Monday, 24 December 2012

☆Merry Christmas☆

Merry Christmas Lovelies (๑^ . ^๑)

After a tumultuous train drive (everyone's going crazy right before Christmas as we all know), I arrived savely at my parent's. I ate, went to sleep, woke up for a couple of hours and slept again. lol Really really lazy time, but as it's Christmas that's okay I think.

Since I had moved out I rarely see some relatives of mine and therefore we grabed the chance and visited them today. It's heart-warming to see them being happy just because I visit them and it sometimes makes me sad a bit (;^;') Moving out always means leaving some of your friends and loved ones behind. But oh well, that's how life goes, hu? (^~^)

On to things maybe more interesting for you; that's what I wore:

Dress: ?? // Blazer: H&M // Scarf: H&M // Accessories: Claire's
I bought this new blazer for the presentations we had to held at university during the semester. As I actually love business dress but really think, that black & white is too boring for me, I'd chosed this bright pink one with total purpose! NO REGRETS ! I did stand out and enjoyed it. lol
I love how well this blazer goes with different styles. Not to mention this absolutely eye-catching color ♥ A lot of people told me, that they think it's too bright and to flashy but that's exactly what I love about it.

 I wish all of my readers & visitors Merry Christmas! Have a nice and joyful time with your loved ones, enjoy your time and relax a bit! (^з^)-☆Chu!! 
Take care! ♥