Tuesday, 21 May 2013

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Long time no see, Cuties! 
How you're doing out there?
I prepared about a hundred posts in the past weeks, but I've never had the motivation to finish them and post them here so... maybe they're up to come, but maybe I'm going to delete them after all.

The reason for my continuing absence is simple; my life.
I'm pretty busy with university, jobs and friends at the moment, and although I'm always on the road I feel like nothing really happens and therefore nothing's really worth writing about. But maybe that feeling changes, when I'll have written some posts and I'm back on track with writing about happenings and stuff :)

As my my buddy Kanako wanted to go to Ikea, Yaya and me took her there last week.
Opinions about Ikea are pretty divided, but I for one love it, whereas Yaya hats it, and rushed through the whole building, prohibing half of the decoration section for Kanako and me. lol
I bought this pillow and the "under-bed box", which is just perfect to store my winter clothes, untill I'll bring them back to my parent's!
Later that day, Yaya and me spontaneously went to a party to which a friend of her invited us last minute. First we weren't really sure if we should go, as I for one didn't know anyone, and she knew only her friend, but in the end we were greatly happy that we went there as it was awesome.
There are actually pictures from the party, too, but I'm pretty sure, that some people don't want them to be on the internet and therefore I won't post them here, although I REALLY love them, haha♥ 
We spent an awesome evening together and I'm really thankful for it!

So only a pic of me (with a dirty mirror oops) that you won't forget how I look! lol

I have to hand in three group projects within the next days, therefore will be ab it busy but I try to update as soon as possible! ♥

Take Care

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