Friday, 4 January 2013

☆Welcome 2013☆

Welcome for the first time in 2013, Lovelies~
Did you celebrate the New Year's Eve with your friends and family and enjoyed yourself? I hope so ♥
I partied with my friends from university at a friend's and we had a great time for sure, although I was reminded -once again- why I actually dislike New Year's Eve. Next year I'm gonna celebrate with the others once again, maybe in Seoul, maybe in Tokyo, who already knows that? But the year after I'm gonna jail myself from december 30th untill january 2nd!

'kind of' outfit-picture
The story with the outfit-shot...well I was in a hurry before leaving my flat as I had just arrived back here and therefore had no time to do a proper one and thought: "Oh well let's do this when you come back." Unfortunately that's not possible any more as a friend accidentally striked me down with a New Year rocket and destroyed the coat I was wearing and this blouse I wore underneath. I burned my hand and my arm but overall I'm okay. Hey, I started the New Year vivacious blazing! Can I complain? xD
I'm crying because of my clothes though although I'm REALLY happy that nothing more happened.


Did you made up some New Year's resolutions?
I made some but I do think, they're kinda ordinary as nearly everyone's planning to do them or something similiar:
  • Get on track with my eating habits again - they kinda got out of control the past months
  • Concentrate more on my studies- my grades aren't that worse but I got the feeling that I could do a lot better
  • Exercise more - I let this slide a looooooot in december, baaad me
  • Read more- needn't to be 100 books but some would be nice
  • Listen to my heart-Something I learned during 2012 and I think it's actually a good thing
  • Party more with friends or see them in general- some already count the days when the finally can go abroad, I'm still afraid but either way only a few months left!
  • Save money and therefore search for a part-time job because I want to travel to Korea and Beijing!♡
  • Keep beeing brave for things I really want
  • Stop daydreaming and start doing more (:
  • And in general: Hazard more! You will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by those, you had at least tried.
 We'll see in a year how good I will have been doing these!

This is gonna be my last post for at least a month I think as exam time starts for me and I have to learn a lot. Unfortunately I caught a cold while watching fireworks (and playing firwork....), so I have to get healthy first. Nevertheless - Happy 2013 for all of you ♥


  1. Frohes Neues! :)

    Liebe Grüße

  2. jaa ich habe mir auch Vorsätze gemacht und halte diese bis jetzt auch gut ja aber auch erst der 4. ...


    1. Man muss klein anfangen :D 4 Tage sind besser als nichts!

  3. Das erste Foto sieht echt toll aus :)
    Liebe Grüße

  4. wieso magst du silvester nicht? und wieso seoul O_o?

    1. Weil an Silvester jeder denkt, er müsste noch einmal über alles schlechte vom vergangenen Jahr sprechen und irgendwann weint jemand. xD
      Ich war noch nie in Seoul und möchte unbedingt mal hin :3 Wir hatten eventuell Seoul für nächstes Silvester geplant deswegen ^^

  5. Hoffentlich schaffst du dein Examen & findest evtl doch Zeit zu bloggen :))

    Liebst, Cathie :)

    Und natürlich, frohes neues!

  6. Happy New Year!!!! xx
    I wish you all the best! I've a lot of new year's resolutions, but like always I'm sure that it's just a saying. :D
    With love, Milena xx

    1. Same for you dear Milena! ♥
      Haha, I try to stick to them, let's see how far I'm coming ^^

  7. I lover your cute ribbon-necklace, so cute! ^^

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. It was a present from a friend! I really like it, too thank you (:

  8. Happy New Year :) Ich mag deine Nägel! Viel Glück bei all dem, was du dieses Jahr vorhast!! :3

    1. Danke, das wünsche ich dir auch! (^_^)
      Ja, da waren sie auch noch schön lang ^^"