Thursday, 26 April 2012

☆Catrice Defining Duo Blush☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥ 

Today's been a horrible day, but after I went jogging for an hour and met an adorable cute dog with his owner, it became a bit brighter. But only a bit, I still have to fight a stupid japanese presentation for tomorrow ( I hate speaking japanese in public no matter how good I may be I just hate it ).

Because I felt that miserable I thought a little make-up presentation may cheer me up and here we go ♥

I read about the blush in Mayas blog here  and decided to try it too (^_^) I thought that orange may be a kinda scary color for blush but I really have to admit that I love this color! ♥ In my opinion it doesn't look weird or odd at all and nobody actually said something when I wore it's not that eye-catching as you may think.
dorky face deluxe xD 

 Looking quite unmotivated I know (^^) without blush 
And with blush.
I used both shades, first the lighter one and just a bit of the darker one to accent the highest point on my cheekbones. That's what I'm always doing with blush as just one color kinda looks creepy with my pale face. Like a clown or something like that. lol

And yes. The color jars with my horrible washed out hair.
 But I like the gradient! It's really cool if your haircolor changes everyday! (^_^)v

Take care cuties ♥

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