Wednesday, 11 April 2012

☆Meeting Stuttgart☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Stressful days are stressful, aren't they? I hope your week's going smoothly so far.

Yesterday as I drove back from my parent's, I met Ju-Chan in Stuttgart. 
Some months ago we could meet regularly but as we both moved out it now takes us about 5 hours by train to see each other (;^;) Due to that we're grasping everey opportunity to talk face to face, even if it's only for a few hours, like it was unfortunately yesterday. Nevertheless we had a great time, eating sushi ♥
Miso Soup ♥ So delicious (*.*)
Inari Sushi's just the best! °(^o^)°

Afterwards we went a bit window shopping and I fell even more in love with a new perfume! It's Vivenne Westwood's 'Naughty Alice'! Do you know it? It smells like heaven ♥

Later we visited Starbucks. Haven't been there in Stuttgart some time now and I was kinda surprised as they asked my name. lol But then I read this:
"Why we're asking for your name? - Because we want to make your coffee individually for you"
Well... I do think that's a loooot too much. I want my coffee, Chai Latte, whatever, but please let me be incognito, k? (^^)
Could you guess my real name? :D
My eyes look rarely green in pictures the more I love this one! Most of the time I seem to be blind, that light grey is my eye color.... I'm wearing two new products I warmly recommand and talk about in one of the next posts. My blush and the lipstick ♥ Both are adorable orange shades! Fresh and light exactly right for spring and early summer! I totally love them.

But now I'll eat dinner and do my exercises (^_^)


  1. Thank you so so much for your lovely comment! :)
    I haven't eaten sushi, I'm very curious how it tastes.. :)
    Have a nice day! :)
    Milena xx

  2. Doch tu ich :D wo hast du gewohnt? LG :)