Saturday, 19 May 2012

☆アイ _ スクリーム☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Title says either "Icecream" or " I scream" - whereby  I would go for the second although I'm eating Icecream at the moment - I got the idea because of that. lol
I am still ill, bored as hell and too weak to do anything!

I felt like dolling up a bit, although I could hardly walk downstairs to the grocery store and of course - some camwhoring. To be honest, I don't think I look that ill but maybe that's a indicator that I'm becoming healthy. lol
I really liked this kind of make-up and I'll definately gonna wear it again. Maybe next time I'm faster as it took me freaking hours to finish it like I've wanted it... (X.x)
Have to admit though that it looked better in real. ♥

Well for those of you who love to watch soccer; have fun! and for the rest (like me): I hope you're having a great evening though! (^_^) Take care cuties ♥


  1. You have amazing face, I mean when I see you, you look so friendly :D
    Yes, make-up is wonderful, and probably the best. :)
    With love, Milena xx

    1. Friendly? ah thank you °(>////<)° that's a really nice comment (.//////.)
      I will definately try it again!

  2. also, ich finde deine Augen wunderbar. ♥

    1. Da finde ich das sogar auch x)
      Vielen Dank :3

  3. It should be "I scream" if you look at the " _ " (underscore)! hehe. But yesss!! Your makeup is gorgeousss <33 I think you should do a tutorial on it^^"

  4. haha, you're right!(^^)
    Some years ago a japanese pop singer used this as a title for a single and it stuck in my mind till today x)
    Thank you! Well...maybe I'll do when I'm better in it (^_^)