Friday, 1 June 2012

☆the happy haul☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Yesterday Yaya told me that they decided spontaneously to drive to Düsseldorf tomorrow and as I had absolutely no clue what to wear, I went to the mall today. 
I just adore everything with ribbons so much
You can't see the color that good but it's a light blue / turquoise and to be honest that's the first shirt ever I got in this color. lol Nevertheless I really like it.

My new love!
This skirt is exactly what I was looking for for about three or four months now! I'm super happy now ♥ Actually I went totally crazy today before I went shopping and never ever thought I would find anything. The more I'm lucky now lol
It's perfect, beautiful, adorable,..... ♥
As I'm gonna wear it tomorrow I'll show you pictures of my outfit later!

Tomorrow is 'Japan Day' in Düsseldorf and I really hope to see a couple of people as well as I'm super excited to spend time with my awesome friends ♥ 
At the moment some things are still really difficult for me and I'm struggling a lot. Due to that they tried to cheer me up a bit with this short tript tomorrow and I'm happy. I'm really really happy ♥  This is gonna be so much fun I just know it! (^_^)

But now I have to study even more harder as tomorrow's missing for university stuff (>_<) Nevertheless I wish all of you a great weekend!

Keep Shining Beautifuls ♥


  1. I'm in love with your skirt, it looks amazing <3
    Can't wait to see your outfit! :)
    With love, Milena

    1. Thank you! (^_^)
      That's the skirt of my life :D