Sunday, 30 September 2012

☆Happy Welcoming☆

Good Evening Lovelies (๑• . •๑)

Past week was stressfull but also so much fun. Even if I drank way too much, was too busy to work out and ate terrible - no regrets lol 
Due to having pre-courses before actual university courses start, our first semester students already had to attend some events - organized by the university & the student council and actually at least the last wanted them to have fun. They kinda missunderstood our intentions badly. One of them asked me for example if we had planned to kill them. What?! Not really boy. lol And I do think, that nobody died because of 5 vodka shots. Honestly(^.-)

Last sunny hours
On monday they attended the official welcome ceremony and a city tour which was optional. As we already knew this city we were prepared with alcohol, which we thought would last for days. We were terribly wrong, it wasn't enough to find something nice in this city! Well, next time we know better.
On tuesday first courses started and our faculty welcomed them with a breakfast.
And on thursday the best part: the  ralley through the city. One of them told me, that he already thought that the most innocent looking one ( = me ) would have one of these difficult stations. It wasn't difficult! We prepared pantomime and 'Who am I?' for them. Of course to make things a lil bit more interesting, faults were 'punished' with shots. I wouldn't have killed anybody! I drank way more than anyone of them, and I was just fine. lol 
waiting for a new group to pester. harhar :D
But being surrounded by drunk people is freaking annoying, even if some of them are close friends, don't you think? I can't stand this, even if I'm slightly drunk, too.
As friday was free, we went out for dinner thursday evening with all students and some of them went clubbing afterwards I think, but I went home and talked with Chris for hours~♥ 

pullover: GinaTricot // jeans: NY // jewellry: random
Official new favourite piece ~♥ I love this pullover and you'll see it a lot this autumn I think. The color is actual kinda dark ruby - adorable.
I wore this outfit for the evening because I've needed something comfy but classy though~
Looks like my legs were even shorter than they are. lol

What is your favourite piece of clothes for autumn? 

Keep Shinning ~♥


  1. super süßer Blog :-)
    Wie wandelbar du bist...siehst auf beiden Bildern total anders aus :-)


    1. Findest du? Das ehrt mich, ich finde mich eigentlich ziemlich langweilig! *lach* Aber vielen Dank ~♥

  2. nice Pulli geile farbe gefällt mir sehr gut

  3. ja da stimme ich dir voll und ganz zu!

    Das Outfit sieht wirklich richtig gut aus :)

    LG Mona

  4. ASofhiasfho you're so pretty ;A;
    And hmmm, I haven't been around drunk people TOO much I can't really comment on that. But on a lighter note, you look amazingggg and that outfit is so simple yet classy!! <3

    1. aaaaahhh I just don't think so, but thank youuuuuu ~♥♥
      I love this outfit, gonna wear it over and over again untill I can't see it any more. lol

      thank you so much lovely Melody ~♥