Thursday, 31 January 2013

☆New in's for january☆

Hi Lovelies (๑• . •๑)
My tests are finally over and therefore seems like I've finished my 3rd semester!! And as the good student that I just am, I'm bouncing from party to party to celebrate my reclaimed freedom. As I'm actually getting ready for going out, only a short entry today about my gets in january!
H&M 9.95
 The picture actually doesn't do the print justice as it's really vibrant and colorful in real.
H&M 12.95
Love the color and as I tried it on in the store I thought it looks great. Now I'm thinking about selling it again though because it kinda doesn't fit right. Well, maybe I haven't found the right outfit with it yet.
H&M Sale 7,-
Favourite piece of this bargain as the color is beautiful, the fashion is exactly what I had been looking for for some time now and I love how the skirt bows with each movement. Bought the wrong size though and therefore it's kinda short(as always....). lol Stupid me.
headband H&M 4,95,-
These headbands always remind me of the statue of liberty. So... I'm a statue of freedom, too now!
Necklace: Bijou Brigitte Sale 4,-, Rings: Bijou Brigitte Sale 2.-
Just recognized that you can't see the rings very well unfortunately... They're cute little bows and I saw them some months ago already but didn't buy them because of whatever. Now they were priced down and I finally couldn't resist any more.
H&M Sale 7,-
Well that's kinda my favourite, too and the only thing I actually really needed because both of my normal handbags broke at the beginning of the year. Perfect size, love the pattern and I like playing with the studs. lol Child at heart!

Did you make some good buys, too recently? 


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