Sunday, 8 April 2012

☆Finally Easter & Birthday Party☆

Happy Easter Lovelies! ♥
I hope all of you have a relaxing and chilly Easter! (^_^)
I personally don't have a certain feeling towards Easter, it's simply a holiday which you can enjoy. Nevertheless I was kinda happy that it finally arrived as you know I made this '40 days without'-thing and it ended officially today. I stopped earlier (on friday) as I didn't know the rules! A friend told me, that it is allowed to skip the sundays during fasten time! (O_ô) I didn't know this and I couldn't help myself, as I heard this I thought: 'Typical for all these church things - don't make it too hard'. And as I didn't skip the sundays, I finished two days earlier. Just fair I think. 

Well, what could I say as a result? Looking back at these few weeks I don't feel proud or anything so maybe I am the wrong person for a review but I lost 2kg! I don't think this is a a direct result of the fasten time, but of my daily exercising, a nice effect though. Nevertheless I do feel a lil bit better (even if I'm not proud ) now and I'll keep this 'less sweets' attitude for sure.
To be honest, even for me it wasn't 40 days because I ate chocolate at three occasions I think, due to unbelievable personal stress. It wasn't the right way as I didn't feel better after it but at this moment I wasn't strong enough to force myself to look for another solution. Maybe you know this kind of situations, don't you?
Just remembered that I really was happy that I could eat sweets again on saturday morning, 1. 30 o'clock as I could eat my self - made cupcakes and cookies! (^_^) At least one good thing.

And of course my little gets for Easter:
 The golden bunny and the packed ones are from my mom (♥) and waited for me as I arrived two days ago and the others are from a friend. cute isn't it? Thank youuuuu ♥


Onto the next point, Birthday Party.
Not mine of course, my birthday's only next week, but a friend from junior high celebrated her birthday on friday and I really enjoyed myself.
First of all the present. I made two because I gave the other one to another friend. The japanese sign means 'friend'.

In the end I wrapped everything up in plastics and tada~ here we go.
I was quite satisfied how nice it came out, but there's a nailpolish missing. I smashed the yellow one in our kitchen and had to clean the floor for hours.... Due to that I have to renew my nails today, too. Evil nail polish remover.

Party itself was pretty nice, too.
Once again my unbeatable drawing skills! They get even better with a lot alcohol. lol

Sparkling wine for the ladys, beer for the gentlemen ♥
And as the sparkling wine was out, we switched to these colorful wines! 
The others went for ... I don't know, 43 I think.
 Organge - choco chips cupcake ♥
The first sweet thing I ate.
I know I look really happy [not] but it took me hours to look like this as I have some skin problems recently and my outfit didn't turn out like I've wanted it. In addition I forgot to wear my overkness.... yey not my styling day at all. Because of that no complete outfit post, I'm sorry. Next time I promise :3

Okay, blogger and html are bitching me for over two hours now and I'm hungry (=_=) Gonna post this now no matter how it may look like... Wish you a great remaining free time, Sweethearts ♥

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