Wednesday, 26 September 2012

☆[belated] Berlin Tag & Nacht #4'nd last☆

Good Morning Lovelies (๑• . •๑)

University-life nearly got me fully back again and I completely forgot about this post, I'm so sorry m(_ _)m Please don't be mad with me, there were so many things to do and I was running out of time... But I admit I'm a bad bad blogger and give my best to update more!

Nevertheless, onto the post now.
As I've already wrote in one of the previous entries, we went to some tourist spots, the Brandenburger Tor for example.

Beautiful location
 It's always a nice spot for taking pictures and staring at people.

L. & me

Maybe I should have warned you, that I'm looking totally retarded in nearly every picture someone takes of me so... I'm sorry. Actually I should start running everytime someone whips a camera out....

At a small shop near the Brandenburger Tor we bought our postcards and searched for a little café to sit down for writing while drinking delicous iced chocolate & coffee~
Do you like postcards? I do really love them because there are always nice themes and I like getting them, too as it's great to now, someone thought of me while being on holiday.

I love postcards!
Furthermore we stalked all the little souvernir shops for small presents and stuff. We found a really nice one in a side streets, which offered so much cute charms. Unfortunately I wasn't in the mood for buying sweet things so I didn't buy anything.
I just took pictures in one of the numerous mirrors.

All in all we walked quite a lot but as the weather was nice and we had enough time, it was relaxing and fun. I would have loved to take a ride with this carriage though! The last time must be ages ago...

I'm not a horse woman, but I loved the pattern
One of our countless strolls through the city took as to the East Side Gallery at night.

me too much derping
A lot of artists used these walls for promoting their created things and I totally understand it. Walking by these colourful walls could be really inspirational! Above all it's great for taking pictures and I could have spend hours trying some new angles and lightnings but we were pretty hungry searching for a restaurant - which isn't the best idea at all how you could probably imagine. lol

other people always looking so great *sigh*
We took the time to take some pictures though because I insist of trying at least a few and the themes were so lovely ♥ It would be so great to have something like that around here but I haven't spottet something yet.

Statue's saying: Best Friends Forever

This bear would look totally cute in my flat! Unfortunately my whole flat prolly has the same size as the socket haha. So it would be a bit parochial I think!

It's not the best idea, to try local specialities in another region than in the original and maybe it's not a good idea either, to try a sort of cheese as a vegan, but  I orderer 'Obazda' at a It comes form Bavaria actually and Ju-Chan ordered the same because she said it would be totally awesome.

But I just don't like it! The only thing I've tasted were calories over calories smashed up with fat. lol Definately not my cup of tea.

And for ending this post one of my favourite pictures! Although it didn't turned out that good with me, than it did with L. She's so more photogenic even from behind lol
Spree at night♥

That was the last post about my short Berlin trip! I hope you liked the pictures I choosed for you and thanks for reading ~♥

Take care & keep shinning, ne?



  1. Die Bilder sind echt schön geworden

  2. Du schaust super süß aus!! :-)


  3. schöne bilder :)
    ich liebe berlin! aber leider war ich nur einmal da und da hatte ich null freizeit :/

    LG Mona

    1. Danke schön!
      In Berlin muss man viel Freizeit haben! Und wenn es nur zum Rumlaufen ist, ich könnte stundenlang durch die Stadt gehen <3

  4. berlin is amazing mit Gewinnspiel

  5. Die Fotos einfach nur der Wahnsinn!
    Ja ist echt seltsam das wir schon wieder Ferien haben und bei euch die Uni erst anfängt...

    1. Danke schön! (^.^)
      Das wäre definitiv gerade ein Grund für mich, die Schulbank noch einmal zu drücken (;

  6. Schönes Bild von euch beiden :o)