Monday, 1 October 2012

☆the Liebster Award☆

Good Evening Lovelies (๑• . •๑)

Some time ago I got tagged by the lovely Rui and I postponed the post due to my Berlin posts. A lot of people hate this tagging-thing but to be honest from time to time I really like such little 'games'. So let's start!

The 'Liebster Award' is for blogs with less than 200 followers. The rules are quite easy; you have to post 11 facts about yourself and answer the 11 question from the person who tagged you. Actually you should also tag 11 people and tell them, etc. but as I know, that some people don't like this kind of thing, I'll skip this. (And tbh I don't know 11 people with a blog I think :o)

11 facts about me:
  1.  I can't stand undone nails, I really think it's gross.
  2.  I exercise daily.
  3.  As unimportant eating is for me, as important is sleeping.
  4.  Although I'm living on my own for one year now, I still don't own a shoe rack so that I'm going crazy with my shoes being everywhere.
  5.  I can be pretty shy and I have a non-existing self-esteem.
  6.  I'm perfectionist in everything I'm doing.
  7.  Shopping is my therapy for everything. But I hate spending money. (??)
  8.  A lot of people hate me, because they think I'm arrogant.
  9.  Everytime I drink alcohol, I'm eating like I've had been starving for years.
  10.   I love tea and I'm drinking up to 2l per day
  11.   I'm proud to be able to communicate in 7 languages.  

11 questions from Rui for me: 
  1. First thing on your mind? - Ungh. I'm hungry but I'm not in the right mood for eating
  2. Your biggest mistake? - Can't think of any to be honest.... except, falling in love with the wrong person but that's not a real mistake as it wasn't with purpose?
  3. Steak or vegetables? - Vegetables. Healthier and delicious <3
  4. A life without internet or without a phone? - Definately without a phone!
  5. Best thing to do at freetime? - Drinking tea and reading a book, or meeting friends!
  6. Outdoor or indoor? - Depends on the weather. I love to be outside when it's warm <3
  7. Would you change something in your life? - Only things that couldn't be changed for the better I think.
  8. One thing you ever wanted to do in your life? - Kiss someone at the top of the TokyoTower.
  9. Cats or dogs? - CATS of course,how do you even dare to ask me? lol
  10. The best thing in your closet? -Would be the pulli from my last entry at the moment I think.
  11. Are you happy with your life? -That's a really tough question if you're struggling with some things, but I would go for 'yes', though. Everyone should be lucky to live, as life is beautiful and worth every effort we need to go through it. Honestly, love your life it's the only one you have! ♥
To end this kinda text focused post today two of the best pictures I had taken recently.As you may already noticed, it's rare that I'm satisfied with pictures showing myself. Most of the time I find myself ugly and retarded haha ~ so enjoy these rare pictures.
I tried something with my hair but it didn't turn out good
I'm still not really skilled with hair do's, but I'm really trying. As I've not much time, it's going to be a long and tough way I think... It's still easier for me, to do make-up, but I'll do my best to improve!!
not sure if smiling is okay... ~ :)
Take care & keep shinning cuties ~♥


  1. autsch, haben die percings nicht total weh getan? :)
    ich hätte da richtig angst vor! :D

    Liebe Grüße!

    1. *lach* Ein bisschen schon, aber die die du siehst waren nicht die schlimmsten! (^.~)

      Danke und liebe Grüße zurück ♥