Tuesday, 26 June 2012

☆Don't worry, everything is gonna be amazing☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

How are you doing? (^_^) I hope those of you who're writing exams these days are doing fine!! Good Luck to you!

I will be busy for a few weeks more due to students council stuff but first I will be done with my exams friday next week. Three more to go from today, gonna give my best of course.
Please ignore the stuff in the background (>_<) It's for our summer party on saturday
Haha, you must to think this blouse's the only thing I own lately! Well of course that's not true but I'm kinda uninspired these days and my first motivation are my exams of course so....this is one of the easier things to combine I think.
okay this look is creepy (O_o)
Make-Up from .... I don't know when. Didn't like the lashes but love the lipstick! Unfortunately it doesn't go that well with pink. lol I own a really lovely pink shade but I'm still looking for a lipliner...lipstick without lipliner is not my cup of tea tbh.
Next time probably no real outfitposts as ... I gained so much weight that I don't want to look in the mirrow. That's pretty annoying but I can't change it at the moment. It's because my lack of sleep - I used to sleep 8 hours a night but recently it's only about 4 if I'm lucky.
So that's the proof: Girls sleep enough! Your body needs it!

I'll leave you with a picture of my new friend! Isn't it just soooo cute? ♥ It was love at first sight! (bought it at Bijoux Brigitte yesterday and it brought me good luck for my 3 exams today! Later a friend told me that this is called 'Lucky Charm' or something like that and it's meant to bring happiness :33 Haha didn't know that but for me it was true ♥ I'm still searching for a name though. Any suggestions?)
Take care & keep shinning sweethearts ♥


  1. Ahhh you're so pretty *_*
    And mm, that red blouse is gorgeous !!

    And good luck for your exams!!

    1. Well... I don't really think so, but thank you so much ♥

      I'm finally done! (^_^)
      Everything went pretty satisfying, thx dear!

  2. Hi dear! Pink blouse looks gorgeous! : D
    By the way how are you? ♥
    With love, Milena