Wednesday, 15 August 2012

☆50 Shades of grey☆

Hello my dearest lovelies ~♥ 
With weather being that nice to me, I'm reading a lot outside in the sun and about one special book I want to share my thoughts with you...
Probably all of you have already heard about this book and some may've read it, too. I just finished it after hours of moaning that it's likely the most boring porno ever written. lol
I'm not that into erotic books and buying this one was rather accidentally than purposly. However I was too proud to let me stop reading this due to its dull story.
read most of it on the train
What do I have to say about it? Hum, that's kind of difficult as there's not that much to say. Someone told me this story was meant to be a fanfiktion for Twilight - maybe that's why Christian Grey's described as out of the world beautiful lol The only thing missing was the "sparkle issue"!
I have to admit that I'm reading loads of fanfiktion and even some original stories by former fanfiktion writer and I've read maybe a thousand better written fanfiktion, not to mention other books! This story is so freaking tedious - even the uncountable sex scenes are deadly boring, the storyline won't go for an oscar, too and let alone the stupid characters...
It's like a sweet, little dream, dreamed of a 12-year old girl not knowing anything of this world - especially SM. Just look an tumblr what most people write about this book. Every sentence I've read yet was true.

I wasted hours of my life with this book but it was my own fault haha. 

Not recommending this at all.

Going to upload an entry about my recent days with a few outfits later ~♥

Take care & keep shinning cuties!


  1. I really wanted to buy this book :D Well I wouldn't like to waste my money, so probably I'm going to read it online haha :D
    Milena xx

    1. In my opinion you should better read it online (^^)" It wasn't worth the money...

  2. Maybe I want to read this book too :)

    1. Well...people's tastes are different (thankfully) so maybe you'll like it. I wouldn't buy it once more (^^)

  3. Ich hab im Internet mal in ne Leseprobe rein geguckt und genau des gleiche festgestellt. Super langweilig und total vorhersehbar und Klischees ohne Ende. Da gibts bessere FFs ö_ö

    1. Ist halt wirklich Zukunft sollte ich mich informieren was ich da kaufe! Na ja, war ne Englischübung, mehr aber auch nicht lol also falls du Interesse hast, ich kann's dir ausleihen ;)))