Wednesday, 12 September 2012

☆Berlin Tag und Nacht #2☆

Hello Cuties ~♥ 
In the last entry I haven't  really explained the title, have I? Sorry for that! "Berlin Tag und Nacht" means "Berlin Day & Night" and there's a daily TV-show at german television and sometimes I'm watching it. So I thought the title might fit.Well the best in this show are definately the countless pictures and scenes from Berlin, nor the actors nor the story.  

Furthermore I haven't really told you yet, why I went to Berlin, I totally forgot it shame on me.
Due to J.'s connection we got the chance to attend a fasion event in Berlin, organized by a japanese fashion council with some really cute guests and designers. First time for me and I enjoyed it. One of the next entries is about this event, probably the next one.

One good thing about Berlin is, that no matter where you are in the city, it's not difficult to find nice or even beautiful places to relax or just refuel some green.
The others told me in a roundabout way that they think I'm crazy taking pictures of so many stupid things but well...sometimes I have the urge to hold on a special moment, even if I'm neither a skilled photographer nor a good photoshoper ( I don't even own a program like that).
 We were in the  middle of Berlin suddenly surrrounded by so much green it was wonderful ~♥

I'm pretty sure that I'm the only person really liking this picture turned out exactly like I've wanted it to be! That's rarely enough and I'm a bit proud of myself.

So many special looking places in Berlin and most of them I didn't know...But as Berlin is a quite important city for Germany concerning politics it's maybe impossible to know every single building with name & function.

Before leaving for Berlin we had searched for some places we wanted to go to and I've found a japanese restaurant with really good valuations on the net, therefore we went there. I wasn't really hungry unfortunately so my own impression may be a bit unfair, but I wasn't completely over the moon with the food, but the service was really kind.
Misosoup & green tea, which was for free
I'm always ordering misosoup at japanese restaurants I'm so in love with it! Even eating it everyday in Japan couldn't end this relationship. lol
I'm not sure how many of you already tried this; it's cooled tofu with bonito (not always, I know it without, too) scallions & rasped ingwer. In Japan it's a summer meal because it's refreshing and great if you're not too hungry, what isn't rare when it's hot, is it? I love it! ~♥
Rice with japanese styled vegetables
This time I really left food on my plate. lol But I couldn't eat more although I love japanese food! I'm not used to eat so much rice and carbs in general. Too bad I can't prepare it on my own, I'm not really skilled with asian food...
This is the best japanese invention forever and ever!!!!  Taiyaki are waffles filled with anko (or anything else, I'm always eating it with anko because I love it) and they're so freaking delicious I could die for them (*_*) ♥♥♥ If you ever get the change, try them. Although I know that hardly anyone is so over the moon with it like me, but I love it! I had been running through Toyko for hours to find a store selling them fresh made and finally found one at Roppongi Hills  - that's why I adore this building.

Have to make a cut here again, because it would be too long otherwise I for one find it difficult to read blog entries with >10 pictures. See you next time with either the last post about Berlin or the one about the fashion event, I'm not sure yet~♥

Keep Shinning~ 

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