Wednesday, 25 April 2012

☆Hair Change☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Once again long time not seen, hu? I'm pretty sorry but I have gathered some entries I want to show you within the next days so stay tuned, okay? (^_^)
But today's topic is - as you may recognized by the title - my hair!
I freaking adore this color (*.*)
I used DIRECTIONS CERISE and didn't bleach my hair before as it was already dyed a lighter tone as my natural hair is. (^_^)
Actually I wanted a lighter pink tone, more like my furniture but I do think this is more vibrant and beautiful ♥

I used to think that in Germany people are a lot too buttoned-down when it comes to different styles and opinions in general but maybe I have to rethink about this attitude as I got a lot of compliments on my new hair color. Strangers told me how much they like it (O_ô) Never had this before. lol
To be honest the only one who told me clearly that she absolutely dislikes it, was my mom and I knew that before (^^)"

The pictures are a week old and the hair color isn't that enduring so that I'm a bit washed out now (well... I am rose right now lol) but that's okay. I'm thinking about trying a new color before summer.
Any suggestions? (^-^)


  1. Your hair is AMAZING!!!
    I really want to be able to dye my hair a colour like this but my mum would never approve of it lol! Also work wouldn't approve either :( But I love it sooo muchhh <33 !

    What other colours have you tried? I think you would look awesome with teal/green hair! Or lilac? Or maybeee a light blue!!

    1. waaaahh, thank you (>////////////////<)
      I really loved that tone, too! I thought about redye it again but first I want to wait untill it's washed out completely to see how long it really stays. (^^) I have to work in summer lol

      Haven't tried that much with my whole hair but I thought about dark purple... but light blue sounds nice,too!

  2. Wooooow! Amazing hair I LOVE IT <3
    This colour is so perfect! :D