Friday, 19 October 2012

☆Ill-prepared for the real world out there☆

Welcome Lovelies,

So ~ this week the cold I had been fighting against for two weeks, finally got me too and I'm staying at home since tuesday. Not only, that I hate being sick ( like most of us do, hu? ) I'm missing a lot of courses at university, too and that's the worst.
Well, but some things can't be helped! The more I hope you're all fine!

As it's a current issue, I'd like to know what you're doing while you're ill? Any 'special get well soon' tricks? I for one always drown myself with hot tea and water. lol
When I'm halfway fit again, I'm going to post my newest DIY-project and I'm already curious what you will think about it! (:

I hope all of you're healthy and if not; get well soon ~♥


  1. Oh no :( ! I hope you get well soon dear!!
    I usually lie in bed and whine all day when I'm sick hehe. But um, drink lots of water and eat easy-to-digest food ! Plus ensure you're still getting your nutrients and vitamins *__* ! MAINLY, JUST GET LOTS OF REST <3

  2. das erste bild! perfekter winter. <3