Friday, 15 March 2013

☆Life Update / Nails / Hair☆

Hi Lovelies!

So I haven't been that active recently, because first of all I was ill for more than 3 weeks, staying at my parents and played the beautiful dying swan and as I finally felt not like breaking down the very minute, I hurt my ankle because I fell over was attacked by tram tracks and Y. had to carry me to the hospital at 10p.m. Dangerous World Out There!
bandage bambi-style
 Finally after waiting impatiently for felt years, my new mobilephone arrived and slowly I'm customizing it for my  purposes. Of course I immediately created an instagram account, so if you want to follow me: Shinxa
Feel free to follow (^_^)v (Yes I didn't own a mobilephone untill now. Retro, isn't it?)
The name was actually a spelling mistake but in the end I liked it, so I kept it.

Some time ago I went to the hairdresser, too!
eh....picture makes whateverit wants...?
Well, I kept saying that I want my hair to grow as long as I had it some years ago (which would be over the breast), but I just couldn't stand this non-existing, horrible looking hairstyle any longer so I cut them short again. And what should I say? I like it.  It's shorter than I had it before but I like the volume on the backside of my hair and of course, the fresh color!

Recently I'm a bit more into nailarts again. Last time I made a "Anna-Sui" inspired set, but unfortunately the quality of the nailpolish was crap and therefore it hadn't lasted long enough to take a proper picture (think you know it, you're always too lazy to search for the right light, etc.pp and suddenly half of the nailpolish is splittered ne?).
P2 Summer Attack 050 Green Palm Tree
Today I went to dm and bought one of the Summer LE edition nailpolishes of P2. As I already own so many red and pink nailpolishes, I chosed the green one and went for some french nails. I love french nails with glitter, it's always kind of casual but glamorous at the same time, don't you think?
Can't say much on the quality yet, but I love the result! As I wanted a lighter tone I made only one layer and it turned out pretty good! 
In real it's a bit more glittery
Just to add some cuteness to the entry ♥

As march started I took a short look back on 2013 and how far my resolutions have came untill now. Out of the 10 solutions I had stated on my blog I kind of succeeded with 5. Unfortunately I'm still not good at saving money and I haven't read a lot yet. On the other side eating habits and exercising went pretty well so far.
What about your resolutions? Do you sometimes look back to check your achievements?


  1. Ich bin mal so frei und schreibe auf Deutsch ;)

    Ich liebe deine grünen Nagelspitzen. Sieht total chic aus <3

    1. Ist vollkommen in Ordnung :D

      Ich fand sie am Anfang auchgut, dann aber irgendwie nicht mehr so schön und habe sie nach 3 Tagen wieder ablackiert ^^"

  2. ohh alles gute :(