So,maybe another try next year? (;
Your 2012-word?
Went to Düsseldorf in July
Kompostasiate. HAHA I CAN'T TRANSLATE IT INTO ENGLISH!! XD it's not my creation and none of my asians is called that way but I love this word xD
What changed the most during the year?
My attitude towards myself maybe. And my behaviour. For the better for god's sake. So you can say that I changed a lot on the inside and I'm happy about that.
Went to Cologne in June
Any alcohol excesses?
I normally don't drink over my limit so there is rarely an excess. But there were a lot of great parties ;)

Visited Yaya at her parent's in august
Lost your heart?
Most called person?
Yaya. Haha, for 100% it's her, maybe no day we haven't talked except the time while she was in Japan in february.
The person you had the best time with?

Went to the All Time Low concert
I can't say that. I've had so many unforgetable moments with a lot of friends ♥
Dyed my hair silver in october

Your song of the year?
Difficult to chose... Rihanna - Diamonds :)
Your book of the year?
There were a couple of books I've been over the moon with but as she's one of my favourite authors I would say: Amélie Nothombe - Biografie des  Hungers (biographie de la faim)
Your film of the year?
Went to Berlin
Cognition of this year?
Went to the Private Line show in october
Love & friendship may suck some times pretty hard but I would go throug some pain over and over again because in the end it's totally worth it ♥

2012 was...
Absolutely incredible. I don't regret doing anything and I did everything to achieve my goals. Sometimes I wished I hadn't achieved them though. :')
I wish you a incredible party for New Year's Eve and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! All the best for 2013 for you! Keep smiling! :)

Sunday, 30 December 2012

☆Between the years☆

Good Morning Lovelies (๑• . •๑)
So ~ all the presents are unwrapped, the christmas tree lost the mysterious glow and we all gained not so happy 5kg ~ seems like Christmas is officially gone! I hope all of you survived well and looking forward to next holiday: New Year's Eve!
(I for one hate New Year's Eve like nothing else, so I'll skip the happy-part about it)
I hope, you all received beautiful presents! I for one really did and I'm so glad, that so many people thought about me ♥ But I'm not a fan of this 'showing presents around', so I'll just present you one :) I got this plushie from a special person and look how great he'd choosed it without even knowing my cat! ♥
Love ♥
I used the few days between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve to see some old friends I haven't met in a long time. 
Sure you all know this problem; everyone's moving out, living somewhere else and rarely coming home. It's difficult to gather at a certain date but we kinda manage it every 6  months or so :)

One day I went out for dinner and to the cinema afterwards.
Shorts: H&M // Shirt: NewYorker // Hat, Cardigan & Overknees (that you can't see): C&A
As it's not that cold in Germany, it's super easy to wear shorts with overknees & long cardigans and I love it! With a cosy hat and winter boots it also looks really wintery and you're not freezing. Definately big plus for the warm weather! Fall for this kind of outfits ♥
Penne Primavera (comes actually with mozarella but I asked for a portion without) - vegan
We wanted to watch "Pitch Perfect" but as they changed the cinema programm last-minute, we missed it. Instead we went to a friend and kept talking, drinking and snacking.  
I need something like a haircut again. lol
What are you doing between the years? 

Keep Smiling Cuties ~♥

Monday, 24 December 2012

☆Merry Christmas☆

Merry Christmas Lovelies (๑^ . ^๑)

After a tumultuous train drive (everyone's going crazy right before Christmas as we all know), I arrived savely at my parent's. I ate, went to sleep, woke up for a couple of hours and slept again. lol Really really lazy time, but as it's Christmas that's okay I think.

Since I had moved out I rarely see some relatives of mine and therefore we grabed the chance and visited them today. It's heart-warming to see them being happy just because I visit them and it sometimes makes me sad a bit (;^;') Moving out always means leaving some of your friends and loved ones behind. But oh well, that's how life goes, hu? (^~^)

On to things maybe more interesting for you; that's what I wore:

Dress: ?? // Blazer: H&M // Scarf: H&M // Accessories: Claire's
I bought this new blazer for the presentations we had to held at university during the semester. As I actually love business dress but really think, that black & white is too boring for me, I'd chosed this bright pink one with total purpose! NO REGRETS ! I did stand out and enjoyed it. lol
I love how well this blazer goes with different styles. Not to mention this absolutely eye-catching color ♥ A lot of people told me, that they think it's too bright and to flashy but that's exactly what I love about it.

 I wish all of my readers & visitors Merry Christmas! Have a nice and joyful time with your loved ones, enjoy your time and relax a bit! (^з^)-☆Chu!! 
Take care! ♥

Sunday, 23 December 2012

☆Christmas is just round the corner☆

Good Evening Lovelies (๑• . •๑)
Oh well, long time not written here, hu? Got attacked by real life right from behind and was captured for over two months. lol As holidays already started I could finally free myself and take the time to get in line with all the other blogs posting christmas entries ☆
First of all, I totally don't understand people, who hate christmas. Of course it could be stressfull to search for presents, rushing through crowds of people, who're as late as yourself, and maybe seeing parts of your family you're avoiding the rest of the year. But I for one love making presents more than receiving them, I love strolling through beautifully illuminated and decorated towns in search for fitting presents for everyone ♥ Furthermore I just love my family I'm so excited to be able to drive home to my family tomorrow. Haven't seen them in a long time (:
I think one of the best things of christmas time is definately the fact, that most people at least try to be nice to others. Of course, I try this the whole year but I do feel better with happyily smiling people around me (:

Do you like Christmas? (:

Friday, 19 October 2012

☆Ill-prepared for the real world out there☆

Welcome Lovelies,

So ~ this week the cold I had been fighting against for two weeks, finally got me too and I'm staying at home since tuesday. Not only, that I hate being sick ( like most of us do, hu? ) I'm missing a lot of courses at university, too and that's the worst.
Well, but some things can't be helped! The more I hope you're all fine!

As it's a current issue, I'd like to know what you're doing while you're ill? Any 'special get well soon' tricks? I for one always drown myself with hot tea and water. lol
When I'm halfway fit again, I'm going to post my newest DIY-project and I'm already curious what you will think about it! (:

I hope all of you're healthy and if not; get well soon ~♥

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

☆Private Line in Darmstadt☆

Good Evening Lovelies (๑• . •๑)
 Last friday a finnish band called 'Private Line' gave a concert in Darmstadt, which is about an hour train ride from where I live. A couple of years ago I started listening to finnish metal / rock - music and a big part of me is still a huge fan. Especially of Private Line, but last time they visited Germany I couldn't attend any of their concerts, so I was even more happy as K. told me some weeks ago, she would come with me! Going to concerts on your own is possible of course, but it always feels strange for me to be honest... 
stolen from the fb event o:-)
K. arrived with an hour delay on friday afternoon and we ate something, chilled a bit and dolled us up pretty slowly. As there were three bands playing and we guessed PL would be the last, no need to hurry and we entered the club at 20.45. 
I had never been to Darmstadt before, but the part of the city I saw on friday was pretty nice. Seems to be an old city - or we just went through the Altstadt haha, who knows.
Bitch'n Chips

First band playing were 'Bitch'n Chips', of whom I had never heard before but that's not saying much. Surprisingly enough they weren't as bad as I had expected them to be (Yeah, I'm picky when it comes to music) and the guy on the right side of the stage was pretty cute. I guess they were coming from Germany but I'm not sure, they talked english on stage.    
The second band of the evening was called 'Godex' and I didn't like them at all. The singer's voice brought me a huge migraine attack. lol It was obvious that their idols were HIM, and I've never seen last ones live in concert, but I really hope they're sounding less pervasive.

Because we both didn't like them we changed rooms and because me is clumsy and stupid, I hurt my ankle as I fell down some stairs leading to the other room.... Yes, that's typical for me and I'm a limping bambi now. Hopefully it's better soon as I have some business to do~
Lovely K. & me ~♥
Between the bands they always needed to change the stage and it took them hours!  Private Line entered the stage at 23.00 and although Sammy (Vocal) was completely slightly drunk, the concert itself was great. He was swaying and mumbling unknown things, but he sang better as expected and he was letter-perfect, what surprised me a lot. As we were standing in the 2nd row, I was hella afraid, he would fall down the stage and squish us lol but fortunately nothing happend. He just hit Jack ( right guitar) with the microfonholder a couple of times, but for me that doesn't matter as it's nothing to do with me :D
All the time he was smiling weirdly and I asked myself some times, if that's his normal smile, one with purpose or his 'I'm so so drunk and I'm seeing you all twice hihi'-smile. I really don't know but it was frightening!  lol 
They didn't play a lot of the old older oldest stuff - what was pretty obvious in advance - but among other songs they played 1-800 Out of Nowhere, the first song I heard from them ~♥ These kind of songs are always kinda special, don't you think so? In addition Dead Decade, Broken Promised Land, Deathroll Casino, etc. were on the setlist, which I thought was great! D'awww I would have loved to listen for some hours more, but as we had to catch our train back home, we had to leave at  24.00. That sucked, as a N. told me later that they played some more songs after we had left. But I rather leave earlier than sleep at a trainstation....
OOTD // dress + bolero-thingy: ?? Shoes: deichmann

I got to know Private Line through youtube back in... well I don't know exactly but around 2006 I think and by looking back now, I'm feeling OLD haha! The more I'm surprised that I still like this kind of music and I'm so happy, that I was able to see them at a concert finally after so many years ♥ Furthermore Private Line were the last of my favourite bands I hadn't seen live till friday! So, one point of my 'What I need to achieve in life'- list ist already done.

Thanks to Private Line for their show ~♥, to all the others attending the concert and of course, to lovely K. who bears my company just so well! ♥♥♥♥♥

Is there anything from your 'life goals'-list that you're already achieved? Tell me! (๑• . •๑)

Keep Shinning, Cuties ~♥

Sunday, 14 October 2012

☆Autumn Inspiration☆

Good Evening Lovelies (๑• . •๑)

As this is my 100th entry, I elected it to be the first of my 'inspirational posts'. I do think, that this inspiration-thing is kinda difficult as tastes are really different and I know, there are few people liking the same styles I do, so it's special for me to show someone, how I wanna look like.
But maybe I'm taking pleasure in these posts and doing them more, we'll see. I started with the particular stylings I liked in the october issue of Jelly - just because that's the magazine I'm mostly interested in. If I find the time, I'm going through the other mags here too.

Let's go! 

Which outfit did you like the most? I would love to wear the second one with the purple maxi- skirt, but as I'm so small this would look kinda funny I think.

I wish you a nice start in the week tomorrow. Keep Shinning Cuties ~♥