Monday, 30 April 2012


Who ever reads this, I just wanted to say:

You're beautiful ♥

Thursday, 26 April 2012

☆Catrice Defining Duo Blush☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥ 

Today's been a horrible day, but after I went jogging for an hour and met an adorable cute dog with his owner, it became a bit brighter. But only a bit, I still have to fight a stupid japanese presentation for tomorrow ( I hate speaking japanese in public no matter how good I may be I just hate it ).

Because I felt that miserable I thought a little make-up presentation may cheer me up and here we go ♥

I read about the blush in Mayas blog here  and decided to try it too (^_^) I thought that orange may be a kinda scary color for blush but I really have to admit that I love this color! ♥ In my opinion it doesn't look weird or odd at all and nobody actually said something when I wore it's not that eye-catching as you may think.
dorky face deluxe xD 

 Looking quite unmotivated I know (^^) without blush 
And with blush.
I used both shades, first the lighter one and just a bit of the darker one to accent the highest point on my cheekbones. That's what I'm always doing with blush as just one color kinda looks creepy with my pale face. Like a clown or something like that. lol

And yes. The color jars with my horrible washed out hair.
 But I like the gradient! It's really cool if your haircolor changes everyday! (^_^)v

Take care cuties ♥

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

☆Hair Change☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Once again long time not seen, hu? I'm pretty sorry but I have gathered some entries I want to show you within the next days so stay tuned, okay? (^_^)
But today's topic is - as you may recognized by the title - my hair!
I freaking adore this color (*.*)
I used DIRECTIONS CERISE and didn't bleach my hair before as it was already dyed a lighter tone as my natural hair is. (^_^)
Actually I wanted a lighter pink tone, more like my furniture but I do think this is more vibrant and beautiful ♥

I used to think that in Germany people are a lot too buttoned-down when it comes to different styles and opinions in general but maybe I have to rethink about this attitude as I got a lot of compliments on my new hair color. Strangers told me how much they like it (O_ô) Never had this before. lol
To be honest the only one who told me clearly that she absolutely dislikes it, was my mom and I knew that before (^^)"

The pictures are a week old and the hair color isn't that enduring so that I'm a bit washed out now (well... I am rose right now lol) but that's okay. I'm thinking about trying a new color before summer.
Any suggestions? (^-^)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

☆Meeting Stuttgart☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Stressful days are stressful, aren't they? I hope your week's going smoothly so far.

Yesterday as I drove back from my parent's, I met Ju-Chan in Stuttgart. 
Some months ago we could meet regularly but as we both moved out it now takes us about 5 hours by train to see each other (;^;) Due to that we're grasping everey opportunity to talk face to face, even if it's only for a few hours, like it was unfortunately yesterday. Nevertheless we had a great time, eating sushi ♥
Miso Soup ♥ So delicious (*.*)
Inari Sushi's just the best! °(^o^)°

Afterwards we went a bit window shopping and I fell even more in love with a new perfume! It's Vivenne Westwood's 'Naughty Alice'! Do you know it? It smells like heaven ♥

Later we visited Starbucks. Haven't been there in Stuttgart some time now and I was kinda surprised as they asked my name. lol But then I read this:
"Why we're asking for your name? - Because we want to make your coffee individually for you"
Well... I do think that's a loooot too much. I want my coffee, Chai Latte, whatever, but please let me be incognito, k? (^^)
Could you guess my real name? :D
My eyes look rarely green in pictures the more I love this one! Most of the time I seem to be blind, that light grey is my eye color.... I'm wearing two new products I warmly recommand and talk about in one of the next posts. My blush and the lipstick ♥ Both are adorable orange shades! Fresh and light exactly right for spring and early summer! I totally love them.

But now I'll eat dinner and do my exercises (^_^)

Sunday, 8 April 2012


[ 東京]


☆Finally Easter & Birthday Party☆

Happy Easter Lovelies! ♥
I hope all of you have a relaxing and chilly Easter! (^_^)
I personally don't have a certain feeling towards Easter, it's simply a holiday which you can enjoy. Nevertheless I was kinda happy that it finally arrived as you know I made this '40 days without'-thing and it ended officially today. I stopped earlier (on friday) as I didn't know the rules! A friend told me, that it is allowed to skip the sundays during fasten time! (O_ô) I didn't know this and I couldn't help myself, as I heard this I thought: 'Typical for all these church things - don't make it too hard'. And as I didn't skip the sundays, I finished two days earlier. Just fair I think. 

Well, what could I say as a result? Looking back at these few weeks I don't feel proud or anything so maybe I am the wrong person for a review but I lost 2kg! I don't think this is a a direct result of the fasten time, but of my daily exercising, a nice effect though. Nevertheless I do feel a lil bit better (even if I'm not proud ) now and I'll keep this 'less sweets' attitude for sure.
To be honest, even for me it wasn't 40 days because I ate chocolate at three occasions I think, due to unbelievable personal stress. It wasn't the right way as I didn't feel better after it but at this moment I wasn't strong enough to force myself to look for another solution. Maybe you know this kind of situations, don't you?
Just remembered that I really was happy that I could eat sweets again on saturday morning, 1. 30 o'clock as I could eat my self - made cupcakes and cookies! (^_^) At least one good thing.

And of course my little gets for Easter:
 The golden bunny and the packed ones are from my mom (♥) and waited for me as I arrived two days ago and the others are from a friend. cute isn't it? Thank youuuuu ♥


Onto the next point, Birthday Party.
Not mine of course, my birthday's only next week, but a friend from junior high celebrated her birthday on friday and I really enjoyed myself.
First of all the present. I made two because I gave the other one to another friend. The japanese sign means 'friend'.

In the end I wrapped everything up in plastics and tada~ here we go.
I was quite satisfied how nice it came out, but there's a nailpolish missing. I smashed the yellow one in our kitchen and had to clean the floor for hours.... Due to that I have to renew my nails today, too. Evil nail polish remover.

Party itself was pretty nice, too.
Once again my unbeatable drawing skills! They get even better with a lot alcohol. lol

Sparkling wine for the ladys, beer for the gentlemen ♥
And as the sparkling wine was out, we switched to these colorful wines! 
The others went for ... I don't know, 43 I think.
 Organge - choco chips cupcake ♥
The first sweet thing I ate.
I know I look really happy [not] but it took me hours to look like this as I have some skin problems recently and my outfit didn't turn out like I've wanted it. In addition I forgot to wear my overkness.... yey not my styling day at all. Because of that no complete outfit post, I'm sorry. Next time I promise :3

Okay, blogger and html are bitching me for over two hours now and I'm hungry (=_=) Gonna post this now no matter how it may look like... Wish you a great remaining free time, Sweethearts ♥

Thursday, 5 April 2012

☆nails / order / drinking games☆

Good Morning Lovelies ♥

Today  a kinda random post, but I didn't want to make an extra post for every issue (^_^)
First of all: nails!
As I promised pictures of my current nails:

Yes, one of them was already messed up as I took the picture, but I redid it in the meantime. So far I'm quite satisfied with them.


Second one is my VeganWonderland order, that arrived yesterday (^_^) Well, I had to go and fetch the package at the shop because this $§%§-driver didn't ring the bell (=.=) Yeah, that's just what you're f'cking paied for, idiot! 

Although I don't order that often at this shop, I didn't order something really fancy this time. It was more a kind of 'urgent order' as I needed this haircolor. lol
*Flyer that were sent with 
*2x cream cheese ( I would probably die for this one, honestly ♥)
*2x mayonnaise (that wasn't with purpose. The server made some mistakes - I don't ever eat mayonnaise and I have still no idea what to do with even two glasses? Actually I 'ordered' some more, but this was FORTUNATELY out of sale. lol)
*hair color (won't tell the color yet, you'll see in a few days (^.^))
It's pink, I just had to add it to my cart ♥ 
♥ I already own the shirt with 'Tofu Monster' and this bag is really convenient. Furthermore it's purple - I'm a girl what did you expect? (^^)
Last but not least the shirt. ♥
I'm none of these ' we want to crusade all people on earth'- vegans, I'm not even particularly proud of being vegan to be honest. In addition I don't even know why so many people have to repeat and repeat and stress the fact that they're living vegan. It is a fact, yes. But nothing more and nothing less, neither it is a trait of character nor it is so special that you have to throw it everybody in the face the first time you meet. At least I don't see it a special trait of character. Maybe there are others who do (for whatever reason....)
This cow is so freaking cute I couldn't resist ♥

Lastly the drinking game issue.
Once again a more private story (^-^)
For our economics course we have a ... well kinda peculiar lecuter to say it in a nice way. To cut it short; among other things he always uses some particular phrases and he uses them very very often, like one in each sentence he says ? Words and phrases like: quasi, so to say, you can say, etc. We counted the 'so to say' in a 90 min course once and counted about 130? lol
You get the idea, don't you?
Last week we went to a little bbq party and talked about this lecturer and  I said for fun something like: 'Oh my gosh, imagine a drinking game with him!' And my friends were like: 'Bambi how great, let's try' (I know, why we're friends xD) Actually I thought about... don't know filming a short sequenze of the lecutre and play it at home, but the guys convinced me to do it while universitiy. So we played :let's drink whenever he says 'so to say' during our last economics lecture! The guys were lucky as they could sit in the last row and.. do nothing, but Yaya and I had to sit in one of the front rows as this lecturer... 'especially likes us (not)' and this was kinda hardcore. Looking at the teacher, making notes, trying to understand what he wants from me and count this stupid phrases to drink. lol As we already knew that we would die of alcohol poisoning if each of us drinks every time, we decided to drink in a row. All in all we were 6 students and I have to admit that it was fun. At least something to do while economics (^_^)v And next time I'll chose something else to drink, this vodka-whatever-mixutre was disgusting (.-.)

But that's for now. It's 2.51 am and I'll finally go to be now ♥

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Hello Lovelies (^-^)♥
How's your weekend going so far?

Yesterday I told you about my plans to write a bit about my university life and here we go (^.^)

I am studying International Business Management East Asia with the main subject Japan - to cut it short International Business Studies with Japanese - and I am in the 2nd semester. I really like everything so far, although it is quite tough sometimes as the profs expect a lot from us - nevertheless that's exactly what I want to do and I am happy. (most of the time) At the moment I'm gifted either way as I'm advanced in japanese and don't have to study that much for it, although our teacher knows that some of us have already been studying japanese for a few years and expects more of us - of course. It is kind of relaxing though that I have a bit more time for studying the business related subjects... 'japanese politcs' is easy for me, too as I'm interested in it for years and know the basics for sure. Subjects like 'economics' and 'annual accounts' whereas are challenging - especially because of the most *insert random insult here* prof ever. (=_=) Well, you'll always have incompetent people. won't you?
As I am really ambitious I am one of these students always making notes and stuff, normally. But sometimes I just can't help myself.
XDDDDDD I had never said I could draw lol
While I am 'drawing' (raping innocent pens) my beloved last row's unified playing Pokemon
That's how my place always looks during lectures like accounting. (^//^) Food (always at least one package of dried cranberries (*_*) Best thing EVER ♥ but most of the time also carrots, nuts and sometimes even chocolate, if I'm really really desperate), coffee, ice-tea ( both to trie to stay awake at least) and my head on the desk.

Going on with outfits~
In my personal opinion everybody should think for oneself what to wear for university, but I decided for myself that I don't want to overdo my outfits. Nevertheless I'm not that into this a bit more adult style and I'm still trying. The only thing I can really hold down to a more natural level is make-up...

And make-up~
Sometimes I get the impression that  a few people do have certain problems with natural make-up as they're not used to draw fine lines because with heavier make-up it isn't a big deal if the one or the other line gets messy, is it? Actually I had kind of that problem, too as I started with 'Panda-Make-Up' years ago (^^)""

As you may see I'm over it now. lol The only problem I now have, as I dress less eye-catching at university is that I have to look for more chances to doll up as I so need to improve my skills (;^;')