Monday, 12 March 2012

☆DIY Cute little box☆

How Are You Lovelies? ♥

On saturday I felt like using my hands a lil bit and I crafted cute little boxes which are really easy to do.
That's all you need:
a scissor
a box ( I used one from old shoes) 
nice wrapping  paper
I used this one; light pink with small white dots ♥ Isn't it lovely? (^o^)
Cut the wrapping paper so that there's enough paper to cover each side and snap it at the edges. Then put some glue on the bottom  of the box, but be careful with the glue; don't use too much because the paper gets wavy with glue easily.
Turn the box that it stands on the bottom again and chose a side - it doesn't matter which one. Snap the paper along the side and cut a little slit like in the picture above. Make sure that it's not even but angular, because it should look like this afterwards:
(if you don't cut this slit there's too much paper or it's diffitult to snap the paper)
Fix it with the tape.
Take the side above the one you've already done, and do the same.
Take another side and fold the paper like I'm doing in the pictures and snap it over the edge. Then fix it with tape again.
Repeat it with the last side and you finished the first part! (^_^)

Do the same with the lid but make sure that you cut the paper for the lid as exact as possible, as overhanging paper is a bit more difficult to handle as it may be with the bottom.

I made my first box for the sweets I baked later on saturday and took with me to university today ( Yes I've already university again (;^;) sad but true) for my friends.
And the second one I crafted today is for letters and stuff from Honey ♥ It's already half-full so maybe I have to prepare another one soon. (^_^)


  1. bei dir isch alles so pink (°-°)

  2. Na ja, die Grundfarbe ist eig weiß, würdest du alles Dekomäßige rauswerfen, sähe es aus wie ein Krankenzimmer :3 Bis auf die Küche.. die ist wirklich rosa (^_^)

  3. Awww, toll geworden - alle Daumen nach oben! :)
    Und das mit den müden Augen hab ich noch nie bedacht... Hihi :)

    Uuund du hast eine neue Leserin ;)

    Liebste Grüße!

  4. That's great!
    And yes, it's green or maybe just mint colour. :D

    This box looks amazing! I started to think about it, because I have a few shoe boxes :D

    With love, Milena