Thursday, 16 August 2012

☆再见 ☆

Good Evening Lovelies ~♥

Due to my subject of studies being something international all of us have to do a year abroad - wether we want or not. lol For me, it's going to be next year, but some of my friends already left the country or will within the next days, so we had to attend at least one farewell party!
Last saturday was the only one I visited and it was kinda sad. I'm really bad at handling farewells so...I early left the party to be not that emotional.
Outfit  contained my favourite skirt (of course!) because Yaya owns a similar dress to this skirt and we created something like a twin outfit. No picture of us both though because I didn't felt like taking pictures.
I could wear this skirt everyday ~♥
Funniest thing about this evening was maybe me being late because I overslept _completely_. We had planned to meet at the train station at 7 pm. - me woke up at 6.50 p.m. LOL 
The party took place at a local cocktail & tapas bar with a really chilled atmosphere and some decent cocktails. Well, one of mine wasn't that delicious and some others, too but all in all it was okay. Maybe that's because I didn't chose one with alcohol and non alcoholic cocktails always running in danger of being too sweet, don't they?
Strawberry Daiquiri (only one this evening with alcohol)
My nameplate
One of the other guest I hadn't known before asked me, if my name's really Bambi -of course it's not. lol I'm not even sure if it's allowed to name your child like that in Germany but I love my nickname.
Tacos without cheese - just because of me ~♥
delicous but spicy like hell!
I just don't look like myself in this picture lol I was kinda fascinated as I first looked at it on my computer - no idea why maybe because of my tired face expression.

Titel says 'Goodbye' in chinese btw. The friend who's leaving stays in China for a year. Horrible thought, isn't it? China's so... big and impressive, kinda intimidating. At least for me!

What about you, are you good in such 'farewell things'? Or do you have the same problem I have, being too emotional and stuff?

 Keep Shinning cuties ~♥

P.S.:  Guess who I'm going to see tomorrow?~♥
All Time Low
woop woop I'm already so excited! I've been waiting for this concert for months already. Tomorrow these guys are -hopefully- rocking Stuttgart with us ~♥ 

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