Thursday, 12 July 2012

☆Retail Therapy! ☆

Hello Lovelies (^-^)/°

I decided to go a bit shopping this morning because I couldn't find the time the last days.
For next weekend I needed a outfit and because I had no idea what I want to wear I used this as an excuse for looking for some new stuff. lol As always ♥ This time I was kinda lucky as I directly found something!
Actually I was looking for a dress but... see what I bought:
looks really big, doesn't it? It's a XS/S though...
So in love ♥
kinda like it more from behind though lol
I already know what I'm going to wear with it (^_^) Surprisingly, I felt quite good as I came home, that happens rarely when I go shopping. lol I don't like spending money to be honest.
No High-Heels - only 9cm x)
Actually I was searching for white shoes that fit my white, fluffy skirt and I did find some today, nevertheless I bought these. Don't ask why no particular reason I think. They're quite comfy as far as I can tell by now. I hope I can wear them with the outfit running through my mind (^_^)

Change of subject;
I'm looking for a particular grey nailpolish since a few weeks but I'm not really successfull. Every time I think: 'Wow, that's it for sure!' but while having it on all my nails I'm like: "Naaa...not really'. That's frustrating!
330 Absolutely Chinchilly / two layers
First of all; I don't like Catrice Nailpolish. The quality just sucks (-.-) Due to that I own only two of them and I was disappointed by both. Greeeat. This one was a bit too brownish on my nails.
381 / one layer
Don't think anyone can moan about Kiko's quality, right? Quality's just great and the colors are really brilliant but this wasn't the shade I'm searching for, too. It's a bit too dark.
I will never ever find it (._.)"
Or I'm too demanding. lol

And now I have to pack because I wanna drive home again today. But actually I'm too lazy for a 3hours train drive...(^^)"

Take Care & Keep Shinning Beautifuls! 

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