Friday, 31 May 2013


How are you, Lovelies?
 ただいま (tadaima) is japanese for 'I'm home'.

I finally finished the first projects for this semester and although the next ones are just around the corner, I feel kinda satisfied and relieved - at least for the very moment. At the end of this group-work & presentation marathon, I've not been only exhausted like hell and stressed like the proverbial duracell rabbit, but also hella confused about even daily things, like languages etc. I've acutally never ever been that "brain dead" and hopefully never will be again!
To relax a bit before the final weeks for my last semester in Germany, I'm visiting my parents at the moment.
Unfortunately I brought the rainy weather with me....
As a reward for the hard work during the past weeks, I finally bought a skirt, I was watching at H&M for some time now and which I actually didn't want to buy, because of the color - black is not really the best summer color, is it?
actually it's not that wearing out, like it looks on the pic lol
As I'm a little on the short side (thank you captain obvious...) wearing high-waist shorts and especially skirts helps me to stretch my silhouette and make me look a bit taller. If you noticed - actually you're not wearing this skirt high-waist but it's the only way I can wear maxi-skirts without having a train or stepping on the skirt and stumble, although I'm madly in love with them! I was so happy that it fit! (;^;)
Favourite accessoire atm :3
What about you? Do you like / own maxi-dresses? 
As it's really cold, windy and rainy outside, both of my cuddly cats decided, that it's better to curl up in a corner and sleep. The purring sounds through two whole rooms lol
Chucky didn't even wake up, as I cuddled her and carried her around. It was more like: "Cuddle me, but don't expect me to react." lol My cuddly, loveable, plushy baby ♥ She's always so happy, when I return home, that she doesn't lose sight of me even for a single moment <3
Knuddel was awake but not really motivated to move either. Good for me, because she didn't escaped when I caught her for an intense cuddle-attack hehe... Had been a long time ♥

Hopefully you can enjoy the rainy days with a good cup of tea and some spare time! Have a great time <3


  1. Na dann schön relaxen!! Ich hab Präsentationen immer sowas von gehasst und jetzt sagt mir mein neuer Chef, dass diese Teil meines Jobs sein werden...XD nooooin! Aber ich sag mir dann, dass das gute Erfahrungen sind! Vor allem in Japan habens Japaner anscheinend nicht so mit Präsentationen....

    Was ist denn so dein Traum wenn ich fragen darf??

    Dein Outfit sieht toll aus! :3 <3 Aber es ist doch so kalt draussen momentan QQ (Gehe momentan nicht ohne Pulli raus...)

  2. Dein Rock gefällt mir sehr, ich liebe Maxiröcke, besonders Schwarze - da quäle ich mich dann sogar durch die Sommerhitze =) deine Katzen sind sehr süss, Chucky erinnert mich sehr an meine Jule =)

    1. Wirklich? Da stehen wir glaube ich in der Welt alleine da *lach*
      Dann muss deine Jule eine sehr flauschige und süße Katze sein ;)