Tuesday, 1 October 2013

☆*゚Crawling back to the blogger atmosphere☆*゚

Hello to everyone who has found back here!
Has been a long time, right? I'm really sorry for this delay, I actually planned to update here soon after I arrived in Japan but unfortunately blogger wouldn't let me log in, because I tried to log in from an unknown place. Blogger's trying to be funny! I just tried the very minute and it worked, I have no idea what's different now but probably my patience paid of, who knows. Unfortunately I do not know, if I'll be able to access later again, therefore I decided to post a quick update just to let you know, that I'm alive as well as desperately trying to update!
Cupcakes at my farewell party with my friends
 I do have another blog, that is probably more 'formal' than this one, with a lot of other information about my university, my studies and everything, which I want to keep out of this blog a bit. First of all, I'm not sure how interesting that is for my readers, second I thought it might be easier, to keep the more private stuff seperated from the other things. On that account there might be some more private entries here in the future, I hope you don't mind :)
If you're interested in my other blog, just tell me and I'll give you the adreess, don't be shy!

Being in Japan, being here at my university, going to class everyday, study all day long, meeting new or even the same people day by day is still so new, so strange for me, that I can't say, I have already settled down even a bit.
Before really being here, I wasn't sure any more, why I'm even studying japanese. Since I'm here I got this feeling, I felt for so many years, back, and I'm glad I truly can say; I love Japan again. I avoided even thinking about the Why? for a long time, because I was afraid, that the answer would be: "I don't know."
cute donut in Shibuya
Japan is huge, Japan is loud, it's fast, strange, dangerous - short, it's intimidating. But on the same time, it's awesome, nice & and friendly, open-minded, stylish and cheering.
Nonetheless I'm overwhelmed by everything here. I had so many problems the first weeks here in Akita that I can't even name all of them. It's getting better slowly but surely, nevertheless I do feel lonely here because I miss so much that gave me security. I need to learn to handle things completely on my own, without my friends in the background who helped me every time I needed them, and that's hard for me. - and probably the best thing I gotta learn here.
dancing girls in Kakunodate
I often do feel lost here,especially when I want to talk with a friend, and nobody's online, on the same time, I laugh a lot - the two sides of the same coin, like it's always in life, right?

This entry is just about my general feelings about being here at the moment. I'm sure they're going to change during my stay here, for example the loneliness and this 'being overwhelmed'-feeling.
Before coming to my university, I had stayed some days in Tokyo with my friends and I'm going to write about that later I guess, that's probably most interesting at the moment, right?
To start off with, I love Tokyo. I really do love this city and I hate at the same time. There are people, staying in Tokyo for four weeks, claiming after it, that they 'love Japan'. At bottom, that's not true at all, because Tokyo does not represent Japan, it would be kinda frightening, if entire Japan would be represented by this city. Probably others of you, who had already been there and to other places as well, do understand what I am talking about here.
There are people, staying in Tokyo for five days, being already annoyed and bored by it. (To all the people, crying now; I understand them partly.)

There are even people, being in Tokyo for one day and fleeing it again.
I think, Tokyo really polarizes, even within myself I'm never sure, wether I love it or hate it.

And that's the reason, why I always want to go there again.These schizophrenic thoughts can only be put to silence here ♥
I do not want to claim, that I've been to every single city in Japan and know everything about that country, actually my knowledge about it is pretty limited I think, but that's based on my experience, some people might think in a different way.

But I do think, that's a long entry to enter the blogger atmosphere again, right? I'll leave you with this, and hope to be back soon with other entries!
Please take care everyone ~♥

Is there anything special, you want me to write about in Japan? 


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