Sunday, 23 December 2012

☆Christmas is just round the corner☆

Good Evening Lovelies (๑• . •๑)
Oh well, long time not written here, hu? Got attacked by real life right from behind and was captured for over two months. lol As holidays already started I could finally free myself and take the time to get in line with all the other blogs posting christmas entries ☆
First of all, I totally don't understand people, who hate christmas. Of course it could be stressfull to search for presents, rushing through crowds of people, who're as late as yourself, and maybe seeing parts of your family you're avoiding the rest of the year. But I for one love making presents more than receiving them, I love strolling through beautifully illuminated and decorated towns in search for fitting presents for everyone ♥ Furthermore I just love my family I'm so excited to be able to drive home to my family tomorrow. Haven't seen them in a long time (:
I think one of the best things of christmas time is definately the fact, that most people at least try to be nice to others. Of course, I try this the whole year but I do feel better with happyily smiling people around me (:

Do you like Christmas? (:


  1. nein, mag ich nicht. dennoch schöne, stimmige bilder. :)

  2. Schöne bilder, ich liebe weihnachten :-)

  3. Ich mag weihnachten ehrlich gesagt nicht. Aber schöne Bilder!

  4. liebsten dank! das war wirklich alles viel viel arbeit!