Sunday, 3 June 2012

☆Journey to joy☆

Good Morning Lovelies ♥

Yesterday I told you that we were planning to drive to Dusseldorf for 'Japan Day' and we had soo much fun. Although we never arrived there.

But everything in sequence.
I woke up at 5.20 am totally awake and fit so I decided to stand up and tidy up my flat a bit, squander my time a bit and suddenly realizing that I have to hurry. Took a shower and hurried with my make - which succeded surprisingly well for the short amount of time I put in - and ran to Yaya's where we had a short breakfast and Nana did my hair.

Then the guys fetched us and we started our journey ♥
with Yaya ♥
We were driving about an hour and a half as the cooling water in our car seems to cook ! So we left the motorway and went to a gas station to take a break but as we copped out we already heard a kinda strange noise coming from the bonnet and it dawned on us that our journey maybe came to an end.
And it was the end.

taking a break
We searched for a near garage and drove there in the hope, someone could help us immediately.
searching for help xD
But of course, that's how life goes; the cooling water pump was broken and something else didn't work properly so we had to leave the car at ATU and they promised to call us if they know more about how to get the spares.
Subway Connection
nomnom ♥
While we were waiting for news from the mechanic we went to Subways to squander some more time and bought ice cream because Yaya and me insisted on having fun though. lol And it was funny. If you ever have an accident or something like that I hope for you that there are people with you who are as funny as my friends are. Otherwise I would have gone crazy in this shitty industrial park honestly....
would be a good advertisment wouldn't it?
We were lucky to strand in a big industrial park where many shops are so it wasn't that boring. We waited at this bus stop as we could sit there and all the cars passing by _stared_ at us like we murdered someone! Maybe normally there aren't any people waiting there or whatever, but I felt like an animal at a zoo or something like that.
People, what's wrong with sitting a bus stop?
window shopping lol
We waited about two hours and a half untill we were fetched and drove home again. Of course I was sad that we couldn't drove to Dusseldorf but the others were even more depressed, because they tried to make my day and then this happened.
As the day turned out that bad we made plans to go out in the evening and went for some sushi at a local All-You-Can-Eat bar. I just shouldn't go to such a bar I'm always over eating myself so so so much that I could hardly walk. lol
But it was so delicious ♥

rocket salad sushi = best shit ever ♥♥♥♥
well... I was tired :P
Do you know this feeling when you laughing so hard that you couldn't breathe any more? I got this nearly the whole evening and now my muscles are sore because of that. lol

All in all I had so much fun! Love these guys so much ♥

And last but not least x) The promised outfit although you may not see the skirt really well. In real it's so more ... fluffy! And of course I'm not that small in real!
I don't like my laughing face...
I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!
Take care and keep shinnig lovelies ♥


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