Tuesday, 6 March 2012

☆40 days without...☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

I finally managed to update a few posts I've prepared recently (^_^) If everything will work like I've planned it, I can post some new stuff tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. As far as I'll have enough time, actually I should do some work for university... dnw (;^;)

But this time I want to talk about '40 days without'.
I don't know how widespread this tradition is in other countries or even in other parts of Germany, as it goes back to a religious custom. Due to that a lot people refuse to try it. That's a pity in my opinion as there are various reasons one should at least try it once in a lifetime.

With the end of Ash Wednesday (and my beloved carnival time....) it starts, and it ends at Good Friday. That are 40 days within you're not doing / eating / saying / whatever things you're maybe a bit too used to. I for one quit sweets untill Good Friday.
all these beautiful and delicious cookies are tabu (;^;)
But the last years I quit numerous things like meat ( as I was 13 - afterwards I went for being vegetarian lol), shopping, TV, etc. and I know a lot of people doing so, too. For me it's not about this religious aspect but to show myself that I am not as addicted as it may seems.
As I ate a lot of chocolate and stuff during my exams I thought it would be pretty hard but at the moment it's still... easy. lol
and no mochi for little Bambi
The people these days are too used to daily luxury in my opinion and for that reason I think it's important to ... learn to cherish daily things again. 
I for one will be totally happy when I can eat my own cakes again. (^o^)

Do you quit some of your little sins for 40 days?

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  1. wow this sounds pretty interesting !
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