Monday, 12 August 2013

☆*゚Paper cranes are made for deepest wishes☆*゚

A late hello to you Cuties!

Today I went on my last "Goodbye journey" before leaving to Tokyo, to see someone special off in Stuttgart, and on my way there I met beautiful Loan on the train! My home area is like a little village - whenever I drive to Stuttgart it's always possible to meet friends there and I'm of course always happy to see them (^_^) Especially today as I didn't think of meeting her before I leave - happy me!
Schloßpark - Stuttgart
As you can see on the picture, the weather today was just perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the pleasant temperatures.
Unfortunately it seems like the Matcha Frappuchino  isn't sold any more at the german Starbucks stores? Does anybody know is it really sold any more? That would be so sad, I really liked it!

Mango Passionfruit Frappuchino
Do you know how to fold paper cranes? I didn't know it and I'm still not able to fold them although Ken really tried to teach me. When it comes to craft things I'm unebelievable clumsy, I can't even cut an even line ( you should be able to do so in Kindergarten...) 
perfect paper crane♥
In Japan it's said, if you fold 1,000 paper cranes one of your deepest wishes comes true. I found it really difficult to fold them, but for him it was so easy, that he even folded smaller, baby cranes. lol So cute ♥ Would you have a special wish for folding 1,000 paper cranes? The most famous story with these paper cranes, is the story of Sadoko Sasaki, a schoolgirl who lived in Hiroshima as the US army dropped the atomic bomb. Probably as a result of the radiation she was diagnosed with leukaemia. She folded more than 1,000 paper cranes for getting healthy again but she died after more than one year in hospital. Since then paper cranes are a symbol for peace and in Hiroshima there's a statue from Sadoko, also as a symbol for peace. 
Paper crane family
In less than 3 days I'm off to Tokyo and oh my gosh it's so thrilling and annoying at the same time I can tell you!So many things to think of but at least I'm finished with packing my clothes and I think I have collected everything important. The less important things... well I'll look after that tomorrow.

Have you ever been abroad for a year or even longer? How did you feel? 

Good Night now! ☆



  1. Ich glaub den Matcha Frappuchino gibts echt nicht mehr ;A; Ich wollt letztens in München auch einen trinken hab aber den nirgends auf den Boards gesehen >_> Naja ich denk mal in Japan krieg mer genug davon XD
    Wir sehen uns ja noch in Tokyo denk ich :O?

    1. Aber auf den Schildern steht der schon lange nicht mehr. In Stuttgart stand er jetzt lustigerweise drauf, aber es gab ihn nicht :(
      Das auch wieder wahr xD Ja, wann kommt ihr denn nochmal an?

  2. Hey:))

    Das Blogger-sommerloch ist ja ein süßer Name :D Hihi hast auf jeden Fall recht, aber ich will auch wieder mehr blogs lesen ♥ Und danke, den Blazer (den pinken ;D) mag ich soo gerne, werde ihn sicher oft tragen!
    Du hast es soo gut, dass du nach Tokio fliegst :) Bleibst du ein ganzes Jahr oder habe ich das falsch verstanden? Und weil du unten gefragt hast ~ also ich war schonmal ein halbes Jahr in England als ich 15 war und dann nochmal ein Jahr in Schottland (letztes Jahr, zum Studium aber habe es abgebrochen). Ich war beide Male sehr aufgeregt aber habe uuunglaublich nette Menschen kennen gelernt, tolle Erfahrungen gemacht etc. Die Zeit in Schottland war teilweise bisschen hart, aber in England hatte ich eine liebe Gastfamilie ♥ Ich glaube, dass Auslandsaufenthalte einfach extrem persönlichkeitsbildend sind. :)

  3. The weather looks so niceeee!!!!
    I can't wait for it to be more sunny here in Australia ;A; and eee, I'm jealous!!! I wanna go to Japan nuuu~ I haven't been abroad at all actually !! Definitely wanting to travel sometime soon ^_^