Thursday, 5 April 2012

☆nails / order / drinking games☆

Good Morning Lovelies ♥

Today  a kinda random post, but I didn't want to make an extra post for every issue (^_^)
First of all: nails!
As I promised pictures of my current nails:

Yes, one of them was already messed up as I took the picture, but I redid it in the meantime. So far I'm quite satisfied with them.


Second one is my VeganWonderland order, that arrived yesterday (^_^) Well, I had to go and fetch the package at the shop because this $§%§-driver didn't ring the bell (=.=) Yeah, that's just what you're f'cking paied for, idiot! 

Although I don't order that often at this shop, I didn't order something really fancy this time. It was more a kind of 'urgent order' as I needed this haircolor. lol
*Flyer that were sent with 
*2x cream cheese ( I would probably die for this one, honestly ♥)
*2x mayonnaise (that wasn't with purpose. The server made some mistakes - I don't ever eat mayonnaise and I have still no idea what to do with even two glasses? Actually I 'ordered' some more, but this was FORTUNATELY out of sale. lol)
*hair color (won't tell the color yet, you'll see in a few days (^.^))
It's pink, I just had to add it to my cart ♥ 
♥ I already own the shirt with 'Tofu Monster' and this bag is really convenient. Furthermore it's purple - I'm a girl what did you expect? (^^)
Last but not least the shirt. ♥
I'm none of these ' we want to crusade all people on earth'- vegans, I'm not even particularly proud of being vegan to be honest. In addition I don't even know why so many people have to repeat and repeat and stress the fact that they're living vegan. It is a fact, yes. But nothing more and nothing less, neither it is a trait of character nor it is so special that you have to throw it everybody in the face the first time you meet. At least I don't see it a special trait of character. Maybe there are others who do (for whatever reason....)
This cow is so freaking cute I couldn't resist ♥

Lastly the drinking game issue.
Once again a more private story (^-^)
For our economics course we have a ... well kinda peculiar lecuter to say it in a nice way. To cut it short; among other things he always uses some particular phrases and he uses them very very often, like one in each sentence he says ? Words and phrases like: quasi, so to say, you can say, etc. We counted the 'so to say' in a 90 min course once and counted about 130? lol
You get the idea, don't you?
Last week we went to a little bbq party and talked about this lecturer and  I said for fun something like: 'Oh my gosh, imagine a drinking game with him!' And my friends were like: 'Bambi how great, let's try' (I know, why we're friends xD) Actually I thought about... don't know filming a short sequenze of the lecutre and play it at home, but the guys convinced me to do it while universitiy. So we played :let's drink whenever he says 'so to say' during our last economics lecture! The guys were lucky as they could sit in the last row and.. do nothing, but Yaya and I had to sit in one of the front rows as this lecturer... 'especially likes us (not)' and this was kinda hardcore. Looking at the teacher, making notes, trying to understand what he wants from me and count this stupid phrases to drink. lol As we already knew that we would die of alcohol poisoning if each of us drinks every time, we decided to drink in a row. All in all we were 6 students and I have to admit that it was fun. At least something to do while economics (^_^)v And next time I'll chose something else to drink, this vodka-whatever-mixutre was disgusting (.-.)

But that's for now. It's 2.51 am and I'll finally go to be now ♥

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