Sunday, 30 December 2012

☆Between the years☆

Good Morning Lovelies (๑• . •๑)
So ~ all the presents are unwrapped, the christmas tree lost the mysterious glow and we all gained not so happy 5kg ~ seems like Christmas is officially gone! I hope all of you survived well and looking forward to next holiday: New Year's Eve!
(I for one hate New Year's Eve like nothing else, so I'll skip the happy-part about it)
I hope, you all received beautiful presents! I for one really did and I'm so glad, that so many people thought about me ♥ But I'm not a fan of this 'showing presents around', so I'll just present you one :) I got this plushie from a special person and look how great he'd choosed it without even knowing my cat! ♥
Love ♥
I used the few days between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve to see some old friends I haven't met in a long time. 
Sure you all know this problem; everyone's moving out, living somewhere else and rarely coming home. It's difficult to gather at a certain date but we kinda manage it every 6  months or so :)

One day I went out for dinner and to the cinema afterwards.
Shorts: H&M // Shirt: NewYorker // Hat, Cardigan & Overknees (that you can't see): C&A
As it's not that cold in Germany, it's super easy to wear shorts with overknees & long cardigans and I love it! With a cosy hat and winter boots it also looks really wintery and you're not freezing. Definately big plus for the warm weather! Fall for this kind of outfits ♥
Penne Primavera (comes actually with mozarella but I asked for a portion without) - vegan
We wanted to watch "Pitch Perfect" but as they changed the cinema programm last-minute, we missed it. Instead we went to a friend and kept talking, drinking and snacking.  
I need something like a haircut again. lol
What are you doing between the years? 

Keep Smiling Cuties ~♥


  1. Ahhh die Katzen! Wie süß <3

    Und dein Shirt ist total hübsch :)

  2. arrrrrw , die Katze*-*

    P.s. Mach mal die Codesperre weg ,das nervt tierisch :D


    1. Kann ich derzeit nicht, die ist aus einem bestimmten Grund da ;) Sobald sich das erledigt hat mach ich sie weg keine Sorge :)

  3. Mhhh nomnom die Pasta sieht geil aus :D <3

  4. die pasta sieht lecker aus :) yaaami!

  5. Das Essen sieht so lecker aus! :)

    Liebste Grüße, Jaane

  6. Die Katze ist so süß :)
    Dein Outfit sieht auch schön aus.


  7. neujahr mag ich auch nicht. aber silvester ist gut :) mit freunden treffen, malibu trinken, über da sjahr und die freundschaft sinnieren

    1. Leider war Silvester bei mir noch nie so gechillt. Vllt mag ich es deswegen nicht :D