Thursday, 17 May 2012

☆Randomness [pic.heavy]☆

 What happened in my life recently?

I managed to injure both ankle joints and one knee. Yey.
Didn't do anything special...just...sports.
I have no idea how this happened, I woke up one morning and couldn't walk any more. Two weeks of f'cking pain ... sometimes I thought one of my feet just drop or something like that... It's  better by now, but I can't do sports yet. (;^;')
 Time of ChaiLatte is over! Time for mango frappucino nau (^_^)
Recent nails
All time favourite; AMARETTO ♥

New make-up that lovely Yaya gave to me some time ago ♥
pinky ♥
I so want to have these shorts (;^;') They're so cute, arent't they? But tbh I think they would rather suit me with -5kg (~.~) Gained some weight back the last weeks and have to lose it before I can even THINK of buying them....meanwhile I'll look at this picture and cry. (>_<)

traveling fare on my way to my parent's ♥ So delicious! (*.*)
'my' university builiding (^-^) looks like a boat, doesn't it?
 Next entries will be more ordered, I promise ♥


  1. W-whattt?! That's so crazy about your ankles :( Hopefully they fully recover soon!

    And oooh the MAC palette looks so pretty *__*! And so do youuuuuu with your awesome hair aoishfa <3

    1. Thank you sweetheart ♥ They're a lot better by now, but not fully recovered :(

      thanks (^//^) Well I'm blonde again at the moment, but I'm already thinking about the next color :)