Monday, 9 July 2012

☆Freakin' Junction☆

Good Morning Lovelies ♥
As you may've already guessed, I'm back at my parent's ♥
Weather was just beautiful as I've arrived on saturday afternoon and I enjoy being here a lot!
Not only because of my family but also due to the silence and green and everything. It's kinda luxurious here.
My brother's my hero ♥
He planted soooo many vegetables everywhere it's wonderful! I can't really that what's growing there because all I can see are green, big leaves and I'm pretty sure I will be surprised at the end of summer. I love fruits and vegetables and nothing better than harvest them on your own and eat it right away. hihi (^_^) This summer our garden is going to be my paradise; loads of stuff to eat, nothing to do & tanning. Yey me ♥
And maybe this time I'll succeed in losing weight here and not gaining thousands of pounds because I just can't stop eating all this delicious food. lol I have to, honestly I feel like a big, fat hamster or something like that. haha.
Just to give myself a good feeling; that's what lies behind me. Officially everything's stored in my head for like forever, but we all know that the more you learn the more you forget, don't we? So...I'm just happy exam time's over!

Next time a bit about the 'After - Exam - Partying' lap 1 or something like that. Next lap starts on wednesday with the others students having their last exam forever.  uuuh, kinda jealous.

So long~ take care & keep shinning girls! ♥


  1. This place looks very cool, I wish I could sit there with blanket all day. :D
    With love, Milena

    1. Come and visit me and we can sit there together all day long :D haha ♥