Sunday, 1 April 2012


Hello Lovelies (^-^)♥
How's your weekend going so far?

Yesterday I told you about my plans to write a bit about my university life and here we go (^.^)

I am studying International Business Management East Asia with the main subject Japan - to cut it short International Business Studies with Japanese - and I am in the 2nd semester. I really like everything so far, although it is quite tough sometimes as the profs expect a lot from us - nevertheless that's exactly what I want to do and I am happy. (most of the time) At the moment I'm gifted either way as I'm advanced in japanese and don't have to study that much for it, although our teacher knows that some of us have already been studying japanese for a few years and expects more of us - of course. It is kind of relaxing though that I have a bit more time for studying the business related subjects... 'japanese politcs' is easy for me, too as I'm interested in it for years and know the basics for sure. Subjects like 'economics' and 'annual accounts' whereas are challenging - especially because of the most *insert random insult here* prof ever. (=_=) Well, you'll always have incompetent people. won't you?
As I am really ambitious I am one of these students always making notes and stuff, normally. But sometimes I just can't help myself.
XDDDDDD I had never said I could draw lol
While I am 'drawing' (raping innocent pens) my beloved last row's unified playing Pokemon
That's how my place always looks during lectures like accounting. (^//^) Food (always at least one package of dried cranberries (*_*) Best thing EVER ♥ but most of the time also carrots, nuts and sometimes even chocolate, if I'm really really desperate), coffee, ice-tea ( both to trie to stay awake at least) and my head on the desk.

Going on with outfits~
In my personal opinion everybody should think for oneself what to wear for university, but I decided for myself that I don't want to overdo my outfits. Nevertheless I'm not that into this a bit more adult style and I'm still trying. The only thing I can really hold down to a more natural level is make-up...

And make-up~
Sometimes I get the impression that  a few people do have certain problems with natural make-up as they're not used to draw fine lines because with heavier make-up it isn't a big deal if the one or the other line gets messy, is it? Actually I had kind of that problem, too as I started with 'Panda-Make-Up' years ago (^^)""

As you may see I'm over it now. lol The only problem I now have, as I dress less eye-catching at university is that I have to look for more chances to doll up as I so need to improve my skills (;^;')

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