Sunday, 13 May 2012

☆New Ins☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

I'm terribly busy lately due to my exams waiting just around the corner and I'm -once again- like: WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE?!?!?!

As there won't be that much things happening worth blogging while I'm studying, I'm going to catch up a few things I haven't postet yet, starting with my recent haul. Well...part of it.
H&M Sale ♥ FAVOURITE (*.*)

for university
for unicersity
love the color (*_*)
for university, too
bougt a pink top for this and it looks super cute :3

I still need a few things more for university and for summer because...well my closet's quite empty when it comes to summer clothes. Furthermore I don't like summer that much and I'm always too lazy to buy new things. lol
Maybe I'll be able to find some new things this year.

Tomorrow the TheRasmus concert in Munich takes place and I'm hella excited (^/o/^)

Wish you all a pleasant night and sweet dreams, Cuties ♥



  1. Amazing! :D
    I love H&M there is everything what I really like. :) Colour of this pink blouse is lovely <3
    With love, Milena xx

    1. Thank uuuu x)
      At the moment there's too much colorfull stuff in my opinion. I don't like neon yellow / turquoise that much lol but I love the business things I admit (^.^)