Tuesday, 5 February 2013

☆"50 Shades of grey" or "Adventurous Frankfurt"☆

Hi Lovelies (๑• . •๑)
I already warned you, be prepared for a long and picture-heavy entry!

On sunday Y. & me went to Frankfurt,primarily to go to the Lord of the Lost concert (about which I'm writing next time) but we decided to extend our stay there and go shopping the day after. If you have ever been to Frankfurt you might know what I mean by saying it's a "grey" city - the source of the kinda ridiculous title.
Subway Wrap - Veggie Delight (vegan)
M. told us some day sago that the wraps at subways were much better than the sandwiches and we decided to give a try before we left. They're okay I think, but nothing special - but neither are their sandwichs.
View out of our luxurious hotel room. Nice isn't it?
On our way to the hotel we talked about dodging the fare and I said something like: "I'm never buying a ticket and I never got caught" in a kinda loud voice accidentally. Suddenly a man next to us stood up, showing us an ID-card and asked for our tickets. THANK GOD we bought them at the main station, haha! The guy seemed to be really pissed and checked my ticket twice but oh well it was okay! Still laughing about it.

Arriving at the hotel, we checked in and because Y. said something like: "Could you please fill out the sheet _honey_" the girl at the reception gave us a warily look. I think, she mistook us for a couple. Well not the first time but it's funny anyway.
Me looking even shorter in the hotel mirror. Uhm..thanks? xD
Before going to the venue, we went to a restaurant I found online because it's such a funny name!
"Die Kuh die lacht" means "The cow that laughs"
First I misunderstood the title and assumed it to be some kind of steak house, but they have super delicious looking salads and vegetable burgers, too! And everything is fresh! Highly recommand this place if you ever go to Frankfurt, it's not difficult to find!klick me )
"Nut burger" (vegan)
I ate one of the vegetable burgers, called the "nut burger" and it was super delicious - comes with mayonnaise actually but you know - open your mouth and that's it. I'd liked to try the french fries because I'm pretty sure they would be amazing, but we weren't that hungry and this burger was already more than just enough.
Walking through FFM taking randomly pictures~
Maybe we visited the wrong places in Frankfurt but the streets we were walking through seemed to be really dreary and dark. But the weather was bad, too so maybe it looks a bit nicer with sunshine!

On monday morning we first went to the shopping center where GinaTricot is and later to another shopping center due to Primark but I do have to say that it was disappointing. Gina Tricot wasn't as good as I expected it to be but okay (I've never been to the shop in Frankfurt) but Primark was...disastrous. Not alone most of the stuff was unbelievable UGLY, they started with EU size 40. WHAT?!?! Most of the clothes were available only in size 40 - 50. Okay, let's always start with size M because there aren't many people wearing size S or XS! Primark, are you kidding me? I don't think that the mainstream size in Germany is 40!? Furthermore I hoped to find a new bag and some bangles but the whole store had about... 4 different bags, and three of them were too small for my purpose and the last one was ugly. The whole assessories division was lame as hell - all in all maybe three different types of bangles, necklaces and rings?
I expected a lot more from Primark and I know that I'm not the only one who's disappointed by them recently.
The worst this time were definately the shop assistants. They were unbelievable unfriendly. If you're not capable of loads of people just don't start working at primark, what about that?! (senseless rant fin)
Nevertheless I bought some nice things:
I already own the same cardigan, but I accidentally destroyed it two weeks ago by washing it with 75°....Oops.
Bag, tights, mirror, bangles: Primark, necklace: GinaTricot
Gina Tricot
As I was too picky while browsing through GinaTricot I think I'm going to order one or two tops I tried on but wasn't sure about buying~ I hate this "Why didn't you buy"- feeling, do you know that? I can be so greedy, it's unbelievable, haha!

Next post will be about Lord of the lost and be aware of the little fangirl of me... ;)

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