Saturday, 31 March 2012

☆The Way Things Are☆

Welcome, Lovelies ♥

First of all I have to apologize; I know I was kinda silent recently and although I didn't like this status either, I couldn't snatch up to write something. (._.)" I prepared some entries for later, but I was just too busy with myself to post them.
I don't want to write loads of entries and stuff about my private life, just that much; the past few weeks were quite challenging for me, culminating in kind of mentally breakdown two weeks ago. Due to this I had to say good bye to my two mice, because nobody was sure, if I could take the responsibillity for them any more. Things are still not really settled, but that's all I want to mention at this point.


A bit more about what I did the last weeks, so that this entry is a bit more than whining and wailing. lol
I got this maybe a bit funny quirk that I have to prepare some food, if I don't feel that good with the world around me and although I'm still abandoning sweets I baked last weekend as I was at my parent's. (^_^) Wasn't that difficult to be honest, I didn't feel like eating, just wanted to 'creat' something, you know?
This time I tried a new self-created recipe and you can see below what I used:
Easy Lemon Cookies
♠ 100 gr margarine
♠120 gr sugar
♠60 gr soy flour
♠ some water
♠ 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
♠ 240 gr flour
♠ 1 organic lemon
Batter the margarine and the sugar & mix the soy flour with water, it's better if it has a more liquid consistency. Rub the citron and put the grated lemon rind in the bowl, too. Than squeeze the lemon and add the juice also. Now mix the flour with the baking powder and stir it all together.
Make little blobs (XD) on a baking plate and put it into the oven for about 25 min at 180°C but be aware that ovens differ - maybe your cookies need a bit more time or less. Check them every few minutes (^.^)
 They're looking a lil bit pale, in real they were delicious tanned (^.~)

 The other cookies I prepared aren't made from my own recipe, I just 'adjusted' it for my personal likes, like always. The original recipe is from 'Vegan Wondercakes' written by Kim Wonderland and all credits go to her! (^_^) I freaking adore her baking and decorating skills, check her out she's overtalented imho.
♠125 gr margarine
♠1 vanille pod
♠ 190 gr sugar
♠ 300 gr flour
♠ 100 gr soy flour
♠ some water
♠ 1 tsp baking powder
♠ 200 gr macadamia nuts
♠ chocolate chips (I used the ones from Dr.Oetker)

Same procedere as above; batter the margarine with the sugar, add the marrow of the vanille pod and a water-soy flour - mixture. Stir everything and add the flour & the baking powder, too. Than crash the nuts as they're too big if you use them on the whole and gently fold them with the chocolate chips in the dough.
Put some little blobs again on a baking plate and let them 12 min at 190° in the oven.
That's it (^_^)
Actually pretty simple, isn't it? But these cookies are so freaking delicious.... ♥

Well, next post will be about university and stuff, the other about my gets and nails... and some more, so stay tuned lovelies and take care!♥

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