Friday, 15 June 2012

☆ScReW the FaKeS [pic heavy]☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

(I'm not really used to blogging any more, I'm sorry ....)

There's not that much to talk about these days to be honest, as I just finished two of 8 exams this semester, so I'm quite busy with only studying. Not that interested, hu?
Nonetheless I went to ScReW-concert in cologne on sunday  because I wrote my two japanese exams the day after and I was freaking panicking already weeks before that although I learned this stuff as far back as 4 years. I thought I could be a nice distraction and it totally was ♥

While I was getting ready in the morning, Yaya called me and told me that our driver spontaneously decided to stay at home so that we have to drive on our own to Cologne and back. As we actually had planned to sleep on the way back home, we were slightly panicky but well... we couldn't cancel everything as we had to fetch two of my friends on the way. So I drove the three hours to Cologne were we arrived at whatever-it-was- o'clock.
I was in a hurry (>_<)
Outfit (and I'm not that fat, that's this bullshit shirt (=_=))

So in love with this skirt ♥
not so special nails~
I wasn't even in front of the club as our last friend already found me. lol She shouted something like: "Oh my gosh it's Bambi!" And the girls around here looked at me like they expected me to 'WOOOF' and transform to a deer or something like that.
wasn't that fotogenic that day
excitement ³ - not rly hu? xD
( I look surprisingly older than her what I actually am, but most of the time I look a few years younger. lol maybe because of the glasses I have to wear more often) We left Yaya at the club with some of ther friends, went to BurgerKing and chilled in front of the club.
Fanclub enters the club :3 // w/ beautiful Yaya ♥
As we returned I saw other people I know, chattered a bit and stuff you're doing right before a concert. Really really chilled to be honest. The girls we met were really nice and so sweet ♥  Unfortunately I was so busy with writing a letter and repeating Kanji (incorrigible me) that I totally forgot to take pictures of us all (;^;') I'm so so so so sorry but that's the only one I have:
half of the group ♥
Due to a fanclub-event taking place before the concert, about 70 people were allowed to enter the club first, taking pictures with the band, shaking hands, etc. so that slowly but surely the excitement raised. Our new friends had to leave us and we waited about an hour more untill we could enter, too but to be honest I would have prefered it to stay outside in the sun. lol
It was so freaking hot inside, I thought I could be melting immediately but fortunately I didn't.

 The concert itself was. Well... If any medium in my opinion (hate me for it fangirlies!) I can't explain why, the setlist was better than I expected it to be, the vocal was a lot  better than I had thought he would be and as the concert was completely sold out, there were so many people for the feeling. Nevertheless it was hard for me to 'feel' the concert if you know what I mean. The  band itself gave its best I'm sure but nonetheless the audience wasn't electrified in my opinion. I was standing quite far in the back and I saw that  a lot of people didn't do anything so...maybe because of that. You have to add though, that it was so hot inside, that it was quite hard to move. 
I just have to add that they opened the concert with 'Death Door' and I never ever thought that they would present it. The more I was happyyyyyyy! ♥♥♥ 
And I still don't know why nobody understood as the singer shouted 'Jump Jump'. I mean, I am bad at hearing what the guys are saying on stage, no matter if they're talking japanese, german, english or whatever language I've learned so far, but that was something I could understand clearly. The others didn't obviously.

The badest thing this evening was definately the encore. Right the moment the singer said 'Lasto' I left the club to go to the toilet because I suddenly felt so weak and insecure of my own body. I cooled my hands and thought it would be better after it, but as I left the toilet and the merchandise room and reached the top of these breakneck stairs (for all the people ever been to the 'Werkstatt' in cologne, you surely know what I mean), I fainted. Fortunately Yaya followed me a few minutes later and saw me right in the moment I was falling and caught me. One of the securities brought me outside and helped me to a lounger. Everywhere were girls standing who were brought outside because they fainted inside, it was kinda horrible to see. 
The paramedic told me time after time to breathe normal and slowly and I just didn't get what he wanted from me. lol I was kinda relieved that I was awake and could see the sky and then he suddenly asked me: 'When did you eat something the last time?' and my damn best answer was: 'Eat....?' I had no idea about the answer and I hadn't eaten something the whole day so it didn't matter anything but nevertheless he looked at me with this: 'You're 20-something and you're going to a concert without eating anything you're soo so stupid' I did feel stupid believe me.
But I felt better as he told me, that I didn't really fainted I hyperventilated. 
Because I thought I would fainting and panicked because I thought about the way back home and that I had to drive and the exam, etc. pp. So... well. That's me welcome to my life. lol

After maybe 15minutes we went inside again but sat in the merchandise room because I could hardly walk, I was still shivering and shaking and my circulatory broke down completely. Well, suddenly all the people were coming downstairs where we were waiting because they said, that the band was selling merchandise now. 
I just so didn't care. lol
(If you didn't recognized yet, I'm not a fan of this band. Never been, never will lol) 
We were sitting left to the stairs and I didn't even recognized the band as they were walking by. The only one I've wanted to see was one of the guitarists, and both weren't there first. They followed some minutes later and as Yaya was in front of them, I shouted 'Yaya-Chama' which gave me the best 'WTF-' glare from Kazuki forever. LOL
Well the sold stuff, I bought a shirt and shaked hands with the bassist -who I dislike the most (yey me)-  because he didn't let me go without. He even refused for kinda ages to release my hand because of whatever. But I have to admit that he's got great taste in perfume! The whole car smelled like bulgary black because... I think he bathed in it tbh :3 And as we were quite close some time  I smelled like it, too.
Not really my own perfume but it was okay. lol

As the both guitarists wanted to go upstairs again, one of them tried to take a picture of us and while both of my friends next to me were that happy, I turned my head. xD Because of that he didn't take one, I'm sorry for you both girls but I just don't want to hang on kinda 'Look at whom I fucked with'-wall. Sorry Kazuki, too. I know some people gave you a hard time in cologne. LOL

We left the club, met some people again to say goodbye and then we drove to the trainstation first, because my friend had to catch her train, and went back because Yaya had some business to do.So we could wave the band goodbye as they were leaving and finally finally finally go home. 
This girl and her duckface. lol ( I look tired don't I?)
I really liked her accessories ♥

 Thanks to lovely lovely Katja who savely drove us back home because Yaya and me were just to weak to drive. 
Yes, I don't like this band that much (althought I have to say, that they're really nice and kind of shy of stage. Personal no problem with them, but as gf already said: they're gonna be indie forever (^^)")  and the concert wasn't as great as I thought it would be, but all in all I had a great time with even greater people. Thank you so much girls ♥
Katja & Brook slept at my place, took a taxi at something about 5 a.m. and went back home by train whereas Yaya and me had to write our japanese exame at 10 a.m.  Wasn't as good as I've wanted it to be but I didn't fail completely. 
I just... mixed up my sentences in the oral exam but that's pretty okay I think as I dislike speaking japanese in public. I am able to speak it in Japan, but I lose all my oral japanese on the flight back to Germany. lol

This entry took me hours but I finnished it (^_^)
Have a nice time, girls and keep shinning ♥


  1. what a day! and still..... i always enjoy being out with you ♥ and i still love your for the "yaya-chama" so f**kin' much ♥

    1. A day like all the others with you darlin' :P haha, c'mon 'Yaya-Chama' was just the best (^^) Thank u for this day (*_*) ♥♥

  2. You look gorgeous!!
    And eh, I find that wearing glasses makes me look older too. I wonder why hmm! But either way, your day seemed full on *__*! I haven't been to a concert ages D:

    Good luck for your exams!
    I still have 2 more to go >_<

    1. Thank you! (^o^)
      Maybe that's because glasses are said to be for the sophisticated ones and younger people are stupid? lol I don't know (^^)

      Aaaaah, I've written one today and have now 5 more to g (^_^) Good luck for you too! ♥